What Happens When You Clear A Board In Monopoly Go?

Jean-Roux Denysschen

Monopoly Go is a classic board game that is available for everyone to play on their mobile devices.

The game’s objective is to earn as much money as possible by rolling dice and landing on different places on the board.

Players will be able to use all of their cash to upgrade buildings in their current board to be able to complete the board.

This article will cover what happens exactly when a board is cleared in Monopoly Go and other important information.

Monopoly Go - Introduction and what happens when boards are cleared
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What are Monopoly Go Boards?

Most people will immediately recognize a Monopoly Board when they see one as it is one of the most popular physical board games in the world.

A board in Monopoly Go is where all the action takes place. Each City in the game has a board which can be unlocked as you progress in the game.

A player will throw dice to get a certain number that will determine where a player will land on the board.

Players will earn more cash for landing on places that have buildings and by destroying other players’ buildings in the game.

There are a variety of different Monopoly Go boards to unlock in various places. These places are unlocked by completing a previous board and location.

London and New York City - Starting Locations in Monopoly Go
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Some of the starting locations that have unique boards and buildings are the following:

  • New York City
  • London
  • Venice
  • Paris
  • Rio De Janeiro
  • The Old West
  • Camelot
  • M. Industries
  • Tokyo
  • Monaco

There are much more places to be unlocked which will require a lot of time and effort from players to collect as much cash as possible.

There are currently 139 locations with unique boards to be unlocked. The price to upgrade the building will increase with each new board.

Monopoly Go - New cities to be unlocked
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How to complete a Monopoly Go Board?

The process of completing a Monopoly Go board is quite easy to understand for new players of the game.

Players will simply need to continuously roll the dice on their current board to make as much money as possible.

At the starting locations, players won’t make as much money and buildings won’t be as expensive as later in the game.

At each location, players will need to build 30 buildings to be able to complete the board.

Buildings - Requires six upgrades each on every board
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There will be five different types of buildings at each location which will need to be upgraded six times to be able to progress to the next board.

Each building will get more expensive to build so players will have to roll the dice and make some more money to be able to build additional buildings.

There are locations on boards that will give players more money like the railroads where players can destroy other player’s buildings to receive more money.

Players will also be able to receive additional money with the quick wins section that will give players certain objectives to achieve in the game.

Quick Wins - Receive rewards for completing objectives
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What happens when you complete a Monopoly Go Board?

New players playing Monopoly Go might be wondering what happens when a board is completed in the game.

The answer is quite simple and to be honest not much happens and players won’t need to complete a lot of tasks after completion.

All that happens when completing a board in Monopoly Go is that the next city and board will be unlocked to start playing on.

After completing a board players will also receive some amazing rewards to help them progress further in the game.

Boards - Completion will give more rewards
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Some rewards that players will receive are additional cash that can be used in the following boards and cities.

Players will also receive more dice to use on their board because dice rolls are limited in the game and more rolls can be unlocked later.

Players will receive for example a “Welcome to Venice” reward as well as a “Board Rush” reward for completing a board.

When a board is completed and all 30 buildings have been built, the game will showcase that the board is completed with a nice animation.

Monopoly Go - Board Complete
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Best ways to get more cash for buildings

    There are many different ways that players will be able to speed up the process of unlocking new boards with cash.

    Players can receive cash in many ways which can be used for upgrades and building more buildings.

    Players will receive cash every time they pass the “GO” on the board just like the classic board game.

    Players can receive more cash by landing on a Railroad section on the board which players will be able to choose a building they would like to destroy.

    The building that is destroyed will belong to someone else playing Monopoly Go on their phone.

    After destroying the building players will then receive their cash and can use it for buildings.

    Railroad - Players can earn additional cash
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    Another great method to get cash is to land on the bank robbery section where players will pick certain tiles to reveal rewards.

    Some of the rewards will be bigger than others but it will still help the player progress in the game.

    Players will also be able to set a multiplier of up to 10x on their cash rewards but will need to use up more dice rolls to use this feature.

    Each reward will be 10x and players will be able to quickly complete a board and progress to the next one.

    Monopoly Go - Dice Multiplier of 10x
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    Players will need to earn as much cash as possible to be able to complete and progress further in Monopoly Go.

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