Citampi Stories – All Characters And Locations 2023

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(Last Updated On: May 26, 2023)

Citampi Stories – Overview

Welcome to the adventure that you will never forget in Citampi, a pixel art world where you can meet interesting people and visit beautiful locations. Citampi Stories was developed in May 2023 and can be found on the Play Store by Ikan Asin Production, which is an Indonesian term that means salted fish, perhaps it shows that they have preserved and created something unique and flavorful just like the salted fish.

In this article, we’ll uncover the captivating world of Citampi Stories, taking you on a journey you will never forget, meeting different characters and impressive locations that make this pixel-art game a truly immersive experience.

Photo: Ikan Asin Production

Citampi Stories is an open-world RPG game, where you don’t have to only pay your parents’ debt, but you can also explore a world full of beautiful girls, reminiscent of a dating sim.

Citampi has even more to offer, starting with the weird jobs, farming simulations, item scavenging, pet adoption, hidden treasures, and of course, peaceful fishing places.

Let’s find out about the people who live in Citampi and what makes them unique, as Citampi Stories is a rich story that will draw you in and keep you interested.

Exploring Citampi Stories’ locations

Photo: Ikan Asin Production

After you have left home to go to the city, you will find yourself in a huge town with many places to go where you can do different activities and meet new people. You can either use your phone’s map or just walk around to discover them.

Let’s embark on this adventure together and discover the wonders that await us in each corner of Citampi, down below you will find all the locations that you can go to.

Area 1

Photo: Ikan Asin Production

Area 1 is the first area on the map where you can start your game right after leaving your home where you can find different locations and people to interact with.

Also you can go to Area 2 and 3 from there, but let’s first dive into the places that you can go to starting from your new home to the fishing spot.

Places that can be found in Area 1:

1. Laundry

Photo: Ikan Asin Production

In the Laundry, you can find the washing machines, but its main objective is not to wash your clothes but to find lost items that people often leave on their clothes for your quests.

2. Chief’s Storehouse

Photo: Ikan Asin Production

In the Chief’s Storehouse that the security gave you to stay in, you can find a lot of things to do as it is your main go-to destination.

Starting with the most important furniture, which is the bed, where you can save your progress, sleep in case you are tired of working or you just want to skip the day, or even do both with 1 button.

You can also find a mirror to practice your speech, your inventory to find items, a desk to study, a dumbbell to train, and of course, a backdoor for your storage yard.

3. Mr. Tatang’s stall

Photo: Ikan Asin Production

At Mr. Tatang’s stall you can upgrade your bag, buy, or sell items, and also meet Mr. Tatang himself.

4. Job Board

Photo: Ikan Asin Production

At the Job Board, you can find different jobs where you can earn RP (money) to pay off your parents’ debts, buy items for yourself, or even buy gifts for all the people you love.

5. Fishing Spot

Photo: Ikan Asin Production

Finally, you can find the fishing spot where you can use your fishing pole, which can be acquired by befriending Mr. Tatang in Area 1.

Area 2

Photo: Ikan Asin Production

Area 2 is mostly known for the utilizations to be found, starting from a gas station to the most important place for food lovers which is the Courtyard to buy food.

Places that can be found in Area 2:

1. Gas Station

Photo: Ikan Asin Production

You can always go to the gas station to refuel once you have a car, or at least that’s what the gas station staff said.

2. Legit Clinic

Photo: Ikan Asin Production

It seems to be a legit clinic where you can check your health and get the meds you need. You will also meet the two nurses, Imas and Indah, and Doctor Dimas, but keep in mind that the clinic closes on Sunday.

3. Alex’s Clothing Store

Photo: Ikan Asin Production

It’s your go-to destination whenever you feel like you want to get new clothes, or you want to have a chat with Alex but remember that the store shuts on Wednesdays.

4. Madam Lela’s home

Photo: Ikan Asin Production

This house is owned by Lelosari, who’s known as Lela, and she rents the house for 100RP once you move in and another 100 RP every Monday.

In case you rented the house it will have the same features as the Chief’s Storehouse in Area 1, where you can have the bed to sleep and save along with the other furniture that you can use.

5. Build and Fix

Photo: Ikan Asin Production

Build ‘N Fix is more of a construction store where you can buy materials such as planter bags, socks of cement, duct tape, piles of bricks, and so much more.

6. Courtyard

Photo: Ikan Asin Production

And to the most important place for food lovers, the courtyard, where you can always go to buy the food you love, starting with the fried rice balls, meatballs, and your favorite chicken noodles.

Area 3

Photo: Ikan Asin Production

Area 3 has so many places to go, mostly for teenagers, such as the net café and the gym but most of the area closes on Sundays so if you want to get the most out of it, try to visit it in the middle of the week.

Places to be found in Area 3:

1. Gymball Fitness

Photo: Ikan Asin Production

Ready to pump it up?! Gymball Fitness is your go-to destination if you would like to train and increase your strength. Also, you can meet Bro Tigor there but keep in mind that it closes on Sunday.

2. Idea Furniture

Photo: Ikan Asin Production

Yup, it’s what you are thinking of, but with a new IDEA. Idea Furniture offers you the opportunity to upgrade your existing furniture so make sure to go there when you own one.

3. Net Café

Photo: Ikan Asin Production

Net Café is the place where you can find those boys playing video games and you can rent a computer to increase your intelligence and meet Arpat Firman, who runs the cyber café, remember that it’s off on Sundays.

4. 7-Seven

Photo: Ikan Asin Production

7-Seven is more of a supermarket where you can buy your food and also meet the strong, fit, pretty, but fierce Windy Lestari who will be mentioned later on in the characters section and Sarah Angelia.

5. Home

It’s a house for rent by Mr. Napondi, but you are already in debt, so once you are financially free you can go there to rent.

6. Job Board

Photo: Ikan Asin Production

The Job Board can be found right next to the Net café, where you can find multiple jobs starting from the Net Cafe operator to a Youtuber, so make sure to go there when you need money to pay off debts and buy the cool stuff you want.

7. Mosque

Photo: Ikan Asin Production

There is a Mosque where you can go pray for the things you want such as fortune where you can get +25% more money for the first 3 work-hours or you can pray for relationship where you get +3 bonus relationship points for the first person you talk to or give a gift to.

8. Civil Office

Photo: Ikan Asin Production

You picked the wrong name, and you want to change it?! The Civil Office is your go-to destination, where you can change your name by talking to the girl on the desk for only 100 coupons.

9. Mrs. Noer’s store

Photo: Ikan Asin Production

Mrs. Noer’s store opens from 6 A.M. to 6 P.M. and it’s the place where you can buy raw food such as jackfruit and eggplant.

Area 4

Photo: Ikan Asin Production

Area 4 is more of a fancy location where you can find expensive places and activities to do, so make sure to go when you feel like you want to spend some money or eat their famous steak.

Places to be found in Area 4:

1. JoySteak

Photo: Ikan Asin Production

JoySteak is known for its grilled salmon, Sirloin Steak, and T-bene Steak so make sure to go there whenever you feel hungry and remember that their working hours are from 9 A.M. to 10 P.M.

2. Mrs. Tuti’s home

Photo: Ikan Asin Production

This is a home for rent that would cost you 200 RP once you move in and on every Monday, you can find everything you need, especially the saving and sleeping features, just like other homes that can be found in other areas.

3. Holtin hotel

Photo: Ikan Asin Production

Holtin Hotel, as shown, has nothing to do with magic, but if you are interested in magic, you can go there where you can meet the travelling magician and his assistant.

4. Cinemak

Photo: Ikan Asin Production

You can always visit Cinemak, where you can watch your favorite movies.

5. U-bike

Photo: Ikan Asin Production

U-bike is where you can buy a bike so that you can move faster.

If you want to buy a bike with +50% speed you need to pay 1000 coins, but if want to buy a motorcycle with +100% or +200% speed, you will need to make an in-game purchase.

6. Lisa Terry Boutique

Photo: Ikan Asin Production

You can always go there to buy clothes and makeup for your wife but remember that you need to get married before paying a visit to this place.

Area 5

Photo: Ikan Asin Production

Area 5 is known for its 2 famous restaurants, and no it’s not what you are thinking about those in Area 5 are unique.

Places to be found in Area 5:

1. Amazin books

Photo: Ikan Asin Production

You can go to Amazin Books if you want to buy notebooks, comics, or novels.

2. Mr. Rolands

Photo: Ikan Asin Production

Mr. Rolands sells your favourite French fries, hamburger chicken, and nuggets.

Its working hours are from 9 AM to 11 PM and there you will meet both Jessica Anthanissa and Citra.

3. Franklin Fried Chicken

Photo: Ikan Asin Production

Franklin Fried Chicken offers ice cream, French fries, and fried chicken of course, and there you can meet Tasya.

Its working hours are from 8 AM to 9 PM.

4. Church

Photo: Ikan Asin Production

Just like in the Mosque, you can go to the Church to make your prayers for fortune or bonus points in your relationships.

Area 6

Photo: Ikan Asin Production

Area 6 seems to be a new location where you can’t find a lot of places, only the classroom and the peaceful fishing spot.

Places to be found in area 6:

1. Classroom

Photo: Ikan Asin Production

You can always go to the classroom, where you will meet a lot of people and learn new skills. Just like any other school their working hours are from 7 AM to 2 PM.

2. Fishing spot

Photo: Ikan Asin Production

And finally, the last place in Citampi you can go is to go fishing using your fishing pole which can be acquired by befriending Mr. Tatang in Area 1.

Getting to know Citampi Stories’ Characters

Photo: Ikan Asin Production

Citampi Stories features a diverse cast of characters with unique personalities and backgrounds. Each character brings their own perspective to the stories, where some of them can help you finish quests, some can give you tips about the game, and for the most important part, the girls that you can marry.

Below are all the characters that you would come across on your journey in Citampy Stories.

Characters that you would meet from Area 1 to Area 3

TioArea 1Security
Mr. TatangArea 1Owner of the stall
Chief SolehArea 2Village Chief
ImasLegit ClinicNurse
IndahLegit ClinicNurse
DimasLegit ClinicDoctor
Elder SenArea 2Unknown
Bro SenaArea 2Teacher
AtepClothing StoreStore Owner
Madam LelaHer HouseDorm Owner
Bro TigorGymballGym Trainer
ArpatNet CafeCafe Operator
NapondiArea 3House Owner
NoerNoer’s storeStore Owner

Characters that you would meet from Area 4 to Area 6

Mrs. Tutiher HouseDorm Owner
JessicaMr. RonaldsCashier
CitraMr. RonaldsCashier
TasyaFranklin FCCashier
Cliric DidiChurchCleric


Citampi Stories is a great pixel art game that offers players an immersive open-world RPG experience.

Starting with exploring locations and meeting unique and lovely characters, which provides a rich and different gameplay experience.

The attention to detail in the gameplay and designs creates a unique world for players to explore, and combined with the engaging storytelling, Citampi Stories offers an unforgettable adventure that will hook players for hours.

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