Cat Mart – Purrfect Tycoon: Beginners Guide & Tips

Muhib Nadeem
(Last Updated On: September 28, 2023)

Ever wanted to develop your very own mart but lacked the funds/effort to do so? Developed by mafgames, Cat Mart : Purrfect Tycoon is the perfect solution for you! Managing your stock, earning cash, and upgrading your mart is just the trailer!

With all the good, and seemingly no bad, Cat Mart seems like a no-brainer, but in order to truly excel at the game, you need to dab into the fundamental workings. This is where this guide comes in. So, don your uniforms, and let’s get to work!

How Does Cat Mart Work?

Cat Mart - Purrfect Tycoon
Photo: mafgames

Before diving into the mechanics, let’s get a holistic overview of Cat Mart. Essentially, you, a cat, have decided to open a mart. You have some initial funds that will be used to run your very first stall.

Most of the game is automated, so you don’t need to worry about things such as trying to bring customers in, growing plants, or handling all the accounting present in the real-world variant.

That said though, there’s still a lot to do, mainly from the perspective of a manager, and an administrator. So, with that out of the way, it is your job to ensure everything is working, generating cash flow, and you’re able to re-invest that into the business!

Basic Mechanics

Cat Mart - Purrfect Tycoon
Photo: mafgames

Since it’s a game developed for touchscreens, there’s really not much to do aside from tapping, and dragging. The movement controls follow a joystick-based layout, where, you just need to hold your tap and drag it in any direction.

This will cause your in-game avatar to move accordingly. The area is quite big, so you need to always be on the move. While this might not feel necessary just starting out, you need to remember that a mart size can increase exponentially.

Consider this: if one stall is one person’s work, then two stalls will amount to twice the effort. So, having around five stalls will result in utter chaos.

Managing a Single Stall

Cat Mart - Purrfect Tycoon
Photo: mafgames

We’re continuously talking about managing stalls, but what does that really mean? For starters, if the game is automated, what part of “managing” are you supposed to do? The shelves don’t re-stock themselves, folks.

Each shelf, (or stall) is essentially just a limited rack that the customers can reach. They go there, pick up the necessities, go to the counter, and pay the equivalent cash. Quite simple and intuitive.

Now, you just need to go to the resource – let’s say apples, for simplicity’s sake. Go to the apple trees and pick some up. Then, go to the apple stall, and stock them in. This needs to be done consistently since these stalls run out really fast.

Mechanized Stalls

Cat Mart - Purrfect Tycoon
Photo: mafgames

Here comes the fun bit; a mart doesn’t only sell fruits or raw products. They also have products such as apple pies. This is where mechanized stalls come into the picture.

They’re essentially just another “source”; similar to apple trees are for apples, a pie-making device would be the “source”, and the shelf would be its designated stall. Now, the main difference is that mechanized stalls tend to break down often.

They have limited production capacity compared to those apple trees, and therefore require frequent restocking. The only saving grace is that they’re a lot more profitable.

The Workers

Cat Mart - Purrfect Tycoon
Photo: mafgames

With all this restocking, and taking care of mechanized stalls, surely it’s too much for a single cat, and you’d be correct in thinking that.

In order to ensure you’re not burning out from these laborious tasks, workers are up for purchase. Think of them as automating stalls. Each worker can only tend to one stall at a time.

They might automatically change stalls to accommodate demand, however, it’s only one stall at a time. So, if you want to automate your mall, you essentially need one worker for each stall. Zero for source, lots for stalls.

Sleepy Workers

You’re the one worrying about profitability, not your workers. You’d often catch some slacking off, sleeping in random places. The game has an indicator for that, but just knowing it isn’t enough.

One worker sleeping means one stall is neglected, and we don’t really want that to happen, especially if we’re looking to earn as much as possible. The most simple way is to just walk to them, and that’ll wake them up.

However, there’s another more automated method, but let’s cover that in the next section.

Guard Workers

So far, we’ve encountered two glaring issues:

  1. Our workers slack off
  2. Our machines break down

Now, we can just drag ourselves and fix these issues manually, but this frequently happening means we’d be stuck in this weird loop. This is where a guard worker steps in. They must fix these problems as soon as they occur.

The fee is a simple ad watch, and they’ll be up and running for around the next five minutes. If you’ve purchased the ad-free package, then just consider them a freebie.

Currency Types

There are many currencies in every game; some are just for show, while others actually help you advance in the game.

In the case of Cat Mart – Purrfect Tycoon, there are temporary currencies, and there are permanent currencies.


Cat Mart - Purrfect Tycoon
Photo: mafgames

Cold, hard, cash, is the main currency used in a mart. It exists for as long as you’re working on a mart. As soon as you’ve completed the mart, this currency will be reset to zero.

You need to be chasing cash in Cat Mart, but stockpiling it isn’t worthwhile. As soon as you get your cash, reinvest it and continue the cycle. This cash can be obtained from the desk once a customer has made a successful purchase.

In order to invest this cash, you can just move towards a spot showing the cash requirement bubble. Fill up the requirement, and a facility or a worker will spawn.


Cat Mart - Purrfect Tycoon
Photo: mafgames

This is the currency that’s gonna stay with you through thick and thin. It’s mainly used to upgrade valuable necessities such as how fast your workers can move, how many products you can carry in one trip, etc.

These are permanent upgrades irrespective of the mart level, and your skill level. As you might’ve already guessed by now, the Fish currency is hard to collect. It’s scarce, and you only get a selected few after completing a mart or doing special achievements.

There are also events that dish these out, but generally, you won’t ever have enough of these.

What to do Once a Mart is Maxed?

Maxing refers to unlocking every facility and upgrading them to the very limit. An upgrade essentially boosts the value of the product. So, if you were getting $9 for an apple, it would be $10, or $11 after an upgrade.

That said, once you’ve bought all the workers, upgraded the mart to the max, and hit your earnings goal, there’s really not much to do, or so one might think. But, each mart is just a glorified level.

Once a mart is cleared, we’re back to square one. We do get some fish currency points, but that’s it. Now, it’s time to conquer an even harder mart. The “hard” factor is just referring to higher upgrade costs, slower facilities, and vice versa.

It’s essentially just rinsing, and repeating the same formula over and over again, and seeing the same results, and it’s a good game if you’re looking to pass the time.

Cat Mart – Purrfect Tycoon: Tips and Tricks

Now that we’ve covered the basic and intermediate stuff, and gained a holistic understanding of how the game works, let’s formulate a victory plan because just knowing how it works does not equate to knowing how to take advantage of it.

1. Optimal Use of Initial Funds

Cat Mart - Purrfect Tycoon
Photo: mafgames

Start by scrutinizing the available stalls and their respective profits. Not all stalls are created equal. Your initial investment is crucial; make sure you invest in stalls that offer a healthy balance between cost and return on investment (ROI).

For instance, compare how much a fruit stall earns in comparison to a mechanized stall like an apple pie vendor.

2. Strategic Stocking

Cat Mart - Purrfect Tycoon
Photo: mafgames

Your stalls won’t stock themselves, obviously. Monitor the rate at which products are getting sold and align your stocking schedule accordingly.

Neglect can lead to lost revenue. The game might be automated to an extent, but your managerial skills play a vital role here.

3. Keep that Cash Flowing

Cat Mart - Purrfect Tycoon
Photo: mafgames

In Cat Mart, you want a constant stream of income. The moment you’ve accumulated enough cash, reinvest it.

Upgrades are crucial, whether it’s hiring a new worker or adding a new type of stall. Stagnation is your enemy; the game demands that you keep scaling your operations.

4. Worker Allocation

Cat Mart - Purrfect Tycoon
Photo: mafgames

One worker per stall in Cat Mart is the basic rule of thumb. However, if you notice that a particular stall type is netting more profits, consider temporarily reallocating workers to manage the high-demand stalls.

This is not an in-game feature, but by limiting the number of stalls respective to the number of workers such that there’s a surplus of workers, you can more or less achieve this.

However, stall handling is tricky business, and you don’t want to hold back on progression.

5. Automation is Your Friend!

Cat Mart - Purrfect Tycoon
Photo: mafgames

Guard workers seem like a great way to automate tasks, but they come at the cost of an ad watch or an in-game fee. Weigh the benefits.

If the automation helps you focus on more complex tasks, then it’s worth the cost.

With a guard worker, your active tasks are more or less halved, so always go for it!

6. Currencies and Prioritization

Cat Mart - Purrfect Tycoon
Photo: mafgames

Two currencies exist in Cat Mart: cash and fish. While cash gets reset at every level, fish is a permanent asset.

Be mindful about spending fish on upgrades that’ll serve you in the long term.

CurrencyBest Used ForAvailability
CashImmediate UpgradesAbundant
FishLong-term BenefitsScarce

7. Waking Up Sleepy Workers

Cat Mart - Purrfect Tycoon
Photo: mafgames

Let’s face it, in Cat Mart your workers aren’t the most diligent bunch. If a worker is snoozing, you’re losing money.

Make it a habit to take a quick round of your mart and wake up any slackers. Time is money, literally.

8. Mechanized Stall Maintenance

Cat Mart - Purrfect Tycoon
Photo: mafgames

Mechanized stalls can break down and halt production in Cat Mart. Always have a backup plan. If a pie stall breaks down, the apple pie output ceases, leading to a drop in profits.

Make sure you are paying close attention to the indicators. Any slacking here will hold you back by a lot.

9. From Maxed Mart to New Horizons

Cat Mart - Purrfect Tycoon
Photo: mafgames

Once you’ve maxed out a mart, it’s tempting to rest on your laurels. Don’t. Every mart you clear is essentially a level-up in difficulty.

Cat Mart might seem repetitive, but the increased challenge in the new mart should keep you on your toes.

Use the fish currency you’ve earned to prepare for the next challenge.

10. Game Events and Special Achievements

Cat Mart - Purrfect Tycoon
Photo: mafgames

Keep an eye out for special events and achievements. These are usually your golden ticket to earning more of that scarce fish currency. Participate actively and aim to win; the rewards can give you a significant advantage.

There’s always the chance to get more fish in Cat Mart. The daily rotation wheel is also a great way to gain unexpected benefits!


To sum everything up, Cat Mart – Purrfect Tycoon, is not as extensive as games like Genshin Impact, but it still requires skill. Just like your Boba Story Adventures, you first need to understand the game from the inside out, then devise a victory plan!

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