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Some achievements in miHoYo’s Honkai: Star Rail are hidden, including Coffin Dancer. You have to complete missions first before you can see its complete information. But worry not, as this guide will tell you how to unlock and obtain the Coffin Dancer achievement in Honkai: Star Rail.

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To unlock the achievement, you must complete a companion mission called A Knight Stranger from Luocha, the unorthodox healer from the Abundance path.

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However, the mission itself also has requirements for you to unlock it. You must finish the Humming Antlers, Entwined Horns quest. This is the tenth undertaking in the Windswept Wanderlust missions, and you must be at Trailblazer level 34 to activate it.

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Once you have those two conditions ticked, proceed with Luocha’s companion mission.

Luocha’s Mission

Coffin Dancer is tied directly to A Knight Stranger because it’s about Luocha’s story, and the achievement needs you to “witness Luocha’s hidden side.” So, you must know how to complete this quest to attain the milestone.

It involves some detective work and a couple of puzzles. Here are some quick solutions to get you through some vital parts of the task.

Footage Viewing

After you speak to Dahao in the Exhalting Sactum, he will leave you with Jingyan, who will show you four pieces of footage featuring Luocha, but their order is messed up.

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March 7th will then ask for your idea of the correct order. If you get it wrong, March will ask you again. You can try all the options, but the quick answer is “4, 2, 3, 1.”

Welt will agree with that answer, and the mission will go on.

Abacus Circuitry

As you get deeper into the story, March 7th will suggest looking at things from the suspect’s perspective. So, you will get to play as Luocha for a while. Then, you will have to get past a gate with an Abacus Circuitry puzzle lock.

The key to this is placing both modules below the left green hexagon. Move the lower module first by rotating the middle hexagon clockwise once. Then, turn the right hexagon counterclockwise twice.

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After that, just rotate away until you place the two modules in their correct spots. You will then have a fun roleplaying session with the gang and eventually unlock the Coffin Dancer achievement in The Memories We Share section of the Achievements panel.

How to Get the Coffin Dancer Achievement

After completing the companion mission, Jingyan will message you. She will invite you back to the Realm-Keeping Commission Chancery to investigate the Foursquare Mirror and view one more cliffhanger footage.

But after that, you will finally be given the Coffin Dancer achievement. As for the extra rewards, you will get five Stellar Jades.

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Final Words

The Coffin Dancer Achievement is more of a side quest than a primary mission, but it lets you know a bit more about the enigmatic Luocha.

If you want more info about how to improve his battle stats, read our Luocha guide. To learn about the other characters, click here.

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