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Everyone loves role-playing games. And why shouldn’t they? After all, a role-playing game (RPG) lets players assume the role of a hero who fights monsters, saves people, crafts and wields deadly weapons, gains new skills and defeats mighty bosses.  

Most RPGs take place in a fictional fantasy world filled with orcs, goblins, evil magicians and huge dragons. These games are further divided into sub-genres. There are squad-based tactical role-playing games that lets you build a party and engage in turn-based battles, action hack-and-slash RPGs in which you choose your favorite class and jump right into open world environments to fight huge bosses and idle role-playing games that are devoid of exploration, usually depend on how fast you tap the screen to defeat enemies, but pretty addictive.  

No matter what your favorite RPG is, you can take a look at these awesome Android role-playing games to begin your adventure. And if you have played them, then you should read our game guides that provide useful tips and strategies to help you progress through stages and chapters.