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One might say that the father of modern fighting games was Street Fighter 2 for introducing combos, but many don’t know that the first fighting game was released in 1976. It was SEGA’s Heavyweight Champ. Fast-forward to today’s brawlers and there are quite a few stunning fighting games from Tekken to Mortal Kombat. The latter is infamous for its extremely graphic “Fatalities”. There are also brawlers, such as Injustice: Gods Among Us that feature superheroes and supervillains from your favorite comics.

Fighting games on Android take full advantage of touch-screen devices and provide an engaging and satisfying gameplay experience. Along with popular names such as MK, WWE Mayhem and Tekken, there are also a few underrated gems such as Shadow Fight and ChronoBlade. On our site, we have a few fighting game guides for you. We hope you will love them.