Cats And Soup – 7 Beginner Tips

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Cats and Soup is a wholesome and cute idle game from HIDEA that cheerfully introduces itself as HI! IDEA! It’s a game where you take care of a cat forest, boil soup, produce juice, sell them, and improve your kitten-pire to the max while feeling your heart getting warmer whenever a new family member joins you.

However, it can be pretty convoluted in the beginning. That’s why we’re providing these Cats and Soup 7 Beginner Tips so you understand exactly what’s happening on the screen and how to take your kitties to the next level.

New Buildings, New Cats

Photo: HIDEA

After you build a new facility, a random cat will be summoned to handle it. The cat will come with at least one skill, a race – called look – and nameless. You can name the adorable pet.

Skills are varied and can benefit many different activities. The race serves to complete Collection tabs. Each time you complete a set, you get a passive skill for your forest. 

After building the Observatory, you can change the look and skills of a cat if the first roll is not to your liking or if you want to complete the Collection with a different race.

Delegate the Right Cat for the Job

Photo: HIDEA

While every skill is helpful, sometimes your current cat comes with one that isn’t useful at that moment either because you don’t have the corresponding facility or they are misplaced. Make sure that your felines are being put to the best possible use.

You can check all your available cats by clicking on the menu icon below the photo icon. There, if their ability is greyed out, it means that it isn’t being utilized. Click on the cat and look for a facility that matches their expertise. 

Don’t Save Gold on Upgrades

Photo: HIDEA

There comes a time when you wonder if you should save gold to build a new facility or spend it on upgrades. We tell you: upgrades all the way!

Since it’s an idle game, most of your gold will come when you are offline, and to maximize your earnings, you need to have high-level facilities that produce soups and juices at a premium price.

Then, when you log back again, you’ll receive a boatload of gold and will be able to build a new facility. So don’t worry about saving money on upgrades. Get those facilities the care and attention they deserve.

Increase Your Cooking Speed

Photo: HIDEA

While most of your revenue will come from idling away, you should click the call bell icon at the bottom left corner of the main screen when you’re actively playing Cats and Soup

After watching an ad, you will double the cooking speed for 5 minutes. The buff doesn’t work offline but only wears off while playing, increasing your earnings greatly.

Double the Idle Gold

Photo: HIDEA

Your lovely cats will continue to collect gold for you whenever you leave and come back. When you log in, a chunk of gold coins will be hoarded in the bottom middle of the screen. After clicking on it, a tooltip will ask if you want to get double the rewards by watching an ad.

We strongly suggest that you watch the ad video, as it will be either 30 or 60 seconds long and will compensate you twice the amount of time you were away. It’s worth it!

Build Function Type Facilities

Photo: HIDEA

Cats and Soup lets you build several facilities to populate your animal forest. Cooking can make soups to earn gold passively, while Rest facilities give you recipe points to improve the soup’s price. However, Function Facilities focus on different activities.

The first, Treasure Chest, rewards you with costumes to equip on cats and improve their passive skills, such as cutting carrots or lemon juice price increase. The Good Luck Jar grants you a bunch of gold for simply watching an ad, and the Bulletin Board gives you some orders, like shipping a vegetable-specific soup, and then rewards you with more gold.

Ad Manager Office ASAP

Photo: HIDEA

Some Special facilities in the forest require a few different demands. However, one of them is easily bought in the beginning. Called the Ad Manager Office, this facility rewards you with stamps every time you watch an ad. 

You’ve noticed by now how many ads you’ll be watching while playing Cats and Soup if you want to enjoy most of its features. Time is the price of a free game. But it indeed pays off. Stamps can be traded in the Ad Manager Office for some neat skins or exclusive accessories.


Cats and Soup is a super fun and cozy game, especially if you’re a cat lover! Every facility, animation, kitten, and activity is filled with joy and comforting moments.

Like most idle games, you’ll spend little time actively playing and more just checking back at how your feline family is handling themselves. And if you are familiar with cats, you know it’s only a matter of time before they take over the world alone. 

Do you like Cats and Soup? If you have any other tips to share with us, please write them in the comments.

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