Citampi Stories: How to Catch Fish

Anurag Ghosh
(Last Updated On: November 25, 2022)

Catching fish can be quite fun in Citampi Stories. You will need a fishing rod to catch them. Check out our guide to know more:

How to get the Fishing Rod 

You will get the rod from Tatang the merchant in Area 1. He lives close to your home, selling gifts and other items in his old shop. To get that item, you will have to obtain two hearts from him by building a relationship.  

Keep “chatting” with Tatang every day to increase the relationship gauge. Tap on the “?” above him and then press the “Chat” button to talk to him. Besides acquiring 1 communication point, you will also get relationship points. You can also accept his quests to fill the gauge.  

To find Tatang’s relationship gauge, tap on the smartphone on the lower-right corner of the screen and then tap on the “C” app.  

Tatang's Relationship Gauge
Tatang’s Relationship Gauge

Scroll down until you find Tatang’s portrait on the right side of the app. Tap on his portrait to open his profile. Scroll down a bit to check his relationship status. You will find the gauge.   

Fill his relationship gauge to get a heart. Acquiring hearts will unlock new cut-scenes and you will get objects such as the glove and the fishing rod.  

Giving gifts to Tatang is the best way to fill his gauge faster. Take up jobs to get coins. With those coins, buy items such as perfume, shoes, bandana and watch from his shop. Then drag a gift from the inventory slot at the bottom to Tatang to give him a gift.  

Tip: Shoes and Watches are the best gifts if you want to fill his relationship gauge fast.  

When you obtain the first heart, he will give a glove with which you can pick up objects from the street and sell them to him to get coins.  

Follow the above steps and you will acquire the second heart in no time.  

Fishing Rod

Once you obtain the second heart from Tatang, he will give a fishing rod.  

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Start Catching Fish  

In Citampi Stories, you can begin fishing in watery areas with fish icons above them.  

Go to such an area and tap on the fishing rod icon on the top-right corner of the screen.  

Tap on the “Reel-In” button when it turns orange.  

Citampi Stories: Tap on the Reel-In Button to Catch Fish

If you catch one, then you will have to play a short fishing mini-game.  

This mini game uses your smartphone’s motion sensor. Basically, you will have to tilt your phone to move the circle to a fish that keeps swimming from one corner to another in a small area.  

Fishing Mini-Game

The longer the fish stays inside the circle, the faster the vertical gauge on the left side of the screen fills up.  

Try to keep the circle close to the fish as much as you can to avoid the gauge from going down.  

I got the Silver Barb Fish
Catching the Silver Barb Fish

Once the gauge fills up completely, you will be successful in catching a fish.  

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