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Growing up, you dreamed of becoming a celebrity, a soldier, a chef or an astronaut. But there are high chances of not becoming any one of those. Not trolling. It’s the truth and while there are some people who have fulfilled their career aspirations, most of them are sitting in their office cubicles, playing a simulation game that allows them to follow their “dream career” in a virtual world.

A simulation game lets you explore a virtual world that tries to imitate various real-life activities. There are restaurant simulation games, games that let you live like a celebrity or a tycoon. There are also certain games that closely simulate your life. You will build your virtual home, marry, and lead a lush life post-retirement. Here are some of the best simulation games on Android that will let you step into the shoes of a chef, celebrity, fantasy hero, or businessman. There are also some very quirky games that will let you manage a resort, a farm, a restaurant, pet cats and dogs, and catch ghosts.