Cartoon Wars 3 Guide: Tips and Strategies to Win Battles

Anurag Ghosh
Cartoon Wars
(Last Updated On: November 25, 2022)

Cartoon Wars 3 is a tower assault game that lets you deploy units from your tower to destroy enemy’s tower. Your enemy does the same and will send his armies to knock down your tower. You will have to make quick strategic decisions to avoid being attacked and ensure that your units keep advancing closer to enemy’s tower, eliminating anything that comes their way. The game blends RTS with tower defense mechanics pretty well and has unique stickman graphics.

Much planning goes behind the scenes, where you will have to choose the right team and select the right runes to make your tower stronger. You will also have to make your units more powerful to face even bigger and deadlier enemies in later levels. This basic guide provides quick tips and strategies to help you emerge victorious in battles.

1. Enhance or Upgrade: Which One Should You Choose

With Enhance, you can increase your unit’s ATK and HP attributes, but your unit won’t level up. To enhance your main unit, make sure you choose a similar unit to increase “enhance probability”. Chances of enhancing a unit are higher if the probability is more than 50 percent. With a same unit, the probability may even reach 100 percent. So if you want to upgrade a 2-star spearman, then choosing a similar 2-star unit will definitely improve its ATK and HP stats.

Cartoon Wars

When you upgrade, a unit’s level is also increased along with improved stats. However, stats are increased when the unit reaches a new level, unlike Enhance, where a unit’s stats get a huge boost irrespective of its level. You can add up to 3 units to upgrade your main unit. You can use any units to upgrade, but choosing duplicate units will level up your main unit faster. Once a unit has reached double-digit level, it will take better units to upgrade it to a new level.

Both Enhance and Upgrade can improve your units and make them stronger. Choose enhance if you have two same units with the same rarity (stars). You can upgrade a unit if you have too many duplicate units. Remember that upgrading a unit increases its level, so if you want a higher level unit, then choose upgrade. With Enhance, the stats boost that you get is much better than the stats increase that you get after upgrading a unit.

2. How to Change Your Main or “Leader” Unit

In Cartoon Wars 3, you may have noticed that you cannot replace your main unit with another unit. You will have to change your main unit first by making another unit your team leader. To do this, go to “Kingdom” and tap on a unit (other than the main unit) that has a green check mark above it.


A unit info screen will be displayed on the screen. Tap on the crown icon at the top-left corner of the unit info screen to set it as your team leader.

Set as Leader

A new window will be shown on the screen. Press the “Change” button.

Press Change Button to Set Leader

You can now replace the previous main with a new unit.

Leader units enjoy unique perks. These include increased HP and ATK rate. Choose a high-star high-level unit as your main unit.

3. Set Units with ATK Elements Stronger Than Enemy Unit’s ATK Elements

There are 3 main types of ATK elements – Rock (Closed Fist), Paper (Flat, Open Hand) and Scissors (victory symbol). These ATK elements can determine which side is stronger or weaker on the battlefield. Basically, battles between units are based on the rock-paper-scissors mechanics. So if a troop having more Paper element units can easily beat a troop having Rock element units. You can see the ATK element symbol (Closed Fist, Open hand and Victory Symbol) on each of your unit’s portrait when you access your “Kingdom”.

Remember: Rock > Scissors > Paper > Rock

On the “Vs” screen, tap on the blue circle to set your units based on your enemy’s ATK element symbols. The ATK element symbol is shown on a big circle on the opponent’s side in the “vs.” screen. If it shows Open Hand (Paper), then have more units that belong to the scissors (Victory symbol) ATK element, because Scissors > Paper. If it shows Scissors (victory symbol), then have more Rock units as Rock > Scissors.

Note: You can easily set units of your choice based on your opponent’s ATK element when you have more units in your team. With fewer units and fewer battle slots unlocked, it may not be possible to have stronger ATK element units of your choice. As you acquire more units from rewards and free summons, you will have a wide range of unit choices and it will be easier for you to set up a strong team against an enemy’s team.

Make sure you unlock battle slots to include more units in your team. You will need plenty of gold to unlock a battle slot. Keep completing solo and PvP Raid missions to earn gold.

4. The Bow Acts as a Double-Edged Sword: Use It Carefully

You can see the green line just a few steps away from your tower on the battlefield. This is the danger line. Make sure enemies don’t cross it. To prevent them from crossing the danger line, activate the bow as soon as they come close to it. Once activated, the bow will keep on shooting arrows at the targeted area until you switch it off. You can adjust the shooting angle with the help of the blue button.

While activating the bow will keep enemies at bay, it can harm your units if they come in between your enemies and its field of view. Use it only in an emergency situation, when too many units have touched or crossed the danger line.

You can turn it on or off by just tapping at the button on the bottom-left corner of the screen. To make your bow more powerful, equip your Armory with Arrow Rocket Launcher and Bow Gauge runes. Play more solo missions to acquire different types of runes, and if you have two runes of the same type, then enhance the equipped one by combining it with a duplicate rune.

5. Ways to Make Your Units Powerful:

Equip a skill card to a unit. There are different types of skill cards, some will increase ATK whereas others will boost HP. Make sure you have purchased a skill slot for a unit before equipping a skill card. You will get skill cards as battle rewards.

Enhance a unit. In Enhance, you will require just one unit card to boost your main card’s attribute, so if you are planning to improve your key unit’s ATK and HP, choose enhance. Just make sure the probability is above 50. To get a sure shot enhancement, use a unit card of the same type and same rank.

Upgrading a unit increases its level and boosts its attributes per level. Upgrade your unit if you have too many duplicates of that unit. Also use any one-star common unit to upgrade higher star units in your team. Try upgrading a new unit as soon as possible. A new unit gets upgraded faster, but once a unit’s level reaches double digits, reaching new levels won’t be that easy.