Captor Clash – Basic Gameplay Guide

(Last Updated On: June 2, 2023)

Welcome to a visually stunning, addictive, beat ’em up to a pulp-style action RPG developed by Studio Trois. Bringing the arcade elements to the mobile platform, Captor Clash perfectly encapsulates the very essence of 2D fighters. Combining action with mayhem, this is where all the fun is at!

However, bringing such a unique genre to mobile can pose its own set of issues. For one, understanding the gameplay itself can be challenging for those oblivious to the genre. So, to ensure no one has to suffer such discomfort, we’ve concocted a Captor Clash basic gameplay guide for your reading pleasure!

Getting Started: Mechanics & Gameplay

Captor Clash Gameplay
Photo: Studio Trois

To sum it all up, Captor Clash is a well-executed take on combining gacha elements with RPG, kind of like what miHoYo has done with Genshin Impact, but this time, it’s all 2D.

This means you’ll be getting the chance to play gachas, participate in missions, level up your characters, the entire shebang or so to say.

The game is not open-world, and you have a limited (albeit plenty) amount of energy to participate in each mission. You can either choose the PvE route, with tons of boss-battles, or the PvP route, showcasing your skills to be the best in the world.

Speaking of best, your team’s strength is shown by numbers known as CP. The higher your CP is, the harder you will hit, and the more leeway you will have to get hit.

Baby Steps: Understanding The Controls

Captor Clash does a great job of translating controls to mobile platforms. You have your joystick (specifiable as “movable” or “non-movable”) to the left, and your attack buttons on the right.

The Basic Attack

Captor Clash Basic Attack

Studio Trois

This is your weakest, yet most beneficial attack. It regenerates your energy, and deals a decent amount of damage to the enemy.

You will get a combo going with this, but nothing too fancy.

Ability #1: Quick Combo

Captor Clash Ability 1

Studio Trois

This is one of the two ability slots. Similar to your basic attack, this can differ between characters. However, the basic premise is that it’s crazy strong.

As a beginner, this will be all you need to get out of a difficult situation.

Ability #2: Extended Combo

Captor Clash Ability 2

Studio Trois

This is the second ability. It’s a little stronger than the first one, and can help you chain those series of combos one at a time.

The combos actually matter in this game, so using them frequently is recommended.

Dodge / Dash / Parry

Captor Clash Dodge/Dash/Parry

Studio Trois

This is a minor dash that allows you to dodge incoming attacks while getting out of harm’s way. An extended mechanic, that you will unlock later on, is parry.

You basically slash the screen from where the attack is coming in order to parry it and counter with another attack.


Captor Clash Swivel

Studio Trois

This is another advanced move that’s linked with the parry mechanic. With the enemy’s guard blown, you can perform a series of combos without consuming your Abilities.


In essence, Captor Clash is a reaction-reliant RPG that challenges you to make the best possible decision at the best possible times. Remember that switching team members will also cause your characters to launch their abilities. Lastly, play hard, and don’t be afraid of failure, adios!

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