Castle Master TD – The Ultimate Guide, Tips & Tricks

Shahzaib Manzoor
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(Last Updated On: October 7, 2023)

Castle Master TD is a brand-new game from the indie gaming studio Rebel Twins. Players must build castles from scratch, mount a strong defense, and protect the King from incessant enemies. For if the King falls, the kingdom falls!

It’s out now, with the game releasing globally on October 3, 2023. Mobile gamers can download Castle Master TD for free from the App Store and Play Store. The game will also have a Steam release on October 18, 2023.

The “build-your-own-tower” isn’t the only thing that makes Castle Master TD different. It has tons of gameplay elements and mechanisms we don’t usually see in a tower defense game. That’s where this Castle Master TD ultimate guide comes in. 

Castle Master TD
Photo: Rebel Twins

First, this guide will tell you everything about the gameplay and every element/mechanism of this unique tower defense game. Then, you’ll find some tips and tricks that will help you master Castle Master TD.

Castle Master TD Ultimate Guide – Walkthrough, Features, & More!

Castel Master TD is not a run-of-the-mill tower defense game. While the main objective is the same as any other tower defense game, how you achieve that objective is different.

In this Indie title, you’re not only fighting enemies; you’re building a kingdom. To do that, you’ll have to simultaneously mount castles and deploy fighting units to fend off enemy attacks.

Here’s a detailed overview that’ll help you understand exactly what you have to do and how to do it.

Gameplay Overview

Castle Master TD requires you to defend castles as you build them. With a King on the ground, bricks of different shapes and sizes fall from the sky. Using these bricks, players must build an impregnable castle around the King.

Photo: Rebel Twins

To further improve the defense, players also get fighting units. These units also fall from the sky and include archers, melee fighters, potato launchers, and more.

Players must place their Fighting Units strategically to fight enemies that attack from the left and right.

Players can drag the Bricks and Fighting Units along the screen and drop them wherever they want. In the next section, you’ll find a detailed overview of Bricks and Fighting units. Make sure you check that out.

Castle Master TD has 43 Kingdoms for you to build and defend. Think of these as Levels. A new Kingdom unlocks when you defend the previous one successfully.

Photo: Rebel Twins

And that’s all Castle Master TD is about.

Now, let’s dive deeper and take a look at how the other in-game mechanics work.

Gameplay Elements & Their Mechanics  

While there are multiple gameplay elements to focus on, Castle Master TD has minimal mechanics. As things stand, every element has up to two mechanics max. That makes the game a lot easier.

Here’s a detailed look at all the gameplay elements, along with a brief overview of the mechanics.

For ease of understanding, I’ll be classifying all the elements into THREE sections.

The BUILD section covers the elements that help build and defend the castle. The DEFENSE section focuses purely on protecting the castle from enemies.

Lastly, the CURRENCIES section introduces you to the in-game currency and rewards mechanisms of Castle Master TD.

Let’s get started.


Before you start defending the castle, you need to build one. You can do that by using two types of building blocks: Construction Bricks and Combat Bricks.

  • Construction Bricks

There are SEVEN construction bricks of different shapes and sizes.

Castle Master TD build
Photo: Rebel Twins

These are building blocks that form the base and structure of the castle. Depending on the shapes, the HP of these bricks varies. A higher HP brick can withstand more blows from the invaders.

Use these as walls on each side so the invaders will have a hard time getting to the King.

  • Combat Bricks

As you progress along, you’ll unlock combat bricks. There are TEN combat bricks in Castle Master TD. These act as construction blocks and add an attacking prowess as well.

combat bricks
Photo: Rebel Twins

The combat bricks have low HP as compared to the construction bricks. But they deal damage to invaders. It’s best to place them high up where they can dish out damage without taking any.

Players can improve stats like HP and Damage by upgrading the combat and construction bricks. You’ll need Gold and Gems, (check the Currencies section) to Upgrade a brick.

Photo: Rebel Twins

Along with upgrading the bricks, you can also increase the number of bricks in your deck. Use the Produce button to create duplicate bricks. These will be available to use when the fight begins. Producing duplicate bricks also requires Gold and Gems.

number of bricks
Photo: Rebel Twins


Defending a castle as you’re building it is tough. So, you need reinforcements. Castle Master TD has TWO types of reinforcements: Fighting Units and Special Items.

  • Fighting Units

Archer, Knight, Spearman, Giant Warrior, Alchemist, Lord of Ice, and Mage- these are the SEVEN fighting units that players can deploy in and around the castle to protect the King. 

fighting units
Photo: Rebel Twins

Out of these the Archer and Spearman are ranged fighters, while Knight and Giant Warrior are melee fighters.

Alchemist, Lord of Ice, and Mage are supporters who cannot defend themselves. But they do slow down the enemies using various tricks, potions, and explosions.

  • Special Items

When overrun, a Special Item can help you reclaim the castle and regroup your forces.

These Special Items unleash an area attack, dealing massive damage to the invaders. Special Items include an explosive Bomb, a Freeze Bomb, a Rain of Arrows, a Fire Finger, and a Hot Pot.

special items
Photo: Rebel Twins

Much like the building blocks (Construction and Combat bricks), you can Upgrade and Produce the Fighting Units.

Players have to buy Special Units with Gems. They are not free. Nor are they produced like Fighting Units and Building Bricks. They are upgradeable, though.

Currencies & How To Earn Them?

Castle Master TD only has two in-game currencies- Gold Coins and Gems. Gold Coins are the basic currency. Gems are premium.

Photo: Rebel Twins

Upgrading and Producing bricks and fighting units require Gold Coins. Gems, on the other hand, are necessary to buy Special Items, as well as buying Chests and Fighting Units.

There are THREE possible ways of earning Gold Coins and Gems in Castle Master TD.

  • Build & Defend Castles. Every level that you complete rewards Gold. The more bricks a castle has at the end of a battle, the more coins you’ll get. Watch ads to 2x your reward.
  • Collect Royal Tax. As you build castles with rooms, more people will move in. They’ll pay you a Royal Tax. Think of it as a passive source of Gold.
  • Rewards For Playing The Game. As you play the game, you’ll collect reward points. Once you reach enough reward points, you’ll get a chest. This chest can have Gold, Gems, Fighting Units, and more. It doesn’t matter if you win or lose.
victory earning currencies
Photo: Rebel Twins

If this feels like too much of a grind, you can buy Gems using real money. Then, you can use those Gems to buy Gold Coin bundles.

That concludes my Castle Master TD gameplay overview. If you’ve gone through it all, you now know everything about the gameplay and how the different elements work. 

So now, I’ll share some pro tips and tricks for Castel Master TD.

Castle Master TD Ultimate Tips & Tricks

You’ll power through the first few levels with ease. But you’ll soon realize that this game isn’t as easy as it looks. The invaders get stronger with each passing level. 

So, you must keep up! 

Here are a few Castle Master TD tips and tricks that will help.

1. Play Defense

The best defense is a good offense. That’s pretty much the strategy I follow in tower defense games. But it doesn’t work well in Castle Master TD.

While the Fighting Units are quite powerful, they quickly get outnumbered. That’s because Fighting Units have a longer cooldown period. Once you get the initial Fighting Units, you need to wait up to 120 seconds for the Fighting Units to reappear in the deck. 

On top of that, you have to spend plenty of Gold Coins and Gems to add more Fighting Units to your deck. And that’s not easy. Even the strongest units get outnumbered pretty quickly on some levels.

Photo: Rebel Twins

So, playing on the defensive is the better option. Defend the King by making thick castle walls on each side and deploy your Fighting Units smartly.

2. Spend Wisely

Gold Coins are hard to come by in Castle Master TD, and Gems are even harder. That’s why you must spend the Gold Coins and Gems on the right stuff. There’s not too much stuff to spend Gold Coins and Gems on, but you have to find the right balance.

spend wisely
Photo: Rebel Twins

Producing plenty of units of the same Brick or Fighting Unit and not upgrading it at all isn’t a good strategy. Similarly, upgrading one Brick or Fighting Unit and completely ignoring the rest won’t work either. 

While keeping an eye on your budget, Upgrade or Produce the elements that will complement your strategies. 

3. Upgrade The King

Out of all the living beings in Castle Master TD, the King is the most important. 

So, naturally, the King has one of the lowest HPs, just 2 HP to start with. However, that can go up when you Upgrade him. With a higher HP, the King can absorb more damage and survive for a bit longer than usual.

upgrade the king
Photo: Rebel Twins

This can make a world of difference as you can focus on all things instead of just worrying about protecting the King.

That said, upgrading the King isn’t cheap. And money is already scarce in Castle Master TD.

4. Upgrade Bricks

Before spending money on upgrading Fighting Units and Special Items, focus on the Bricks. Strong construction bricks make it harder for invaders to break into your castle. This gives your Fighting Units enough time to kill them all.

Brick 01, a straight line, is one of the most effective Construction Bricks in keeping invaders out. Get it to Level 5 as soon as possible to build solid walls for your castles.

upgrade bricks
Photo: Rebel Twins

5. Create More Rooms

The more rooms you can create in your castle the better. Here’s why:

  • Enclosing invaders in a room will kill them instantly.
  • Rooms are inhabited by citizens who pay Royal Tax. 
  • Rooms increase the overall strength of the castle, making it difficult for invaders to break in.

It all depends on the bricks you get, but if you can surround the King with a room on either side, you have a higher chance of winning.


Rebel Twins have a total of NINE Indie games under their belt, and Castle Master TD is their first in the tower defense genre. They’ve certainly given a unique twist to the genre, but we’ll have to wait and see how it fares in the long run.

Until then, make good use of this ultimate Castle Master TD game guide and enjoy creating your kingdoms.

Check out Maze Defenders – Tower Defense if you like to build and defend. Also, keep an eye on our codes section. Castle Master TD might release some redeemable codes.

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