Cat Fantasy Codes – April 2024

June Reyes
Cat Fantasy - intro cutscene (mysterious stranger)

Cat Fantasy is an RPG gacha game that takes you to a world where you must work hand-in-paw with a variety of colorful, anthropomorphic Felinian combatants to protect Pathos Drop Points from being infected, which would spell utter catastrophe for the cat-human utopia.

It features prominently story-driven gameplay where you are given dialogue options that evoke (slightly) different responses from NPCs, as well as the traditional RPG turn-based style of combat mixed with match-3 mechanics.

Cat Fantasy - combat overview
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And just like most modern RPG gacha games out there, Cat Fantasy has a code redemption system that allows you to input coupon codes in exchange for various prizes in-game.

In this article, we will go over all the codes that you can redeem in Cat Fantasy, as well as how exactly to redeem them by navigating through the in-game menu.

Cat Fantasy: All Codes

Cat Fantasy - gacha cutscene
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Listed below are all the active codes featured on Cat Fantasy:

Active Codes

These are the current available and working codes as of now for Cat Fantasy:

  • COF2024
  • Xmas1225
  • Snow111
  • JOY789
  • HAPPY123
  • COF123
  • LUCKY888
  • JOURNEY999
  • 99999VIP
  • 88888VIP
  • CITY0825

Stay tuned or join Cat Fantasy’s official Discord server for news regarding codes, events, and community giveaways!

How To Redeem Codes In Cat Fantasy

To redeem your codes, all you have to do is go to your lobby screen first, then tap the Menu icon in the lower-right corner of your screen—as shown in the image below:

Cat Fantasy - lobby screen > menu icon
Photo: Fundoll Global Limited

With your Menu now open, go ahead and select the “Settings” icon which should be placed right at the center of your Menu screen, like so:

Cat Fantasy - menu > settings
Photo: Fundoll Global Limited

Once you open your Settings, you will be taken to your Frame Settings first, but that’s not where you can redeem your codes yet. To proceed, you must select the “Others” option instead: 

Cat Fantasy - frame settings > others
Photo: Fundoll Global Limited

Once you’re in the “Others” section in the Settings, all you have left to do is tap on the “Redeem” button right next to the word “Code”, as highlighted in the following image:

Cat Fantasy - others > redeem code
Photo: Fundoll Global Limited

And voila, you can now redeem any Cat Fantasy codes you want—or once they are released, at least!

Cat Fantasy - redeem code prompt
Photo: Fundoll Global Limited

NOTE: All Cat Fantasy codes are case-sensitive (no capitalization or spacing errors allowed), so please double-check while typing them or just copy them on your clipboard straight from the source to avoid any errors 


Cat Fantasy is certainly the best gacha RPG to ever come out in the mobile gaming market that’s dedicated to every single cat person out there, but it most definitely has a little something for everyone as well.

Complete with a high-stakes storyline, tons of collectible cat waifus/husbandos, as well as engaging combat mechanics—even the most seasoned fans of the genre would find it hard to put this game down!

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