Cat Forest Healing Camp Guide: Tips, Tricks and Strategies

Anurag Ghosh

Cat Forest Healing Camp is a relaxing casual sim game that lets you run your own camping site. The game revolves around the adventures of a poor cat who wants to escape from his mundane life. One fine day, he receives a letter from his grandma. His grandma’s wish is to see him as the new owner of her campsite.  

Things won’t be easy for him as he will have to start from scratch to build shelters and facilities for visitors. Help the cute kitty by gathering materials, building tents and hiring more workers to make the Camp more famous and profitable. With the help of these tips, tricks and strategies, you will know how to collect more pine cones, craft items, go fishing and build the best campsite by the forest: 

Cat Forest Healing Camp

Gather Materials  

Gather as many materials as you can to build and expand your campsite. Materials, such as log, pebble, vegetable fiber will be used to make fabric, rope, lumber, paper, charcoal and other items. You will also need materials to make tools like hammer, axe, fishing rod, hoe etc. These tools will be used by cat workers to gather more materials.  

To collect materials, tap the “Gather” button and then tap on grass, tree or rocks. Collect materials quickly by tapping all locations one by one. Your cat will move from one location to another cutting trees, pruning shrubs and breaking rocks. Don’t forget to swipe the screen to collect materials. Everything is stored in the inventory. Tap the house and then tap the bag to access it.  

Make sure you have made the appropriate tools to obtain materials from your surroundings. You will need an axe to cut trees and hoe to break stones/prune shrubs.  

Level Up your Camp and Cat 

Leveling up your camp unlocks new shelters in the building menu. You might have known by now that as soon as you build shelters, such as the tent, visitors will start visiting your camp.  

The EXP gauge on the top-left corner of the screen shows your camp’s current level. When your cats perform tasks, your camp gains EXP, which fills the gauge. The camp gets upgraded when the gauge fills up.  

When a cat completes a task, he also gains some EXP. Tap a kitty’s portrait on the lower-left corner of the screen to know his/her current level. Keep them busy in gathering and crafting tasks to gain EXP faster. When a kitty levels up, his max energy cap increases. Some of his stats, such as HP, skill and charm also increases.  

How to Recharge Energy  

Each task consumes energy. Whether it’s a gathering task or crafting task, a cat uses energy to perform them. A kitty’s energy bar is located just below his portrait pic. While an idle cat accumulates energy automatically over time, you can instantly recharge him by feeding him.  

Tap the Eat Button to Feed a Cat and Recharge His Energy

Tap him and then tap the “Eat” button. Select food to gain instant energy.  

Some food items grant more energy than others. Eating blueberries will recharge +1 energy, but eating noodles will recharge +5 energy.  

You can prepare food at the house. Tap the house and then tap the chef’s hat button on the circular menu to make food. To prepare a dish, you will need certain items, tools and materials. Tap each dish to know the requirements to make it.  

Build Tents for Visitors 

Once you have gathered materials, start making items, such as fabric, rope, lumber etc., to build tents and other shelters for visitors. The more shelters you have placed in your campsite, the more visitors will arrive and the more pine cones you will earn.  

Tap the house and then click on the spanner button on the circular menu to get a list of items and tools. Under the process tab, you will get a list of items used for constructing tents and other buildings.  

Under tools, you can make hammer, axe and other components. They will be used for gathering more materials or for constructing campsite shelters for visitors. The more workers you have, the more tools you will need. Tap the “Make” button to start making a process item or tool. You can also move the slider to make more than one item.  

On the process menu, tap on each item to know its requirements. It will be shown on the bottom-left corner of the screen.  

Basic Crafting Guide for Making Items  

You will have to make a lot of tools and items in Cat Forest. Here’s how to craft some of the most basic items:  

Fabric: x5 vegetable fibers. Gather fibers from bushes and shrubs.  

Rope: x5 fibers 

Lumber: 5 logs and an axe. Cut trees to get logs. You don’t need to make an axe as you will already get one during the tutorial mode.  

Fine lumber: 1 axe, 5 lumber and 1 carpentry oil.  

Pebble: Hoe x1 and rock x1. Break bigger rocks to get one.  

Charcoal: logs x 20. It is used to light the fireplace next to the home.  

Paper: logs x10, vegetable fiber x10, mineral water x10 and 1 mortar. To make mortar, you will need 1 hammer, logs x5 and a rock.  

Carpentry oil: Mortar x1, Fish x5, Vegetable fiber x5. (more on fishing later) 

Yellow dye: 1 mortar and 5 yellow flowers. Explore the campsite to gather yellow flowers.  

Red dye: 1 mortar and 5 red flowers.  

Blue dye: 1 mortar and 5 blue flowers.  

Make tents and hammocks to attract more visitors  

Visitors will start thronging your campsite once you have built tents, hammocks and other buildings. They will stay in these makeshift shelters while enjoying nature. They will give pine cones once they leave a shelter.  

Start by making the most basic “small tent” and the hammock. Tap on the build button and under “lodging” tap the small tent. Hammock is available under “facilities”.  

Both tent and the hammock produce pine cones once kitty visitors leave after using them.  

To make a tent, you will need a hammer, logs and fibers. Build the hammer under “tools” in your house. Collect 5 fibers and 5 logs from shrubs and trees respectively. You will need rope, hammer and vegetable fiber to build a hammock.  

As you progress, you will unlock better quality tents and other structures to accommodate more cats. Higher quality tents will produce more pine cones.  

Upgrade Tents 

An upgraded tent or any other shelter produce more pines. Tap on a tent and then tap “Lv” to level up a tent.

Upgrade a tent

You will require materials, such as fabric to upgrade it. You can also instantly level up a tent using common pine cones.  

How to Catch Fish 

Fish is needed to make carpentry oil. You will need a fishing rod to catch fish in Cat Forest. Here’s how to make one:  

Go fishing in Cat Forest Healing Camp

Get the following items to make the fishing rod:  

Rope x1, pebble x1, hammer x1 and lumber x1.  

Now let’s see how to make these items:  

To make rope, you will need 5 vegetable fibers. Tap home > spanner button and then tap the process tab to make rope and other items required to create the fishing rod.  

Pebble: Hoe x1 and Rock x1.  

Lumber: 1 hammer and 5 logs. Gather logs by cutting trees.  

Tools, such as the hammer, are acquired in the beginning of the game, in the tutorial mode, so you don’t have to make one.  

Once you have created the fishing rod, head straight to the river beside the bridge. Tap the water and then tap the fishing rod icon. It will take a few seconds to catch fish. Your cat will continue catching fish unless you tap the big “X” button above him.  

Hire Workers 

It won’t be easy for the CEO cat to do all the work. He will need some help gathering materials, crafting items and building shelters for visitors. In such situations, a feline worker can lend a helping hand to him. 

To hire a worker, tap the house and then tap the cat icon on the menu. You will have to post an ad first to choose a skillful worker from a list of applicants. You can get a list of applicants for free by watching a video or spend 200 pine cones to post an ad.  

Hire workers

Choose your worker wisely from the list of three applicants. Each worker has a unique set of stats, such as charm, skill, HP and luck. Hire the best cat that has balanced stats.  

As you progress through the game, you will need more than two workers. However, there’s a limit to hiring workers in Cat Forest: Healing Camp. You can increase the vacancy cap using golden pine cones. Tap the “+” sign beside “vacant position” to add another slot.  

Build More Tools for Workers  

To speed up gathering and crafting tasks, you will need more workers in your campsite. With more than one worker, you will complete two different tasks at a shorter time period than one worker.  

However, you will have to make a new tool for each worker. If you want two cats to gather logs at the same time, you will need two axes so that both can cut trees simultaneously. Your CEO cat will have one, but you will have to make another for your new worker.  

To make a new tool, tap the house > spanner button and then tap the tools tab.  

Complete Quests and Achievements 

Completing quests not only helps you learn more about the game, but also grants golden pine cones.  

Golden pine cones are used to purchase bigger shelters and facilities in case you want to skip building them using items.  

Golden pine cones are also used to increase the worker cap and get red VIP tickets. The quest tab is displayed on the top-right corner of the screen.  

Besides quests, you should also complete achievements to gain golden pine cones. Finish simple tasks to complete achievements. The achievements tab is located next to the quest tab.  

Yellow and Red VIP Tickets Grant Gift Boxes 

After a hectic schedule at the Cat Forest, your cat needs some rest to recharge energy.  Tap the “Rest” button and then obtain a Normal or VIP ticket to get free energy and also a gift box.  

Get Vip tickets to recharge energy and earn a gift box

Yellow ticket grants a little energy and a normal gift box. You can watch a video to get a yellow ticket. With a red VIP ticket, you will get a lot of energy and get a luxury gift box. You will need golden pine cones to buy the red ticket.  

I would recommend investing golden pine cones in red VIP tickets to get that gift box. You will receive several important items, materials and rare crafting ingredients.

obtain better gifts from the luxury gift box

It will take some time to get a gift box. Once you have used “rest”, you will have to wait for a few seconds or minutes to use it again.  

How to Get Mineral Water 

Make a bucket to get mineral water from the well. To craft one, tap the house > spanner icon and under tools tap the Bucket icon to make one.  

You will need a rope, fine lumber and a pebble. You will also need the hammer tool.  

Once you have crafted a bucket, go to the river near the wooden bridge, tap it and then tap the bottle to draw water from the river.  

Light up the Campfire to Gain Buffs 

Lighting up the campfire in the middle of the forest provides warm energy to your worker and CEO cats.

Lighting up a campfire

This in turn gives temporary boost to their abilities, such as speed and stamina, for the time until it’s lit up. Cat abilities return to normal when the green bar above the campfire is empty.  

You will need charcoal and wooden log to light up a campfire. Make charcoal using x20 logs from the process menu.

Get charcoal and logs

Tap the campfire and then tap one of the materials to light it up. All cats will gain temp buffs. 

  1. Noone ever ask this. But do anyone knows how to find the sap, and mystic flower seed? Never seen them and they are not even a wiki. IDK if I need to gacha the rest red ticket, upgrade my luck, orwait for it to appear in shop event. Please let me know.

    1. @Ramon, the way to get sap is to cut down trees. There is a chance that you will get it. So basically just cut down lots of trees.

    1. @Linda, idk if it was answered. But tapping on the tents before the guest come will have option to move, destroy, or upgrade it. You can do the move and destroy before the guest come

  2. English:how do I collect blueberries? It’s a task I need to do and I’m not able to complete it. I even tried to make a barrel to see if it was with him that I could collect, but it was not :/

    Português Br: como faço para coletar mirtilos? É uma tarefa que preciso fazer e não estou conseguindo concluir. Até tentei fazer um barril pra ver se era com ele que eu conseguiria coletar, mas não era :/

    1. @Tatiana Ow, you can buy seeds from the office. Once you have build the farm, you can then plant them to grow. Make sure to upgrade the farm to increase output

    1. @Yow, Hey, you know when you’re going to weed the bushes and the trees, so it works the same way. It gets very close to the bush with blue dots and clicks on them when you’re weeding, because the same happened to me, I spent a long time trying to find out, and I ended up finding out by accident
      I hope I helped you 🙂

  3. Bagaimana cara saya agar bisa mendapatkan bijih besi untuk keperluan gua?

    Translation: How can I get iron ore for cave purposes?

    1. @Eviyanti, you don’t make it, you gather it in the cave map. You can make Iron ingots and use those ingots for basically anything you need iron for

  4. I am new, so how to grow seeds like sweet potato? I tap everywhere. I already bought the seeds.

      1. @Yuni ardiyanti, you need to build the garden. I think there’s a certain level you have to be at to build them. I may be wrong on that. All I know is it’s under facilities in the original cat forest map

    1. @Bxlq, I don’t think you can stop them, no matter what you do. You just either have to wait til its done gathering or wait til it automatically stops them when they run out of energy.

    1. You can get syrup from trees randomly. Cut trees. You will get syrup by chance from felled trees.

  5. May I know what to do with the gold, amethyst and other gems/jewelry we get as rewards from the museum? So far in the game I don’t see a use for then besides to donating them back.

    1. You will have to donate gold, amethyst etc. back to the museum to get extra gold pine cones.

    2. @Amy, You can re-donate them. Its an easy way to get golden pinecones. If you have to donate resources to get points, I suggest the cave fish (2) because you get 10 points per fish donated. And you also get a small ammount of golden pinecones.

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