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June Reyes
Genshin Impact: picture of Chevreuse standing on a meadow

Genshin Impact is a massively successful, narrative-driven gacha RPG that takes you into a completely different world full of breathtaking locations, terrifying monsters, and,

Most importantly, however, Genshin Impact gives its players the ability to interact and even play as countless vibrant characters—each with their unique backstories, personalities, character design, and gameplay mechanics.

Genshin Impact: Chevreuse obtained via wish
Photo: miHoYo

Among these many characters in Genshin Impact is Chevreuse—a Pyro gunner that’s quite versatile in that you can build her as either a support or a sub-DPS.

In this guide, we will go over everything you need to know about Chevreuse. This includes a complete overview of the unit, her best weapon and artifact builds, as well as which units you can pair her up with for an optimized team comp.

Character Overview (Chevreuse’s Role, Constellations & Combat Talents)

In this section, we will discuss which role Chevreuse best fulfills in a team, the Constellations you can get after getting her dupes, and the Combat Talents you can use whenever you have her at your party.

Chevreuse: Role

Genshin Impact: Chevreuse attributes page
Photo: miHoYo

Depending on the availability of your artifacts and which units you already have, you can use Chevreuse as either a Pure Support with decent healing capabilities or a Sub-DPS/Support Hybridexclusively for Pyro/Electro teams.

Her A4 Passive—Vanguard’s Coordinated Tactics is a wonderful passive skill that ensures Chevreuse’s viability (no matter her role) as long as you put her in a team full of Pyro and Electro characters that utilize the Overload reaction.

Genshin Impact: Chevreuse ascend page
Photo: miHoYo

NOTE: Despite her versatility, we recommend using Chevreuse primarily as a Pure Support. Building her as a Pure Support is a bit easier in terms of gearing and Constellation level requirements, as you’ll need more resources to make her a viable Sub-DPS.


Genshin Impact: Chevreuse constellation page
Photo: miHoYo

Here are the Constellations you can unlock whenever you get a duplicate of Chevreuse:

Constellation LevelNameDescription
C1Stable Front Line’s ResolveWhen active characters with the “Coordinated Tactics” status (not including Chevreuse herself) trigger the Overloaded reaction on opponents, they will recover 6 Energy. This effect can be triggered once every 10 seconds. You must first unlock the Passive Talent “Vanguard’s Coordinated Tactics.”
C2Sniper Induced ExplosionAfter Holding Short-Range Rapid Interdiction Fire and hitting a target, trigger 2 chain explosions at the location where said target was hit. Each explosion deals Pyro DMG equal to 120% of Chevreuse’s ATK. This effect can be triggered up to once every 10 seconds, and DMG dealt by this skill is considered Elemental Skill DMG.
C3Practiced Field Stripping TechniqueIncreases the Level of Short-Range Rapid Interdiction Fire by 3. Maximum upgrade level is 15.
C4The Secret to Rapid-Fire MultishotsAfter using Ring of Bursting Grenades, the CD for Chevreuse using Hold Short-Range Rapid Interdiction Fire is decreased by 100%. This effect is removed after Short-Range Rapid Interdiction Fire has been fired twice using Hold or after 6 seconds.
C5Enhanced Incendiary FirepowerIncreases the Level of Ring of Bursting Grenades by 3. Maximum upgrade level is 15.
C6In Pursuit of Ending EvilAfter 12 seconds of the healing effect from Short-Range Rapid Interdiction Fire, all nearby party members recover HP equivalent to 10% of Chevreuse’s Max HP. After a party member is healed by Short-Range Rapid Interdiction Fire, they gain a 20% Pyro DMG Bonus and Electro DMG Bonus for 8 seconds. Max 3 stacks. Each stack’s duration is counted independently.

As you can see from her potential Constellations, this makes for stellar Pyro-Electro support that can also pack a decent wallop provided you can get the appropriate Constellation Levels.

Genshin Impact: Chevreuse element synergies (pyro and electro)
Photo: miHoYo

In a nutshell, Chevreuse’s Constellations allow her to improve your team’s Pyro and Electro damage exponentially, making her a fantastic addition to a Pyro-Electro team comps that utilize the Overload effect.

TIP: If you want to use this as a Pure Support, the minimum Constellation Level you want her to be at is C1. As a Sub-DPS, get her up to at least C4. She’s still a good support at C0, but ideally, you want her at C6 because “In Pursuit of Ending Evil” is by far her best Constellation.

Chevreuse: Combat Talents

Genshin Impact: Chevreuse combat talents
Photo: miHoYo

Here are the Combat Talents you can unlock as soon as you get Chevreuse, as well as her passives that you can only unlock upon reaching certain Awakening stages:

Combat Talent Name & TypeAwakening RequirementDescription
Line Bayonet Thrust EX (Normal, Charged, and Plunging Attacks)NoneNormal Attack
Performs up to 4 consecutive spear strikes.

Charged Attack
Consumes a certain amount of Stamina to lunge forward, dealing damage to opponents along the way.

Plunging Attack
Plunges from mid-air to strike the ground below, damaging opponents along the path and dealing AoE DMG upon impact.
Short-Range Rapid Interdiction Fire (Elemental Skill)NoneTap
Chevreuse quickly shoulders her musket and fires at her opponent(s), dealing AoE Pyro DMG. For a short duration after Chevreuse fires a shot, she will continuously restore HP to the active character on the field. The amount healed is based on her max HP. Hold to fire in a different fashion.

Enter Aiming Mode, locking a target in her sights to fire a precise interdiction shot. If Chevreuse has an Overcharged Ball, then she will fire the Overcharged Ball instead, dealing greater Pyro DMG in a larger area. Chevreuse gains 1 Overcharged Ball every time a nearby party member triggers an Overloaded reaction, and can have up to 1 Overcharged Ball at a time.

Arkhe: Ousia
Periodically, after Chevreuse’s Short-Range Rapid Interdiction Fire hits, a Surging Blade will be called forth that deals Ousia-aligned Pyro DMG.
Ring of Bursting Grenades (Elemental Burst)NoneChevreuse fires an explosive grenade at opponents with her musket, dealing AoE Pyro DMG. After the projectile hits, it will split into many secondary explosive shells. The secondary explosive shells will burst after a short interval, dealing Pyro DMG to nearby opponents.
Double Time March (Passive)NoneDecreases sprinting Stamina consumption for your own party members by 20%. Not stackable with Passive Talents that provide the exact same effects.
Vanguard’s Coordinated Tactics (Passive)Ascension 1When the Elemental Type of all party members is Pyro or Electro and there is at least one Pyro and one Electro Elemental Type each in the party: Chevreuse grants “Coordinated Tactics” to nearby party members: 

After a character triggers the Overloaded reaction, the Pyro and Electro RES of the opponent(s) affected by this Overloaded reaction will be decreased by 40% for 6s. The “Coordinated Tactics” effect will be removed when the Elemental Types of the characters in the party do not meet the basic requirements for the Passive Talent.
Vertical Force Coordination (Passive) Ascension 4After Chevreuse fires an Overcharged Ball using Short-Range Rapid Interdiction Fire, nearby Pyro and Electro characters in the party gain 1% increased ATK for every 1000 Max HP Chevreuse has for 30s. ATK can be increased by up to 40% in this way.

Just like her Constellation buffs, Chevreuse’s Combat Talents mainly revolve around supporting a full Pyro and Electro team. Her kit makes her a good healer, but she shines brighter when it comes to resistance shredding and elevating her allies’ elemental damage.

Genshin Impact: Chevreuse normal attack
Photo: miHoYo
Genshin Impact: Chevreuse elemental skill
Photo: miHoYo
Genshin Impact: Chevreuse charged attack
Photo: miHoYo
Genshin Impact: Chevreuse elemental burst
Photo: miHoYo

Her A1 Passive “Vanguard’s Coordinated Tactics”, in particular, is her most useful support-oriented passive talent that’s tailor-made for boosting an entire party’s Pyro and Electro Elemental DPS. 

Genshin Impact: Chevreuse a1 passive (vanguard's coordinated tactics)
Photo: miHoYo

Also, keep in mind that getting this character to C1 will further improve her A1 Passive by giving it an energy recovery effect, making her a great battery for her teammates.

Chevreuse’s A1 and A4 are her bread and butter—allowing her to fit in many Pyro-Electro team comps, especially ones that prioritize maximizing the Main DPS’ damage, like Raiden hyper carry teams.

TIP: Get Chevreuse to 40,000 Max HP ASAP, as this will unlock her full potential as both a healer and a DPS support. Getting her beyond 40,000 Max HP is also good since it will improve her healing. 

Best Weapons To Use

Genshin Impact: Chevreuse black tassel
Photo: miHoYo

Listed below are the best weapons you can equip Chevreuse with, depending on which role you decide for her to take.

Best Weapons (Pure Support)

If you want to use Chevreuse as a Pure Support with minimal DPS, consider giving her the following weapons:

Weapon Recommendations (Pure Support)QualityDescription
Black Tassel3★The easiest weapon to get ahold of for Chevreuse, and despite its low quality, it will serve her well as a fantastic HP stat stick.
Favonius Lance4★Generally considered the best weapon for Chevreuse. It gives away a good amount of energy recharge and will make Chevreuse a better battery for your team.
Rightful Reward4★Combines the pros of the two other weapons mentioned above. It has HP as its secondary stat and also allows Chevreuse to energy recharge, which will trigger whenever she heals. It’s not as specialized as the other two but works great for a more balanced build.

Best Weapons (Sub-DPS)

Genshin Impact: Chevreuse banner with Raiden
Photo: miHoYo

If you want to maximize Chevreuse’s DPS to the fullest and use her as a Sub-DPS, consider giving her the following weapons:

Weapon Recommendations (Sub-DPS)QualityDescription
Staff of Homa5★Improves Chevreuse’s Attack, Crit Damage, and Max HP, which is perfect for a balanced hybrid build.
Staff of Scartet Sands5★Improves Chevreuse’s Crit Rate and Attack based on her Elemental Mastery. Use this weapon if you want to go all-in on her DPS potential.
Prospector’s Drill4★More accessible than the two previous weapons mentioned. It gives additional Attack based on how often she heals or gets healed, which will be utilized quite well with her kit.

Best Artifacts

Genshin Impact: Chevreuse artifact page
Photo: miHoYo

Listed below are the artifact builds we recommend you get:

  • Noblesse Oblige x4 (Best): Improves Chevreuse’s Elemental Burst.
  • Instructor x4: Improves the entire party’s Elemental Mastery.
  • Exile x4: Improves the entire party’s Energy Recharge.
  • Tenacity of Millelith x4: Improves Chevreuse’s HP and the entire party’s Attack and Shield Strength.
  • Song of Day Past x4: Improves Chevreuse’s Healing and the active unit’s DMG.
  • Crimson Witch of Flames x4: Improves Chevreuse’s Pyro DMG and increases the effects of Overloaded, Burgeon, Burning, Melt, and Vaporize. Good for her Sub-DPS build.

Main Stats To Prioritize: 1) HP (%) 2) Healing Bonus

Substats To Prioritize: 1) HP (%) 2) Energy Recharge 3) HP (Flat)

TIP: Feel free to invest in other stats once you get to 40,000 Max HP, such as ATK, Crit Rate, or Crit DMG if you want to build her as a Sub-DPS. Also, try to get her to around 160 ER to 200 ER.

Best Team Comps

Genshin Impact: Chevreuse obtained in x10 wish
Photo: miHoYo

If you’re looking for the best units to partner with, then look no further! Here we have some of the best team comp recommendations: 

Genshin Impact: Chevreuse recommended team comp 1
Photo: miHoYo
Recommended Team Comp #1 (Raiden Main)Element TypeRole
Raiden ShogunElectroMain DPS
Genshin Impact: Chevreuse recommended team comp 2
Photo: miHoYo
Recommended Team Comp #2 (Yoimiya Main)Element TypeRole
YoimiyaPyroMain DPS
Genshin Impact: Chevreuse recommended team comp 4
Photo: miHoYo
Recommended Team Comp #3 (Hypercarry Raiden)Element TypeRole
Raiden ShogunElectroMain DPS
Kujou SaraElectroSupport
Genshin Impact: Chevreuse recommended team comp 4
Photo: miHoYo
Recommended Team Comp #4 (F2P-Friendly Squad)Element TypeRole
XianglingPyroMain DPS/Sub-DPS
FischlElectroMain DPS/Sub-DPS

TIP: The team comp recommendations listed above are great, but she is so versatile that you can swap her with any Support or Sub-DPS as long as it’s a Pyro/Electro-centric team that can proc Overload consistently. This is all you really need to keep in mind when it comes to picking a team that suits her.


Considering how specialized her kit is and how much value she adds when deployed to an already-stacked Pyro-Electro team, Chevreuse is certainly among the best units you can get in the game. 

If you’re debating whether or not you should pull for her, the answer would almost always be YES—especially if you want a Pyro-Electro overload team that performs well above traditional team comps of the same type.

If you’d like to see more content for Genshin Impact, don’t forget to check out our build recommendations for Raiden Shogun (one of Chevreuse’s best teammates) and our compilation of Genshin Impact Codes that you can redeem in-game for tons of free stuff!

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