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COD Mobile
(Last Updated On: October 18, 2023)

The ranking system in the Call of Duty Mobile game is straightforward. In a gist, there are seven ranks in total in COD mobile. But there are various subsections within those ranks as well. 

COD Mobile, developed by Activision, is free to play and is available to download from the Play Store.

As we will see in detail beneath, the ranking system is lengthy with all the sub-sections but also uncomplicated. 

How Many Ranks Are There In COD Mobile?

There are seven ranks in the COD mobile game. Here are the ranks as follows:

  1. Rookie
  2. Veteran
  3. Elite
  4. Pro
  5. Master
  6. Grandmaster
  7. Legendary
Ranks in COD
Source: Activision

These are the seven ranks of COD Mobile, here’s the catch, the first five ranks have their own tiers before you can upgrade to the next rank.

You have to go through levels of the first five ranks before you can upgrade. The final three ranks do not have tiers in them as they are standalone ranks. 

What is the Tier List, and What Are The Required Points To Reach The Next Level?

The first five ranks have a tier list, but the last three do not. To get to the next rank, you must get the required points. 

tier list explained
Source: Activision
Rank DivisionPoints Required
Rookie I0-200
Rookie II201-400
Rookie III401-600
Rookie IV601-800
Rookie V801-1000
Veteran I1001-1200
Veteran II1201-1400
Veteran III1401-1600
Veteran IV1601-1800
Veteran V1801-2000
Elite I2001-2200
Elite II2201-2400
Elite III2401-2600
Elite IV2601-2800
Elite V2801-3000
Pro I3001-3300
Pro II3301-3600
Pro III3601-3900
Pro IV3901-4200
Pro V 4201-4500
Points Required for Rank Division Table

How to Rank up in COD Mobile and How Can You Rank up Fast?

The answer is simple: the more you play COD Mobile, the more you will earn points. The rank system is there for a reason, so if a rookie or a new player starts a game, then they will be put in a lobby with players who have a similar ranking as the rookie player.

If a player wins their matches, then the more XP they will gain from winning, and even if they do not win, then just playing different modes will garner XP required to upgrade to a higher rank. Players can initially play both the Multiplayer mode and the Battle Royale mode.

If you have played games like PUBG or Free Fire, then you will find similarities in the ranking system with the COD Mobile game. Playing ranked matches gives you the highest chance to earn more points as it will be against players that have similar skills. 

A player can also acquire XP quickly through the Daily Challenges or the Daily First Win Bonus. Every day there is a new challenge for the player to complete, and completing the challenge will grant the player extra XP. 

The other way to gain quick XP is to select multiple modes in the Multiplayer game. It will give the player a Multi-Select Bonus.

The more modes you are able to select and play, the more bonus points or XP your player is able to earn. It all adds up.  

Joining a clan in the game will also give you a Clan Bonus. Every time you play with your clan members, the game will give you a bonus for playing the game in a clan. 

clan bonus
Source: Activision

Does a Season Update Affect the Ranks of the Players?

Yes, every once in a while, Call of Duty updates its game with a new season. The new season brings in new updates. The new updates may include new maps, missions, guns, upgrades, and characters. 

COD updates
Source: Activision

The new season will also affect the ranking of your current player. The new update will degrade a player’s rank by a level. So if your player is at Legendary or Grandmaster rank, then the ranking will go down to Pro I. 

Similarly, if a player is ranked at Pro I before the season update, the rank will decrease to Veteran III. 

Let us show you in detail how the ranks get affected by a season update. 

Previous Season RankRank after Season Update
Rookie I-VRookie I
Elite IV-VVeteran II
Veteran III and IVRookie III
Elite I and Veteran VRookie V
Elite II and IIIVeteran I
Veteran I and IIRookie II
Pro I and IIVeteran III
Pro III and IVVeteran IV
Pro VVeteran V
Legendary/Grandmaster/MasterPro I
Rank Details After Season Update

Every rank gets affected by a new season update, and now it has become a norm, so the players are better prepared for the update. 

What Are the Rewards for Ranking Up in the COD Mobile Game? 

For ranking up the player, the game offers several rewards. Players can get XP by winning games and ranking up. There are skins for guns and other armories that will be unlocked with higher rank.  

COD rewards
Source: Activision

There is also an upgrade on the weapons as well, and newer weapons get unlocked as rewards for achieving a higher ranking. There are new attachments with upgraded quality that get unlocked as well. 

Higher ranks will also let a player play with other players with higher ranks in a more elite lobby. The XPs are more, and so are the rewards. 

COD Mobile higher ranks
Source: Activision

Players can also buy tiers from the Battle Pass. It will cost a bit of moolah, but if someone wants to skip the line and climb the ranks quickly, then they can buy tier upgrades. 

Wrapping Up

The ranks define how battle-hardened you are in the game. The more you play, the more you rank up, and the more you rank up, the more upgrades you unlock. 

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