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“In war, the victorious strategist only seeks battle after the victory has been won.” – Sun Tzu

This line from Sun Tzu’s Art of War hints at the importance of planning and skillful thinking in advance before a war is fought. In a strategy game, you will have to plan well in advance before you deploy troops to fight enemies. Strategy games have a big fan following and most gamers love military-themed ones. A strategy game is further divided into two sub-genres – RTS and Turn-based.

In an RTS or real-time strategy game, battles are in “real-time” and not in turns. Most RTS games are pretty fast-paced, which is why you will have to be quick in your actions and planning. Simply speaking, actions, whether movement of troops or attacking each other, takes place simultaneously in an RTS game. In turn-based strategy (TBS) games, a player and his opponent take turns to attack each other. TBS games are more like chess, but there are various new features added to make gameplay more exciting and engaging.

On Android, you will find several strategy games. With the release of Clash of Clans, a new sub-genre of strategy game became popular among players. The fast-paced nature of a mobile strategy game like CoC is what attracts gamers. However, there are a few games that follow the old PC strategy game mechanics. Check out some of our best strategy game guides: