CoD Mobile Weapons Guide: Best Guns

Anurag Ghosh
(Last Updated On: November 25, 2022)
Call of Duty Mobile: Best Guns

With so many weapons available in Call of Duty Mobile, you will surely be spoilt for choice. A peek at their stats will give you an idea about their strengths, which is why we have created this *table that contains keys stats such as damage, fire rate, accuracy etc. of all guns. You can skip to our best weapons section if you want to know which guns are good for Battle Royale.  

* Table best viewed in landscape mode on mobile.

CoD Mobile Guns: Stats at a Glance  

Weapon NameTypeDamageAccuracyRangeFire RateMobilityUnlocks At
AK47Assault7045655560Level 23
LK24Assault4567506060Level 74
M4Assault4570456060Level 2
BK57 – Maple LeavesAssault4865506360
ASM10Assault6050555555Level 138
Type25 Assault5545407060Level 104
AK117Assault5055457060Level 60
M16Assault6560604560Level 46
M21 – EBRSniper8560951545Level 31
XPR – 50Sniper8055902045Level 65
DL Q33Sniper8560951545Level 1
RPDLight Machine Gun
6540506540Level 18
M4LMG – Crimson
Light Machine Gun
S36 – Yellow Triangle Light Machine Gun
UL736 Light Machine Gun
7045556040Level 108
AKS 74U – Blue MarineSubmachine Gun
8055356075Level 7
AKS 74U Submachine Gun
POW57 – RedSubmachine Gun
HG40Submachine Gun
7560404075Level 115
MSMCSubmachine Gun
7545307080Level 45
ChiComSubmachine Gun
7560406580Level 72
HS2126 – Deck of SpadesShotgun7570154580
BY15 – Marine BlueShotgun 8580302075
BY15Shotgun 8580302075Level 15
StrikerShotgun 8585301575Level 51
HS2126 – TechnologicShotgun 7570154580
HS0405Shotgun 908530575Level 90

Best Sniper and Assault Rifles 

From long-range to close quarters combat, you would want a good weapon to rely on to get as many kills as possible. These are some of the best assault and sniper weapons in COD Mobile:  

M16: This semi-automatic assault rifle is the best assault rifle after M4. With a high accuracy and damage, the M16 is fit for both long-range and medium-range.  

AK47: Among all assault rifles in Call of Duty Mobile, the AK47 has the highest damage but it’s marred by poor accuracy. Surely, not for all, especially those who have just began playing. Although chances of hitting an enemy is less, you will surely deal a lot of damage to your opponent during combat. Not the best, but a good weapon nonetheless.  

M4: Probably one of the best guns for those who have just started playing COD Mobile. Compared to all assault rifles, the M4 has the highest accuracy. It also a good rate of fire.  

M21 EBR: Of all sniper rifles, the M21 EBR should be your first choice as a beginner as it has a long range and inflicts a great deal of damage. But if you are looking for a high damage (90) sniper rifle, then look no further than the Arctic 50. 

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