Cat Hero – Idle RPG: Ultimate Gameplay Guide

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(Last Updated On: October 19, 2023)

Cat Hero: Idle RPG is an idle merging game developed by Gameduo, the same developers of other idle titles such as Guardian Academy and Ninja Battle: Defense RPG.

Game Overview

Cat Hero: Idle RPG - Opening sequence
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In Cat Hero: Idle RPG players take on the role of a courageous pet cat trying to save his owner from his nightmares. To do so, our loveable Cat Hero enters his owner’s dreams and battles monsters while wielding a cannon.


Cat Hero: Idle RPG - Basic Gameplay
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Cat Hero: Idle RPG is an idle game, so players have very little to do when it comes to actual combat and instead must manage the cat’s resources, equipment, and stats.

The game’s core gameplay loop revolves around defeating enemies and completing quests to acquire resources needed to summon new gear, research weapons, and upgrade the Cat Hero’s stats. From there, you challenge stronger enemies for even more resources, and the cycle continues.

How to Get Stronger


The research tab is the leftmost button on the UI. Here you can spend Gold in the Training section to increase the Cat Hero’s stats or invest in Fish Coins in the research section to commence research for stronger cannon balls/fish.


Cat Hero: Idle RPG - Training
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Training allows you to spend your Gold to increase the Cat Hero’s stats. These bonuses vary from Base Attack damage to increases in HP. The gold costs for each upgrade start at a modest amount and increase as you purchase more and more upgrades.


Cat Hero: Idle RPG - Research
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The research section of the research tab is where you can invest Fish Coins to buff the Hero Cat’s Fishes, or increase the number of companions you can have simultaneously equipped.


The Hero tab is the second button from the left. It is where you can manage the other aspects of the Cat Hero. Skills, Runes, Equipment, and even Skins are all found here.


Cat Hero: Idle RPG - Cannons
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The Cannon section of the Hero tab is where you can select and manage the Cat Hero’s equipped weapon. Each Cannon comes with varying rarities and can be further enhanced if you can manage to draw extra copies of the same Cannon through the Summoning system, but more on that below.


Cat Hero: Idle RPG - Skills
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The Skill section functions similarly to the Cannons section, except here you select and manage the Cat Hero’s equipped skills. Also similar to Cannons, these skills come in varying rarities, with the strongest and most sought-after skills placed in the Legendary tier.

Once equipped, each skill will trigger automatically at specific time intervals (typically only a few seconds apart).

Initially, the Cat Hero will only have one slot to place active skills, but as you progress through the game you will be able to unlock more and more skill slots up to a total of 6 skill slots.


Cat Hero: Idle RPG - Companions
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Companions are flying critters that accompany the Cat Hero. Each companion offers a range of skills that they activate separately from the Cat Hero’s, significantly increasing the Cat Hero’s outgoing damage.

Companions require two resources to be equipped to the Cat Hero. They require Companion Slots and MP. Each companion will take up one of the Cat Hero’s active companion slots as well as occupy a portion of the Cat Hero’s total MP Bar.

This means that even though you get lucky and summon all the best companions, it’s possible that you don’t have enough slots or MP to equip them all simultaneously.

Proactively progressing through the game will have you unlocking companion slots fairly quickly, however, increasing the Cat Hero’s MP is done through research and may take a while before you even unlock the option to invest your Fish Coins into your MP bar.


Runes are a very late game mechanic that only unlocks once you’ve completed stages 10-10 on Normal difficulty. This implies that you first need to finish the game on Easy difficulty before you can acquire your first rune.

Once obtained though, these runes are always active, requiring no slots or MP to equip. Simply acquiring a rune activates its bonus and applies its boons to the Cat Hero.


Cat Hero: Idle RPG - Nocturne's Trial
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Skins are cosmetic armor sets for the Cat Hero. Each skin will change the way your Cat Hero looks. More importantly, these skins also provide bonuses depending on which one you currently have equipped.

Some skins provide bonuses to HP while others provide boosts to your offline/idle earnings. Make sure you have the right skin equipped at the right time to make the most of any given situation.

Cat Hero: Idle RPG - Skin Reward
Photo: Gameduo

Once players unlock the Tower button, these skins can be obtained through the completion of the Nocturne’s Trials. Here our Hero Cat will challenge Nocturne the Dragon in a 1-on-1 fight with skin rewards awaiting successful challengers.

How to Farm Resources In Cat Hero


Gold is the most basic currency found in Cat Hero: Idle RPG. It is mainly used in Training to upgrade the Cat Hero’s stats and players will need to farm very large sums of it to max out their Cat Hero.

This resource is farmed passively and can even be acquired while you’re offline or away from your phone. While farming gold requires no physical effort from the player, it does require a pinch of patience.

It also helps to progress into the later stages of the game, where Gold is still obtained passively but the amounts awarded are much bigger.

Fish Coins

Fish Coins are used in Research to increase our Fish levels and our total MP pool for Companions. Fish Coins are awarded by merging higher and higher levels of fish as well as the Daily Dungeons that can be reached once the player unlocks the Tower function.

Daily Dungeons

Cat Hero: Idle RPG - Fish Coin Dungeon
Photo: Gameduo

The Tower is where the Cat Hero can go to access the Daily Dungeon. There you’ll find dungeons where you can obtain resources such as Fish Coins and Companion EXP materials.

How to Summon

Some games have two different premium currencies; the Paid Gem and the Free Gem. Paid Gems typically allow you to Summon from banners with better rates, while Free Gems only offer standard bonuses.

In Cat Hero, there is no distinction between Paid Gems and Free Gems. One premium currency fits all aspects of the game and can be spent however the player chooses.

These gems are best spent pulling/summoning from the game’s many different summoning banners since these banners function as the main source of Cannons, Skills, Companions, and Runes.

Furthermore, each Banner also comes with an associated ticket that you can consume in place of the gems, allowing the player to experience pulling from all the banners without the need to spend their hard-farmed gems.

How to Farm Gems

Complete The Main Mission

Cat Hero: Idle RPG - Main Missions
Photo: Gameduo

Completing main mission objectives rewards ample amounts of gems. Additionally, the objectives for each mission are fairly simple and easy to complete.

Things like “Tap the screen 10 times” and “Kill 5 enemies” are commonplace amongst the objectives that appear pretty often.

Continuously completing each objective as it appears will eventually lead to a small fortune of gems.

Log-In Events

Cat Hero: Idle RPG - Log In Events
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As at the time of writing, there is an ongoing login event that awards the player with piles of gems simply for logging into the game. Take this opportunity to play or launch the game to receive bundles of free gems.


Cat Hero: Idle RPG - Lucky Wheel
Photo: Gameduo

Found in the drop-down menu on the top right corner of the screen is the roulette wheel where players can win both gems and summoning tickets. Cat Hero players can spin the Lucky Wheel 5x a day, with a few minute intervals in between each spin attempt.

How to Farm Summoning Tickets

Complete Region Clear Pass

Cat Hero: Idle RPG - Battle Pass
Photo: Gameduo

The Region Clear Pass is the equivalent of Battle Passes found in other games. While players could opt to purchase the premium version of the Region Clear Pass, the basic version still provides a very hefty number of different summoning tickets.

Cat Hero: Idle RPG - Ticket Rewards
Photo: Gameduo

Players can easily level up their Region Clear Pass by progressing through the many stages in the game, with each stage awarding the player a corresponding number of summoning tickets.

Finish Daily Missions

Cat Hero: Idle RPG - Daily Missions
Photo: Gameduo

Daily Missions can be found in the drop-down menu located in the top right corner of the screen.

Completing these daily challenges rewards the player with an abundance of different summoning tickets. Players can then go on to complete additional Daily Missions plus watch ads to receive even more summoning tickets.


Cat Hero: Idle RPG is a very casual game that is generous with the amount of free summons and gems. The gameplay loop can be considered repetitive but is typical for most Idle games.

Players looking to progress through the game simply need to upgrade their Cat Hero and Companions while farming tickets and gems to Summon better equipment and clear higher stages where they’ll be able to farm even more resources until they complete the game.

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