Citampi Stories Jobs Guide: How to get a High-Paying Work

Anurag Ghosh
(Last Updated On: November 25, 2022)

Your character needs to pay off his parents’ debt in 10 weeks, which is why he moved to the city in search for a job. Thankfully, there’s no dearth of work in the city and a person can easily secure one based on his skills. In this Citampi Stories guide, you will learn how to find a suitable job, get appropriate costumes improve skills and earn more RP: 

Go to the Bulletin Board to Find Vacancies 

In each area, there will be a job board to find available work. Move your character to a board and tap on it.  

The bulletin board in Citampi Stories
Vacancy board

Under vacancy, you will find very few jobs available. These will be in green blocks. Work won’t be available for vacancies in orange block because your character does not meet their skill and costume/clothing requirements (More on this later).  

To quickly move to a vacancy board in a particular area, tap on the map pointer icon on the lower-left corner of the screen. Next, tap on “Bulletin Board” or “Job Vacancy”.  

Your character will auto-travel to the closest bulletin board. You can also use the map pointer to automatically move your character from one area to another.  

Start Off with Work Offers Without Requirements  

If you have just started playing, then you will notice that there will be hardly one or two jobs available on the bulletin board. They require no skill, previous work experience or special costume.  

Starter job

Tap on such a vacancy and then tap on “work”. Tap on the button again and your character will start working.  

The screen displays the day, status, time and your character’s energy bar. It also shows the total RP earned.  

The in-game time will keep a tab on the hours worked and you will earn RP per hour. The RP earned will be added to your total RP.  

How to Regain Energy  

Jobs consume energy, as shown by the green bar on the left side of the work screen. When your character works, 10 percent energy will be deducted every in-game hour. You can see the energy bar decreasing every second.   

Your character will keep doing his job until the work times are over or his energy bar is reduced to 10 percent.  

To regain energy, you can either buy food (and eat them) from the “SmallMart” in Area 2 or the 7 Seven shop in Area 3. You can also consume food that are rewarded upon completion of quests. To eat food, drag the item from the inventory slots on the bottom of the screen and then drop it over your character.  

The best way to regain full 100 percent energy is to go back home and sleep on the bed.  

Pay Attention to Work Timings 

You will notice that some vacancies in the bulletin board will not be in green even though your character meets all requirements. This is because of their work timings.  

Some jobs will begin from 7:00 AM, whereas others will begin from 6:00 AM.  

Check the in-game time on the upper-left corner of the screen and then pay attention to the work timings of each job on the vacancy board. Tap on each button on the bulletin board to know their timings.  

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Check the Skill, Clothing and Experience Requirements 

For high-paying jobs, i.e. work offers where your character can earn more than 10 RP per hour, there will be certain requirements such as higher skill levels, type of clothing and work experience.  

Take the example of the “Lunch Guy” job in area 1. With 15 RP/hour earning, the requirement for this job is as follows:  

Check costume, skill and experience requirements

Your character should have appropriate clothing for work, i.e. a flannel shirt; should have already worked as Hawker and Schoolgrounds Keeper. Besides these requirements, he should also have these skills:  

Level 1 Communication 

Level 2 Strength 

Level 1 Intelligence 

You will have to meet all requirements of this job and only then the vacancy will be in green in the bulletin board.  

You can check skill/clothing/experience requirements of all job vacancies in an area’s bulletin board by tapping on them.  

In the next few paragraphs, we will learn how to increase a skill level, get to know various ways to improve skills and how to wear appropriate clothing.  

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How to Improve Skills 

In Citampi Stories, skills such as Strength (Arm icon), Communication (Speech bubble icon) and Intelligence (lightbulb icon) play a very important role in helping your character land a high-paying job.  

Level up skills to get jobs that pay higher RP per hour. Higher level skills are one of the requirements of a high-paying job.  

For example: To get the Temp Teacher work in area 1, your character needs level 2 communication and level 2 intelligence skill. Without these and other requirements, such as a unique clothing, you won’t be able to get this job.  

Here’s how to level up a skill:  

1. Tap on the smartphone found on the lower-right side of the screen. Now tap on the Vitruvian man app. It’s between the “C” and heart app.  

Skill Status
Check the gauge below each skill

2. A new status window will open on your in-game smartphone. The status window shows the current level of each skill.  

3. You will find a turquoise gauge below each skill. Fill the gauge to increase the level of that skill. A full gauge will increase a skill by one level.  

Here are a few ways to level up skills.  

Your home, the Chief’s Storeroom, has certain furniture items. You will gain skill points when you use those items. 

Gaining points from these items increase the skill gauge.  

Note that you will consume energy whenever you use one of these furniture items. You can eat food bought from the smallmart in area 2 or sleep on your bed to regain energy. You can also purchase food from 7 Seven shop in area 3.  

Heavyweights lets you exercise to gain +1 strength points. However, getting +1 strength will consume 30 energy.  

Mirror: Used for practicing speech. +1 communication points. -10 Energy 

Study table: Used for studying. +1 Energy point. -20 Energy.  

Move your character towards each item and then tap on it. Tap on the Yes button to gain a skill point. 

It’s easy to get more communication points in Citampi Stories. Make sure you “Chat” with each non-player character in an area to get +1 comm points. You can acquire comm points only once per person. Com back the next day to chat and earn comm points.  

Eating certain foods also help you gain skill points. For example: Cabbage, which you earn mostly from quests, provide +1 intelligence when you eat it.  

Get More Intelligence Skill Points from the Net Cafe 

You will score fewer skill points when using furniture items in your home. If you need 10+ points at once then you will have to go to certain facilities.  

Go to area 3 and head straight to the “Net cafe”. If you can’t find this location, just tap on the map pointer icon on the lower-left corner of the screen and then tap on “area 3”. when your character is in area 3, tap on the pointer icon again and tap on “Net Cafe”. Your character will auto-move to that shop.  

Net Cafe

Inside the net cafe, tap on a PC. The owner will ask whether you want to use the PC. You will have to pay 50 RP to use it. 20 energy will also be deducted from your character’s energy bar, but you will gain +10 intelligence.  

You can use PCs multiple times until you consume all energy. Using the Net Cafe is the best way to get lots of skill points in a short period of time.  

Go to the Gym to Level Up Strength Skill Fast 

Just like the Net cafe, the Gym is also a great way to get lots of skill points. You will level up the strength skill much faster if you hit the gym. The Strength skill is one of the main requirements for certain work.  

Get strength points from the gym

From the map pointer, go to area 3.  

Tap on the pointer again and then tap on “Gym”. Go inside the gym and tap on the equipment with a white arrow above it.  

Spend 25 RP and energy consumption will be -40 to get +10 Strength points at once.  

How to Obtain Clothes 

Most high-paying jobs require appropriate clothing for work. For example: To get the Serviceman work in area 2, your character needs to wear the “Workshop Jumper” costume.  

To purchase clothes or costumes in Citampi Stories, Go to Area 2 > Urban Streetwear. You can auto travel to this shop using the map icon on the bottom of the screen.  

Purchase costumes from the Urban Streetwear

Urban streetwear shop’s timing is from 8:00 AM to 18:00 PM.  

Spend RP to purchase clothing required by a particular job.  

Select clothes
Select clothes

To wear costumes, tap on smartphone > Vitruvian map app beside the C app and then tap on the Change clothing button. Select the costume and tap anywhere outside your smartphone to confirm selection.