Cat Snack Bar Guide: Tips and Tricks

Anurag Ghosh
(Last Updated On: February 7, 2023)

“An idle game with cats? Shut up and take my money!” I am sure this is how most kitty lovers and casual game fans will react when they find Cat Snack Bar on the Google Play Store. Created by Treeplla, this game is a fast-paced idle/clicker, that has cute hand-drawn graphics, and lots of cats! If you love games like Animal Restaurant and Cats & Soup, then this game is for you.

Cat Snack Bar

You will begin your food journey from a humble sandwich booth to a large restaurant. As you progress, you will unlock new features, such as merchandise, costumes, and the kitty bank! The game’s easy to play – unlock lip-smacking menus, level them up, purchase upgrades to attract more customers and hire cute server kitties, equip costumes to them, or unlock merchandise. There are so many things to do in Cat Snack Bar and these tips and tricks will help you grow and expand your eatery!

Getting Started

To start your snacks business, you will have to unlock a menu using coins. The first menu requires 2 coins to unlock, but as you progress you will need more coins to unlock new menus. When you see the upward-pointing arrow on the white square with dotted borders, tap the square and press the green button to unlock a menu.

Unlocking a new menu
Pay attention to the upward-pointing arrow on the blank square. Tap the square to unlock a new menu.

The white square will now be replaced with a picture of a food item. You have unlocked a new menu.

Unlocked menus have pictures of a random food item
A new menu is unlocked. You will also unlock a corresponding worktop.

Unlocking a new menu will also unlock a worktop that will allow cats to prepare the food on them. Tap the purple bouncing box to unwrap the worktop. Once the food is prepared, cats will serve it to customers.

You will obtain coins each time the server fulfills a customer’s order. The order appears above a new customer’s head when the server moves closer to them.

Leveling up the menu item from time to time will increase the coins earned per serving. There will be a red upward-pointing arrow on the picture of the menu item, suggesting an upgrade is available. Tap the picture and then tap the green button to upgrade. You will need to spend a certain amount of coins to upgrade the menu.

Tap a menu to bring up the update box

When you tap a menu to level it up, you will notice a box appear above it. At the top of the box is the current level of that menu, and below the current level is the name of the food item. Stars you have earned so far are displayed below the food item’s name. Then there’s the level bar and below the level bar, on the left side, is the number of coins you will be earning each time food is served to the customer, and on the right is the total preparation time. See the Screenshot below:

Menu Upgrade Breakdown

Press the big green button to level up the menu. The number of coins earned from customers will increase every time you press the button to level up. The gauge above the big green button is the level bar. Continue pressing the button to fill the bar. When the bar is full, you will level up and earn a star, and two gems. Leveling up doubles your earnings for that particular menu. You may also receive a new bonus worktop, which helps increase productivity. A new worktop makes it easy for servers to prepare more food items simultaneously, thereby saving time.

When you earn all stars for a menu, you MAX out upgrades. You will have to do this for all menus you have unlocked so far. Level up – fill the gauge – earn stars and max out upgrades by earning all stars.

Maxing out menu

Noticed the upward-pointing yellow arrow on the bottom-right corner of the screen? Tap that arrow to open the “UPGRADE” window.

Purchase Upgrades

The upgrade screen offers a variety of new enhancements, such as +2 kitty customers, adding extra servers aka “part-timer cat(s)”, having extra tables, reducing food preparation time/juice-making time, increasing the prices of certain menus and boosting a part-timer kitty’s serving speed. You will need coins to purchase these upgrades.

Those were the basics. Here are a few tips and tricks to help you expand your cat snack bar enterprise!

Don’t Stop Buying Upgrades

The only way to earn a lot of coins in a short period of time is by purchasing UPGRADES and leveling up menus. Tap the button with a yellow arrow on the lower-right corner of the screen whenever you see a small red arrow on it. The tiny red arrow suggests that new upgrades are available. Level up menus and purchase new upgrades at regular intervals to increase your earnings. Purchase all upgrades until the list is empty and “Everything’s been upgraded to perfection”. Cat Snack Bar is a fast-paced clicker/idle game, so you will have to level up and purchase upgrades at the same time.

Upgrades are a sure-shot way to increase productivity. Don’t forget to purchase part-timer cats (extra servers), speed-ups, and additional customers. More customers, more earnings. Additional servers speed up serving time. Purchasing speed-ups to decrease cooking time also increases productivity. You will also find certain menu items Leveling up menus increases the coins earned per serving.

Along with upgrades and menus, make sure you grab bonus coins from the get button that p[pears on the lower-left corner of the screen and double your revenue for 5 minutes from the “x2” button.

Double Your Total Earnings for a Limited Period of Time

You can double the total earnings from all menus for 5 minutes. Just tap the x2 coins button on the lower-left corner of the screen to earn 2 times the total earnings from all menus/worktops for a limited time.

Get the x2 Earnings Boost ASAP

The double earnings boost unlocks once you expand your business and unlock the “Donut Stand” Business. It’s free when it unlocks for the first time, but later you will have to watch an advert to activate it.

Get Bonus Coins

Bonus coins appear on the lower-right corner of the screen at regular intervals. Reach the “Food Truck” expansion to unlock this new feature.

Get the bonus coins ASAP

The get button appears on the lower-left corner of the screen, tap it quickly before it disappears. Watch a 30-second video and the coins will be credited to your total count.

Earn x2 Offline Revenue

When you are AFK for a few minutes or when you are not playing, kitties will continue working hard to ensure your snacks business is up and running! Earnings accumulate over a period of time for a maximum of 3 hours.

Offline Earnings

If you are not playing for 3 hours or more, you will receive maximum offline earnings. Once you are back, make sure you tap the “2X Rewards” button to double your offline revenue.

Collect Tips from your Feline Customers

Kitty customers are quite generous with their tips. Tap the coins hovering over the counter table (where cat customers order food) or the dining table to collect their tip.

Tap on coins on the table to collect kitty customer tip
Tap to collect tip from customers

The faster your cat servers serve them, the higher your tip. Be sure to purchase “Increase part-timer speed upgrade” and extra servers from the upgrade menu. The tips feature unlocks when you reach the food truck level.

How to Expand your Kitty Snacks Business

Expanding your in-game snacks business has its own perks. You will unlock new features and open new and unique branches, such as donut stands, food trucks, cafeterias, tacos, drive-thrus, and restaurants. Expansion is simple and straightforward. Here’s a step-by-step guide to expanding your snack bar business in this game:

TLDR: Level up a menu. Leveling up fills the gauge on the menu item and you earn a star. Keep doing this to earn all stars in each menu to fill the gauge at the bottom of the screen. Tap the blue arrow to expand your snacks business.

1. Tap the menu item whenever a red upward-pointing arrow appears above it. The arrow suggests that the menu is ready for upgrades.

2. A tiny window pops up above the menu when you tap it. Tap the green button to level up. Doing this will fill the gauge. You will need coins to level up. Thankfully, your cats work round the clock to keep earning coins. You will also earn bonus coins at regular intervals.

3. Continue tapping the green button to level up, until the bar is full. A full bar unlocks will earn you a new star and a few bonuses, such as extra worktops and an increase in earnings.

4. Make sure you earn all stars of a menu by following the above steps 1-3. Continue leveling up a menu to max out upgrades and earn all stars. As you progress, the star requirement for each menu will increase.

5. Follow steps 1-4 for all menus you have unlocked so far. A new menu can be unlocked, when an upward-pointing arrow appears on an empty white square with dotted lines.

6. Each time you level up and earn stars, the big level gauge right at the bottom of the screen also fills up a bit. Fill the gauge by earning all stars for all menu items. When the gauge fills up completely, tap the blue arrow next to the gauge and press the “Expansion” button. You will unlock a new branch, which introduces new menus, a new scenic location, and new features.

To view all Cat Snack Bar levels (branches) that you have unlocked so far, tap the blue arrow on the lower-right corner of the screen anytime during the game. Next, tap the tiny green map icon on the left side of “Business Growth”. To go back to the previous screen, tap the small arrow on the lower-left corner of the screen.

Make the Most of Merchandise

In Cat Snack Bar, you will unlock merchandise when you reach the Food Truck level/branch. Tap the yarn ball icon on the lower-left corner of the screen. The merchandise window pops up on the screen. You will need pink gems to unlock a product.

Merchandise Menu - Yarn Ball

Under merchandise, you will find unique products. They provide cool bonuses. For example, The first product is the tip jar – it increases the chances of acquiring more tips from satisfied customers. After unlocking it, you can increase it from 12% to 14% by leveling it up again using gems. The second is the small aquarium. Purchasing this aquarium will give an 11% higher chance for gems to appear as an ad reward. You will need 20 gems to unlock the secret merchandise. Unlocking all merchandise requires a lot of gems.

Inside the Merchandise menu

The best way to earn gems is to level up menus (Check the getting started section of this guide to know how to level up a menu). Once the level bar fills up and you earn a star, 2 gems will be credited to your total gem count, which is displayed at the top of the screen.

Get Costumes from Suitcases

Once you max out all menus/worktops and fill the bottom bar completely, you will move to a new branch – Cafeteria. You will also obtain free keys to unlock suitcases.

In the “cafeteria” level, you will unlock a new feature – suitcases. Tap the market/shop icon on the upper-left corner of the screen. It’s right below the total number of coins you have earned so far.

Tap the market icon to access common, rare and epic suitcases
Tap the market icon to access suitcases

Use the free keys to unlock the “Vintage suitcase”. You will receive a random costume or accessory. Costumes and accessories provide certain buffs, such as a revenue boost by a certain percentage, an increase in the movement speed of your kitty servers, a tip boost, etc.

Make sure you equip the costume once you acquire it from a briefcase.

There are three types of briefcases in Cat Snack Bar:

Travel Suitcase: You will receive common accessories and costumes.

Vintage Suitcase: Get uncommon/rare accessories and costumes. Higher chance of getting uncommon accessories. You will need keys or at least 80 pink gems to unlock it. You can unlock it for free every 3-4 hours. You can get keys when you reach a new level/branch.

Luxurious Suitcase: Epic accessories and costumes. Higher chance to get rare tier accessories, but only a 10 percent chance to get epic tier costumes and accessories. You will need a lot of gems to unlock this suitcase.

Equip Costumes to Take Advantage of Buffs

Costumes are also unlocked in the same “Cafeteria” level. Tap the t-shirt icon on the bottom of the screen, next to the yarn ball, to open the costumes menu. Now tap on the icon of a costume or accessory received from the suitcase. Tap the “Equip” button.

Costumes menu

Like I said earlier, costumes and accessories provide certain buffs to your cat when you equip it. Each accessory or costume provides a unique set of buffs.

Costume buffs and abilities - Hop Breakfast

For example, the uncommon “Hop Breakfast” accessory increases production speed, the cat move speed, and all employees’ production speed. You can unlock these extra-tier abilities using gems.

How to Combine Costumes to Unlock Extra-Tier Abilities

You will have to combine three costumes of the same type. To do this follow these steps:

Make sure you have three identical items belonging to the same level to start combining them:

1. Tap the t-shirt icon on the bottom of the screen to open the costumes menu.

2. Tap the two t-shirt icon with a “+” symbol on the right side of the “My Costumes” title.

Combine costumes menu

3. Select an item but before that, you must have two more items of that type to begin combining them. For example, You will need three hop breakfast accessories to unlock the production speed extra tier ability. You can see the combination benefits on the top of the screen.

Put Gems in the Kitty Bank to Earn Bigger Rewards

Once you reach the cafeteria level, you will unlock the kitty bank. You can view this new feature when you tap the market/shop icon on the upper-left corner of the screen. It’s below the “Suitcases” and special offers section.

Here’s how to make the most of kitty bank in Cat Snack Bar:

Purchase upgrades. You can access the upgrades page by tapping the yellow arrow on the lower-right corner of the screen. When you purchase an upgrade using coins, you will get a certain number of pink gems. But these gems will be credited to the kitty bank. Continue purchasing upgrades until you fill-up the bank to a certain threshold to earn up to 700 gems.

The kitty bank in Cat Snack Bar saves your gems to provide a bigger reward. Get these gems from the upgrade menu.

The kitty bank gauge fills up a bit each time you purchase an upgrade and get 40 gems. Fill it halfway to get 400 gems and once full, you will receive 700 gems.

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