Claw Stars: 1 Million Hamsters 🐹 Prepared for Launch!

Anurag Ghosh

Claw Stars by Appxplore (iCandy) has launched today on Android and iOS! Highly anticipated with over one million pre-registered players, this multiplayer arcade mobile game combines the classic arcade machine game with a revolutionary gameplay experience and adorable collectibles. Jump into a wormhole and enter the world of Claw Stars today!

Claw Stars

Join a fleet of spacefaring hamsters as they traverse the ever-expanding galaxy in a mission to restore the universe. From our familiar-yet strange planet Earth to unique underwater paradises, discover mysterious planets and return them to their former glory by restoring habitats and rescuing the local wildlife. Claw for riches and relics left behind by civilizations past during your travels!

The universe is incomplete without some competition! Hack your rivals’ vaults and watch as the coins come pouring out into your spaceship, or pay them a little visit and leave a calling card by blockading their buildings. If you’re feeling extra evil, kidnap their critters and hold them for ransom! But remember: what goes around comes back around, so make sure you are well-protected from revenge!

Claw Stars rewards

Rig up your spaceships and master the ways of the Claw as you embark on the journey to become the ultimate Claw Star!

Game Features:

  • Rescue cute animals and obtain unique collectibles
  • Claw your way to riches and new discoveries
  • Hack, Kidnap and Fool your friends
  • Build and restore planets with extraordinary creatures
  • Customize your own Spacesuit and Spaceship
  • Explore an ever-growing universe

Are you ready for a space adventure? Aim for the stars and bring your claw game to literal new heights on Claw Stars now!

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