Captain Tsubasa Ace: Ultimate Gameplay Guide

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Captain Tsubasa Ace loading screen

Welcome to Captain Tsubasa Ace, where you can achieve your dream of becoming the world’s best football player, just like Tsubasa.

Captain Tsubasa Ace gives you the ability to be a successful manager, collect and train your favorite characters from the Captain Tsubasa franchise, and also play the matches as a professional player.

Captain Tsubasa Ace offers many features and gameplay modes like you have never seen before. This article is the ultimate gameplay guide, guiding you to make your dream team and climb the ranks ladder.

Captain Tsubasa Ace – Basics

Offense Movements

Captain Tsubasa Ace Sprinting
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Let’s start with the basics of the movements of any player you will be controlling in Captain Tsubasa Ace. Although some players have special skills and buttons, we will first discuss the common movements.

The first thing you will notice is the movement analog, which controls the movement direction, which is the most important part of controlling the directions of the players.

On the other side of the screen are all of the other options. Let’s start with the sprint button. Remember that you should hold it to accelerate.

Captain Tsubasa Ace Kick Off
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Keep in mind that every time you start the game, you will have to start the match by pressing the “Kick-off” button.

Also, in the bottom middle of the screen, you will find a map that shows the place of the players on your team and the opponent’s place.

In the top left corner, you will find both the team’s names, the score of the match, and the time, which is the important part.

Keep an eye on the timer so that you can know when to be offensive and when to be defensive.

Captain Tsubasa Ace dribbling
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Right above the sprint button, you will find the dribbling button, which is really useful when you are facing a defender in Captain Tsubasa Ace.

Don’t just use it while sprinting in the middle of nowhere, as it has a cooldown; use it wisely while you are just in front of a defender.

Captain Tsubasa Ace trick shot

Next up is the trick shot. Each character has its own unique trick shot; some can be used from a distance, and some can be used right in front of the goal. We will discuss that later on.

The trick shot takes the place of the normal shot when it’s available for use; you need to hold it down until the bar is full so that you can unleash it.

Remember that all of these options will only be available while you have the ball and are ready to shoot; once you lose the ball, all of these options will be replaced by defensive movements.

Captain Tsubasa Ace offense movements
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All of the movements mentioned above are available while you have the ball near the opponent’s goal.

Now let’s take a look at the movements while you are away from the goal. You will have 3 different movements.

Starting with the short pass, which is about a short-range pass, the long pass is just the opposite of the short pass as it has a long-range pass.

And about the clearance kick, it is used when you are caught up by your opponent and you want to move the ball far away from your goalkeeper.

Defense Movements

Captain Tsubasa Ace follow movement
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Now let’s look at the movements from another perspective, which is the defense movements. Those options would appear when you don’t have possession of the ball.

You will still have the sprint button, but right above it is the follow button. The follow button is used to approach your opponent faster; always look for the right moment to regain possession.

Captain Tsubasa Ace defense movement
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Right below the follow button is the tackle, which is used to tackle the opponent’s player who has possession of the ball to regain possession.

Remember that once you press on it, the selected player will tackle in his place, so make sure to be in the right position.

There is the slide tackle, which is used to slide for a distance and cut the ball, but this must be used while you are facing the player or cutting the ball midway.

Captain Tsubasa Ace flying tackle
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Some players would have special abilities in Captain Tsubasa Ace, such as midfielders, such as the flying tackle, which has unique effects.

If you manage to take the opportunity and make a flying tackle, you are more likely to regain possession of the ball.

Captain Tsubasa Ace chest block
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Moving to the defenders, you will find the “chest block” option, which would be a great option to block an opponent’s shot.

The chest block summons a huge screen from the chest that blocks the special shots.

Also, as you progress in the game, you will unlock more defensive skills, such as the face block.

Captain Tsubasa Ace – Football Field Trial

Captain Tsubasa Ace football field trial
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Starting with the offline mode, which is the football field trial, where you can find different types of matches.

Those are offline matches where you can get tons of rewards, but most importantly, train yourself and your team so that you can win and climb the rank ladder when playing online.

The football field trial contains a passionate journey where you assemble your dream team and start a great and unforgettable journey.

Potential special training is where you challenge the style team to win marks of potential so that you can enhance your players.

Then there are the versatile tactics, where you challenge the genius teams to win rare tactic cards, and the last mode is the Champion’s Road, where you can win the championship and walk the road with Tsubasa again!

Passionate Journey

Captain Tsubasa Ace passionate journey
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Let’s start with the passionate journey, which is made up of different stages; each stage has its own rewards.

Most of the rewards would be energy drinks with different rarities; each stage would cost 1 trial energy point.

Trial energy recharges as time passes, but you can always purchase energy points with 20 golden balls, keep in mind that the price increases with each purchase.

Captain Tsubasa Ace – Fan Support

Fan Support
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The fun part of the passionate journey is the fun support. Fan support grants you a lot of rewards, such as energy drinks, food, and most importantly, silver balls, so that you can purchase stuff from the shop.

You have a limit of 3 fan rallies per day; each rally grants rewards for 6 hours, and you can get rally tokens by playing the journey.

Each stage in the journey grants 3 stars if you manage to accomplish the 3 missions that every stage has.

And the more stars you have, the more rewards you will get from the fan support.

Potential Special Training

Potential Special Training
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In the potential special training, you challenge the style team to win marks of potential from different types so that you can enhance your players.

There are 4 marks of potential that can be acquired, starting with the burning force, which grants a mark of strength.

Those marks are used to make potential breakthroughs to level up players, which will be mentioned later on.

Then you get the jade technique, which grants a mark of technique.

The blistering speed grants a mark of speed, which can be used for speed-type players’ potential breakthroughs.

Last but not least is the rock-solid, which grants a mark of tenacity and can be used on tenacity-type players.

Versatile Tactics

Versatile Tactics
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Moving to the versatile tactics mode, where you can obtain tactic refinement for different players and positions.

First, we have the explosive attacker, where you can get many tactics regarding the attackers to break through the opponent’s defense.

Then we have steel defense, where you can greatly increase the defensive tactics.

Then we have the all-round team, which increases the tactics of the whole team.

Remember that each challenge has its own targets, and you need to reach all the targets in order to claim as many rewards as possible.

Captain Tsubasa Ace – Champion’s Road

Champion’s Road
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Moving to the champion’s road, which is all about Tsubasa Ozora himself climbing up the ladder, getting over challenges, and winning the championship again.

Each challenge would require a different target that must be made by Tsubasa, and you need to reach the target to win the challenge.

Also, the challenges grant some great rewards, such as golden balls.

Remember that, unlike any other mode, you won’t be able to pass to the next challenge until you reach the 3 targets.

Captain Tsubasa Ace – Dream League

Dream League
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Moving to the online part in Captain Tsubasa Ace, where you play against other players, get tons of rewards, and most importantly, climb the ladder of ranks.

There are 2 aspects of the dream league: the offensive team and the defensive team. You should set up both of them.

The first thing you find at the bottom of the screen is the rewards that you get based on your rank and which cup you are in. Keep in mind that there are both weekly rewards and seasonal rewards.

There is “My Lineup,” where you can deploy the best team that you will be playing with.

Then there is the “Defense Lineup,” where you can deploy your dream team that will be defending your goal while you are away.

Season Shop

Season Shop
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Then you get to buy a lot of rare and legendary items using the coins you get by winning more matches.

Starting from different files you get, which would grant you a player of the position you picked previously, the legendary golden boot can increase the skill levels for legendary and rare players.

Captain Tsubasa Ace Duel

Ace Duel
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Captain Tsubasa Ace offers one of the best game modes that you can play in a football game, which is the Ace Duel.

Ace Duel is a 5v5 real-time action mode where you can directly control only 1 player that you have previously picked and cooperate with your teammates.

There are 2 modes in the Ace: the versus match, where you can show you are the Ace!

Also, there are the ranked matches that increase your rank, which are shown in the middle of the screen. The more matches you win, the higher the rank you get.

Captain Tsubasa Ace – Players Guide


Captain Tsubasa Ace recruit
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If you are wondering how to get those players to build up your dream team, Captain Tsubasa Ace offers a recruiting system.

For now, in Captain Tsubasa Ace, there are 2 packs to recruit from. The first is the Glory – Tsubasa Ozor which grants you Tsubasa Ozoro after 120 tries, and the same goes for the Dream – Ryo Ishizaki, and you are also granted Ryo Ishizaki after 120 tries.

Recruiting requires tickets, which you get from doing missions and winning matches.

Keep in mind that every voucher costs 180 golden balls in case you want to purchase them.

Captain Tsubasa Ace – Lineup

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On the left hand, you will find all the players that you own, and on the right hand, you will find your formation.

And right in the middle of the screen, you will find the whole formation with the players that are deployed.

Whenever you have a stronger player, you can drag him from the left and replace him, or you can auto-deploy to automatically place all the strong players.

Don’t forget to press save so that you can save up the formation, or it won’t be in action.


Captain Tsubasa Ace player's information
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Pressing on any player will allow you to do everything about this selected player.

The first thing you will need to do is level up a player by auto-training it using the EXP you got from playing offline mode.

In Captain Tsubasa Ace, once you level up a player, you will need to make a potential breakthrough, which requires a mark of something depending on the player style that we mentioned earlier.

Then there is the tactics detail, where you can introduce a tactic or even improve it. Tactics are used to increase the stats of a player.

Captain Tsubasa Ace – Events and Missions

Captain Tsubasa Ace main screen
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In Captain Tsubasa Ace, you can get tons of rewards by watching the events that are on the left.

You can also find the missions section on the left-hand side, which grants you tons of rewards and also guides you on what to do next if you find yourself stuck.

Then, on the bottom left-hand corner, there is the tournament tab, where you can find all the upcoming tournaments, so keep an eye on the timer inside.

My Lineup and Opponent Lineup
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Captain Tsubasa Ace offers a huge amount of gameplay modes where you won’t get bored with great graphics, and you won’t only be playing to score but to watch their unique skills.

By practicing and striving for your championship, you will have the power to become the ace striker, invincible defender, and mastermind strategist in Captain Tsubasa Ace.

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