Castle Empire – Ultimate Beginners Guide

Castle Empire

It was the dawn of a new day, and the sun was shining upon the towering walls of your city in Castle Empire. The sun’s rays reflected off the banner waving atop the tallest tower, a symbol of your dominion and the hope of your people. The scent of freshly baked bread filled the air as your army, a group of brave men and women, prepared for the challenges of the day. This was no ordinary day; today would mark the beginning of the conquest, the day when your reign could either expand or fade into oblivion.

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Castle Empire is a game that brings together the best of two worlds, drawing elements from Rise of Kingdoms and Hustle Castle. From Rise of Kingdoms, it takes the mechanics of empire management and strategic development of an army. Like in Hustle Castle, you will have to improve and customize your castle, which is the core of your kingdom and the refuge of your subjects.

This translates into a game with a wide variety of options and deep strategy that tests your ability to manage resources, keep your citizens happy, and deploy your forces for conquest.

The heart of Castle Empire lies in its “Conquest” gameplay mode. Here, players must strive to acquire resources, upgrade their castle to boost its statistics, train an army, and compete in real time against other players on an ever-expanding map. As you face off against rivals, you will also have to navigate the intricacies of the game’s politics, negotiate alliances, and break pacts as necessary to secure your dominance.

Conquest: Into the Core Gameplay

The Conquest mode begins with a map filled with towers, some of which are yours, some are neutral, and others are under the control of your enemy. Each tower has a level that dictates its strength and the number of troops it can hold. By sending units from one of your towers to a neutral or enemy tower, you can attempt to take control of that tower.

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However, the map is not just an open grid; it is filled with obstacles in the form of trees that prevent direct connections between towers. This means you must carefully plan your route, decide which towers to take and when, and consider the strategic implications of each move. It’s not simply a matter of throwing your forces at the enemy; it’s a real-time chess game on a constantly evolving battlefield.

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The ultimate goal of the Conquest mode is simple: to be the first player to control all the towers. However, achieving that goal is a complex and nuanced challenge, full of tough decisions and shifting strategies. Will you attempt to seize high-level towers to strengthen your position, or focus on controlling neutral towers to expand rapidly? Will you attack enemy towers head-on or try to surround them and trap them in a pincer movement? In Castle Empire, victory is not determined solely by who has the biggest army, but by who plays with the most cunning.

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The Castle


Building new rooms is essential for expanding and improving your castle. You can choose from a variety of rooms to construct in your castle. These rooms include training rooms, crafting rooms, storage rooms, restrooms, and more. Each room serves a specific purpose and provides unique benefits to your kingdom.

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Requirements and Resources

Before constructing a new room, you must meet certain requirements. This may include having enough space in the castle, meeting certain levels of other rooms, or having sufficient resources such as wood, stone, and food. Make sure to fulfill the requirements and have the necessary resources before initiating the construction.

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Each room requires a specific amount of time to complete. You can speed up the process by using items or gold coins, or you can wait for it to finish naturally. The construction time may vary depending on the room and its level.

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It is important to carefully plan the construction of new rooms in your castle. Consider the needs of your kingdom, such as resource production, troop training, and the comfort of your inhabitants. Make sure to build and upgrade rooms in an order that aligns with your strategic goals and needs.


The management of new castle members is a fundamental aspect of the growth and success of your kingdom. You can recruit new members for your castle in various ways. You can receive new inhabitants through breeding in the Living Room, where adults can have children who will eventually become useful members of your castle. Additionally, you can recruit inhabitants through quests and special events.

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Once you have new inhabitants in your castle, you must assign them appropriate roles. Some can be assigned as cooks to produce food, while others can be trained as soldiers or craftsmen. Make sure to balance the roles to maintain an efficient flow of resources and keep your castle protected.

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Quests, or missions, are challenges and tasks that you can complete to earn rewards and progress in the game. Quests are designed to guide and motivate you to explore all facets of the game, providing you with clear direction and objectives to pursue.

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Each quest has specific objectives that you must fulfill to complete it. These objectives can vary, from collecting a certain amount of resources to defeating specific enemies in battles.

As you complete the quests, you will receive valuable rewards, such as resources, experience, coins, and special items.


Within the game, you will encounter legendary characters that enhance the gameplay of Castle Empire.

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HaoPlay Limited developers took historical heroes as the Heroes in game, bringing to life iconic figures from various civilizations and time periods. These heroes are based on real historical figures, such as legendary leaders, warriors, scholars, and strategists, who left a significant mark on history.


Each hero possesses unique abilities that can make a difference on the battlefield. These abilities can enhance the performance of your troops, grant special bonuses, or weaken the enemy.

As you level up your heroes, you will be able to unlock and further enhance their abilities, allowing them to unleash their full potential.

Army Commanders

Heroes can be appointed as army commanders, allowing you to lead and empower your units in combat.

Each hero has their own leadership style and specific benefits that can impact the overall performance of your troops. Choose wisely which hero to assign as a commander to make the most of their abilities and synergies with the units.

War Units

In Castle Empire, you have the ability to recruit and train a variety of units to form a powerful army. These units play a crucial role in battles and can be key to conquering and defending territories. Here are some of the units you can create:

  1. Infantry: Infantry units are the backbone of your army. They excel in close-quarters combat and are effective in defending against enemy attacks.
  2. Archers: Archers are skilled in long-range attacks and can deal significant damage to enemy units. They are particularly useful for weakening enemy forces before they get too close.
  3. Cavalry: Cavalry units are fast and agile, ideal for quick maneuvering on the battlefield. They excel in surprise attacks and can ambush unsuspecting enemy units. Cavalry is also useful for scouting and resource gathering on the map.
  4. Siege Engines: These units specialize in assaulting fortified structures and enemy cities. They can use catapults, battering rams, and other machines to breach walls and defensive towers. They are essential for conquering fortified territories.
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Each unit has its own strengths and weaknesses, so it’s important to create a balanced army that combines different types of units. Additionally, as you research new technologies and upgrade your castle, you can unlock and train more advanced units, further enhancing the potential of your army.

Remember that strategy is key in selecting and deploying your units in battles. Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of enemy units and using appropriate tactical formations can make a significant difference in the outcome of battles.


The Laboratory is a fundamental feature that allows you to upgrade and unlock technologies to strengthen your castle.

Acting as an advanced research center, the Laboratory provides you with the opportunity to invest resources and time into the development of different technology trees.

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Within the Laboratory, you will find two varieties of technology trees: Economic Upgrades (associated with the castle and its resources) and War Upgrades (associated with heroes and units in the RTS aspect of the game).

Free Gifts

The Recruit feature encourages ongoing interaction with the game, as you have to wait for a specific time to recruit a new hero and obtain the associated rewards.

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Furthermore, as you progress in the game and reach specific milestones, you may unlock the option to recruit even more powerful and valuable heroes. This gives you additional incentives to keep playing and improving your strategic skills.

Mystery Shop

The Mystery Shop offers a rotating selection of items, ranging from resources and accelerators to rare and exclusive items.

Each time you visit the Mystery Shop, you will find a new selection of items available, adding an element of surprise and excitement.

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One of the interesting features of the Mystery Shop are the discounted opportunities. Sometimes, certain items may be available at reduced prices, allowing you to get more value for your Mystery Coins. It’s like finding an amazing deal at your favorite store!


Hero events in Empire Castle often introduce new heroes or provide chances to acquire rare and powerful hero sculptures, which are essential for unlocking and upgrading hero skills. Players can obtain these hero sculptures through event rewards, chests, or by participating in event-specific activities.

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These events are exciting and engaging activities that revolve around the core mechanics of the game. Players have unique opportunities to unlock new heroes and gain exclusive rewards.

Live RTS

The RTS mechanics of Castle Empire immerse you in a world of strategy and conquest. You take control of civilization, building structures, researching technologies, and recruiting a powerful army.

You will engage in real-time battles against players from around the world, using tactics and strategic skills to emerge victorious.

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In addition to battles, diplomacy plays a key role as you can form alliances with other players to collaborate and defend your territories.


Alliances in Castle Empire are a fundamental part of the gaming experience. You can join an existing alliance or create your own, and work together with other players to achieve common goals.

Alliances provide you with benefits such as resource trading, support in battles, and joint defense of your territories.

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Within an alliance, you can communicate with other members through chat and coordinate strategies. Together, you can participate in special events, such as alliance wars, where you face off against other alliances in epic battles.

Final Words

Castle Empire offers a wonderful balance between kingdom management and real-time strategy that tests both your wit and courage. The blend of beloved mechanics from games like Hustle Castle and Rise of Kingdoms, combined with its unique and addictive “Conquest” mechanic, creates a truly unforgettable gaming experience. Here, every decision matters, and players have the opportunity to challenge not only their opponents but also themselves, exploring the wide range of strategies and tactics that this game offers.

At the end of the day, as the sun sets over the towers of your castle and the air fills with the sweet scent of victory or the bitter feeling of defeat, it becomes clear that Castle Empire is not just a game but a journey. A journey of bravery, wit, diplomacy, and strategy, where each battle is a lesson and each victory is a story to tell. So, are you ready to write your own story in Castle Empire?

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