Cats and Soup Game Guide: Tips, Tricks and Strategies

Anurag Ghosh
(Last Updated On: February 6, 2023)

Cats and Soup is an aesthetically pleasing and relaxing game from Hidea. You will fall in love with the hand-drawn graphics. The art style and the sound effects are amazing! ASMR fans will love the soothing music and the sound of rain.

The attention to detail given to a cat’s behavior and action is superb, to say the least. Each cat will behave differently when they interact with various facilities and environments. The game also has a day and night cycle and weather system, making everything look so realistic in a cartoony world.

Cats and Soup Game

Cats and Soup is an idle game. You will have to assist cute kitties to make sumptuous food for their customers. Start with soups, and as you progress, make different items such as juices to expand your business. As you build more and more facilities, you will have to hire cats to attend to them. So if you have built a carrot slicer, hire a kitty who will slice carrots, collect them in a sack, move them to the cooking facility, and put the sliced carrots in the cauldron to prepare carrot soup. Your feline friends will keep earning gold for you when you are not playing. Find out what’s cooking and what to do in our in-depth Cats and Soup game guide:

Getting Started

The cooking facility in the middle is where you prepare the delicious broth for your customers. The cute white cat will take some time to prepare soup as shown by the mechanical timer above the crafting station. A bowl of bland broth is prepared when the mechanical timer completes its countdown.

Soup cooking facility and other facilities surrounding it.
To build facilities, tap on the hammer icon in the lower-left corner of the screen

After the soup is cooked, the prepared bowl is collected on the bottom of the screen. Tap on the soup bowl to sell it to your customer and earn gold in return. The total gold earned so far is displayed on the top of the screen. Gold is the primary currency of this game. The kitty keeps preparing soup at regular intervals. Bowls ready for sale and consumption will keep accumulating on the bottom of the screen until you tap to sell them to your customers.

Prepared food items are collected on the bottom of the screen.
The price is displayed below each food item (soup, juice, etc. ) at the bottom of the screen. Tap on a food item to sell it. Also, pay attention to the pile of gold and tap on it to collect idle earnings.

Cats and Soup is an idle game so yes you can earn idle gold when you are offline. Idle gold is accumulated just above the gallery of bowls at the bottom of the screen. Tap on idle gold to collect them.

To build new “facilities”, tap on the hammer icon in the lower right corner of the screen. On the build facility menu, you will see various facilities categorized under Cooking, Rest, Function, and Special.

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In the Cooking section, you will find facilities such as veggie slicers, juicers, peelers, etc. Under Rest, you will find facilities that provide leisure and fun to cats. The function provides facilities that offer some kind of bonus rewards. These include treasure chests, good luck jars, bulletin boards, etc. You will have to place these facilities to activate their services.

Note that cooking facilities need cats. So after building a cooking facility, tap on the cat picture below it to summon a random cat. He/she will start using the facility.

Under the cooking category, you will find facilities like the cabbage slicer, carrot slicer, juicer, and many more. The gold that you have collected as idle income and from selling soups to customers will be useful for purchasing these facilities.

A facility is incomplete without a cute kitty using it. You will need cats to slice and dice veggies for your delicious soups and make yummy juices. Once you build a facility on the empty slot, it’s time to unlock a new cat. Tap on the cat icon to summon a cute kitty.

Assign a cat to a new facility.
Assign a kitty to a new facility. This is the juice-making facility.

She will start working in the new facility. If the facility is a cabbage slicer, then the new cat will start slicing cabbages, collect sliced cabbages and finally move to the cooking facility in the middle to put sliced cabbage into the cauldron for preparing cabbage soup.

Carrot, cabbage, and other flavored soups will fetch more gold than a bland soup. This is why you need to build such slicing facilities as soon as possible to diversify and sell various types of soup to earn more gold.

Don’t forget to build resting facilities for your feline friends. Your cute kitties need a break. They just can’t work nonstop. Tap on the hammer icon and tap on the “Rest” tab to build facilities that provide comfort and leisure to your tired cats.

Resting facilities are usually reserved for cats that are engaged in slicing carrots cabbages and other vegetables. After they are done slicing vegetables, collecting them, and putting them in the hot cauldron, they will quickly jump to the nearest resting facility to play, take a nap or listen to some music.

After resting they will get back to their work. Once a kitty finishes resting, the resting facility grants “recipe points”. These special points have a green lightning flash icon.

Recipe points are used to upgrade various soup types by a certain percentage and increase their sale price. Tap on the red bound book – it is located next to the hammer item in the lower right corner of the screen. Next, upgrade various soup types and increase their selling price using recipe points.

When you purchase a facility, it is placed in an empty circular slot, where the bland soup is cooked. Once all the empty slots are occupied by different facilities, it’s time to expand the forest. This way, you will not only be able to unlock more facilities but also collect cats. Tap on the hammer icon on the lower right corner of the screen to purchase more space using gold.

Tap on the hammer icon to build facilities.
Expanding your forest. Tap on the hammer icon and expand the forest using gold.

At the top of the screen is the amount of gold, recipe points, and gems collected so far. Below them is your current quest. In this game, 1000 gold is shown as 1a, so 10000 will be shown as 10a, and so on.

Now that you have learned the basics of Cats and Soup game, read these tips, tricks, and strategies to expand your business, unlock more kitties and facilities and earn bonus gold.  

Avoid Auto-Selling Items at a Loss

As I said earlier, items that are ready for sale are displayed at the bottom of the screen. If you don’t tap to sell an item to a customer, items will keep accumulating on the bottom until there’s no space left for more. When eight items collect at the bottom of the screen, the first item on the extreme left will be automatically sold off at a huge discount.

Don't sell food items at a loss.
Check the “Sale” tag on the first dish at the bottom of the screen. Because the bottom gallery is crowded with food items and still unsold, the first item is sold at a big discount.

You will only earn 50 percent of the original price of that item. To avoid such losses, quickly tap on items to sell them at the right price.

Upgrade the Main Cooking Facility to Increase the Price

Leveling up the main cooking facility in the middle will marginally increase the price of all soups. 

Upgrade the main soup cooking facility

To upgrade the bland cooking facility, tap on it and then tap on the level number. You will be taken to the level-up screen. You must have enough gold to level it up. 

Upgrading the cooking facility will increase the gold minimally. Upgrading this facility from level 1 to 10 will increase the price by one each time it is leveled up. From level 11 onwards, leveling up this facility will increase the soup sale price by 2 from level 11-20 and so on. In this way, minimal price increments will occur every 10 levels.

Level Up Slicing Facilities

The best way to increase soup selling prices substantially is to upgrade all vegetable slicing stations such as the carrot and cabbage slicing facilities.

Level up slicers

Tap on the carrot or cabbage slicer and then tap on their level number. You will need more gold to level up vegetable slicer facilities. However, the price increase for all soups, including bland soups will increase greatly.

As you progress, you will unlock advanced facilities, such as peelers and juicers. Upgrade them to increase their selling price.

Use Recipe Points to Increase Selling Price

You will earn recipe points from resting facilities. Tap on the hammer icon on the lower-right corner of the screen to open the build menu. Go to “Rest” and then place a resting facility for your kitties. After a hard session of slicing and peeling veggies, these adorable felines will take some rest or play in a resting facility.

Build a Bower or a Trampoline for your cats and let them enjoy some shade, listen to music, and play after a hard day’s work. When they leave a resting place after enjoying to their heart’s content, they will give you recipe points (green lightning icon). Tap on the lightning icon to collect recipe points. They will be collected automatically if you don’t tap to collect them.

Use recipe points to increase selling price of soup types.

Now tap on the small red bound book next to the hammer icon. A new menu will appear on the screen. Here you can use recipe points to increase the selling price of soups, such as carrots, cabbage, and bland soups by a certain percentage.

How to Get Hat, Clothes, and Accessories

Tap on the hammer icon > Function and build the “Treasure Chest”. Tap on the treasure chest facility and then tap on the small chest icon at the bottom.

You can get hats, clothes, and accessories for your cats from a free treasure chest. Opening treasure chests is not really free as you will have to watch an in-game 30-second advert to open one. Tap on the “Show Ads” button, watch a 30-second video, and get your goodies from the chest.

You might get clothes and accessories that provide passive effects/buffs to the cooking, slicing, and sell price of your recipes. These passive effects range from decreasing the time for chopping veggies or preparing soup, or increasing the price of food by a certain percentage.

Item obtained from a chest

Wait for 60 seconds and then tap on the show ads button again to watch a video and get your gift from the treasure chest. You can watch only three ads with a time gap of 60 seconds each to get clothes and accessories for your cats. Wait for 9-10 hours and you will get 3 more ads to unlock more items from the treasure chest. Alternatively, you can open a chest instantly using blue gems, but it won’t be easy obtaining them for free.  

You will also get hats, clothes, and other items from the 7-day login rewards. Tap on the firecracker/rocket icon in the upper-right corner of the screen to access the 7 days reward section. Play the game every day to claim a new reward each day. Tap on the “Free Gift Get” to get your rewards daily for the next 7 days. Along with clothes and accessories, you will also obtain gold tickets, gems, and décor. Some decorations grant passive boosts. Tap on each décor item to know more about their buffs.

Equip Clothes and Accessories for Cats

Hats, vests, and accessories obtained from the treasure chest can be equipped for your cats. You will see the total number of kitties unlocked on the top-left corner of the screen. Tap on this to access a list of cats. Tap on the empty hat, clothes, and accessory slot beside each cat’s picture in the list. Select an “equipable” cloth, hat, or accessory from the menu by tapping on its icon.

Alternatively, tap on the yellow upward-pointing arrow, just above the hammer icon in the lower-right corner of the screen. Next, tap on the cat picture.

Tap on white cat picture

You will see a list of kitties unlocked so far. Tap on a cat’s picture on the left to go to his/her mini-room.

Tap on a cat's portrait to go to his room.

Under the “Dress” tab on the bottom of the screen, you will see three empty slots to equip hats, cloth, and accessories. Tap on each empty slot, and choose an item to equip it. Items that can be crafted and then equipped for a cat will have a glowing green bar.

Choose clothes/hat/accessories tab

Tap on such an item then tap on “Make”. Once you make/craft a cloth, hat, or accessory, the passive effect is applied immediately. You can then equip them to your cats to make them look cuter.

Note: Passive effects of clothes, hats, and accessories are always applied after making/crafting them even if they are not equipped for cats.

Take a Pic to Earn Bonus Gold

Lookout for the camera icon above a cat.

Look for a camera icon above a cat.
Tap on the camera icon above the cat to gain bonus gold.

When you see one, tap on the camera and press on the circle at the bottom to take a picture. Earn bonus gold after taking a pic.

Increase Cooking Speed

When you have cleared the bottom row by selling soups, a green button will appear on the far bottom-right side of the screen. Tap on this button titled “Cooking Speed”, and press the Yes button. Watch a 30-second advert in-game to cook twice as fast. This speed boost will last for five minutes.

Tap on the cooking speed boost on the lower-left corner of the screen.
Tap on the “Cooking Speed x2” button to speed up everything on the screen. This button appears when the gallery is empty.

You will notice all cats are speedier than ever, they will slice veggies faster, the cooking time for preparing soups will decrease drastically, time will move fast and soups will be cooked at a much faster rate than before. A timer will appear on the lower right side of the screen indicating the time left for the speed boost.

During speed boost time, make sure you tap on the prepared food items as fast as possible to avoid selling them at a discount. Since food will be cooked faster, they will line up at the bottom at a much faster rate. Pay attention to this for five minutes and be quick in tapping on bowls to earn gold.  

How to Activate Skill Effects

Each cat has a unique skill. You can see a kitty’s skill in her room. To go to a cat’s room, tap on the yellow upward-pointing arrow above the hammer icon to open the menu. Next, tap on the white cat’s picture.

Tap on cat picture on the menu
Access the Kitty List by tapping on the white cat picture.

You will see a list of unlocked cats. A tiny icon of a vegetable or fruit will be displayed next to a cat’s picture. It will be greyed out. Tap on that icon to know the cat’s skill. The greyed-out icon should match the facility icon to activate skill effects. So if there’s a carrot icon beside a cat, his skill matches with a facility that slices carrots and so you will have to move him to that facility to activate his skill.

In the screenshot below, the white “Turkish Angora” cat is an expert in slicing carrots, so this skill of his will have a positive status effect on slicing carrots by increasing the slicing speed. There will be a greyed-out carrot icon beside his picture in the list of cats.

Pres the greyed out veggie icon.
The greyed-out veggie/fruit icon beside a cat’s picture suggests her skill isn’t activated yet. Tap on this greyed-out icon to set the position.

In the skill info screen, you will see the effect. You will have to move this white cat to the carrot-slicing facility to activate his skill.

Tap on Set Position
Tap on the set position to swap places.

Tap on “Set Position” and then swap seats with another cat to move the Turkish Angora cat to the carrot-slicing facility. Another cat will be in charge of that facility, so you just have to swap their places to put the Turkish Angora cat in its right place and activate his skill.

Tap on the green button beside the correct facility’s picture (in this case, the carrot-slicing facility) to swap places. In the screenshot below, note that a different cat is in charge of the carrot slicer. The carrot slicer’s icon is shown next to him. After moving the Turkish Angora cat to his right facility, you will see the greyed-out carrot icon beside his picture colored, indicating that his skill has been activated.  

Choose the matching facility to move the kitty to it.

You can watch a short video below to know how to swap the position of two cats and activate skills.

Get the Good Luck Jar

You will find the Good Luck Jar in the Build (hammer icon) > Function tab. Once you build it, the jar fairy will give you a special present at regular intervals.

Good Luck Jar
Fairy Good Luck Jar

The gift will appear in the same location where the idle earnings accumulate, i.e. on the bottom of the screen, just above the soup bowl gallery. A cute cat will be shown holding a big good luck jar. Tap on her and watch a 30-second advert to claim your fairy present.

Complete Collections

Once you build the treasure chest, you can obtain clothes, hats, and accessories. You can also get them from the 7-day login rewards.

Collect clothes, accessories, and hats to complete collections. Completing a set of items provides awesome boosts, such as a boost in the selling price of a particular soup type or a juice.

Tap on the star badge on the upper right corner of the screen, just below the quest list to view your collections. Go to “Equipment” to see what’s missing to complete a collection and get those items from the treasure chest. A tiny green tick mark will be shown on an item next to a collection indicating that the item is now part of that collection (see the below screenshot).

Complete collections

In Cats and Soup game, collections are not limited to clothes or accessories. There are also furniture, fish, and cat collections in this game. Unlock new cats by building various cooking facilities to complete cat collections and obtain buffs, such as speeding up slicing veggies, increasing the cooking speed of select soups, and speedup juicing or peeling veggies.

Finish Quests and Achievements

Tap on the To-Do list/note in the upper right corner of the screen to get a list of quests and achievements.

Under daily missions, complete quests to earn gold tickets, gold, recipe points, and recipe point tickets. Both gold and recipe tickets grant instant rewards in the form of large amounts of gold and recipe points.

Go to the Achievement section and the complete tasks to get blue gems. Blue gems are used to open treasure chests when the free option to open a chest is not available temporarily.

Double Your Idle Gold and Recipe Point Earnings

Dedicated to their work, cats keep earning gold and recipe points for you even when you are not playing. Once you are back, tap on the idle earnings on the bottom of the screen. Offline idle gold is accumulated only for 180 minutes and not more than that, so the best way to earn more idle gold is to double your earnings.

Double idle gold and recipe points

When you tap on the pile of idle gold on the bottom, a box will appear on the screen. Tap on “Get Reward x 2 (Show Ads), watch a 30-second advert, and get your rewards. You will not only double your idle gold earnings but also the recipe points earned while you were away.

Get your Event Gifts from the Mailbox

The mailbox will flash in the middle of the screen, on the top, just below your current quest. Tap on it to claim your gifts, such as event gifts, etc. You might get gold, gems, and other rewards as gifts, so keep an eye on the mailbox at regular intervals.

Juices Sell at Higher Prices than Soups

Cats and Soup game isn’t just about soups, you can also make delicious juices and sell them at a much higher price. The first thing you should do is build the juicer. You can find it in the cooking section when you click on the hammer icon in the lower-right corner of the screen.

The juicer
Build the Juicer

After placing the bland juice maker, summon a cat and he will start preparing shakes. Juice blending takes time, as shown on the mechanical timer above this facility. But once it’s prepared, it will fetch double the price of an average non-upgraded soup.

Make sure you upgrade the juicer at regular intervals and use recipe points to level it up to increase the selling price. Tap on the red book beside the hammer and then go to the “Juice” section to level it up and increase the price.

Get the Bulletin Board

Build the bulletin board immediately when it’s available. You will need at least 2000a gold to build it, Make sure you have expanded your forest to have space for the bulletin board.  Tap on the hammer > Function and build it.

Bulletin board provides special orders. Completing them will fetch bonus gold. Tap on the bulletin board and then tap on the letter underneath it to access the list of special orders.

Build the bulletin board
The Bulletin Board

Under the special order mission, you will have to sell a certain number of food items, such as soup or juices to get bonus gold. Make a note of the items that need to be sold and the number of items of that type. 

Special order mission
Special Order Mission

Tap on those food items on the bottom of the screen could be 6 bland juice, or 5 carrot soup, etc. Once you tap to sell the items as displayed on the special order board, you will get your reward automatically.

Tip: Special order missions can also be accessed from the top-left corner of the screen.

How to Move Facilities

You may want a carrot slicer next to a resting facility or a group treasure chest and a good luck jar next to each other. No matter what your space management decision is, you can easily swap locations between facilities.

Tap on the upward-pointing yellow arrow above the hammer to open the menu. Tap on the move icon (the first icon). A change position option will be displayed on the screen. Now tap on a facility that you want to move to. You can either move to an empty circle/slot if it’s available or swap places with others.

Changing the position of a facility.
Tap on the “change positions” icon at the top of the screen.

To swap places between two facilities, make sure you have some empty slots available. You will have to move the first facility to the empty slot, then move the second facility to the first facility’s original position and then finally move the first facility to the second one’s position. You just need to tap on each position to move them.

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