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Match-3 Puzzle Games

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The match-3 puzzle genre became quite popular after Bejeweled. As the name suggests, a match-3 puzzle game lets you match three or more tiles of the same color or type. You can connect three same-colored tiles or swap tiles to match and clear them from the game board. The core gameplay remains the same in all games, but to make things more difficult, developers add various challenges such as obstacles, extra objectives, random game boards and villains. An interesting aspect of a match-3 game is the use of power-ups. A power-up is created when you match a minimum of four tiles. There are lots of power-ups to create and each power-up’s effect will help you complete your objectives without fail.

There are tons of Match-3 games available on Android and iOS and the list keeps growing. Here are some of the best puzzle games, each having a unique theme, various challenges, special boss modes, mini games and boss modes: