Captain Tsubasa – Ace: Character Tier List

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Captain Tsubasa Ace - Player Tier list

If you are a sports lover, especially football then Captain Tsubasa Ace is for you. This game is a licensed football game.

Players can take control of their team and players like Tsubasa Ozora and Kojiro Hyuga. These players have some of the best football skills in the world.

Players will relive battle scenes, play different gameplay modes, and other exciting football confrontations.

This article will focus on the best characters to use in Captain Tsubasa-Ace and other important information that players may find helpful.

Captain Tsubasa Ace - Introduction and characters
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Entering the game

When players first enter Captain Tsubasa Ace, they will be greeted by Sanae Nakazawa. The player will start off the game playing as a rookie coach.

Sanae Nakazawa will assist the player as the manager of the football club. Players will then meet Coach Roberto Hongo who is a football coach.

Players will then get the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the team and how everything worked at the training camp.

Players will then need to finish the tutorial on how to play football with players. The controls are simply a joystick and a shoot button.

Once players have completed the first tutorial they will earn rewards like a Silver ball and Energy drinks for the players.

Entering the game - gameplay and player tutorial
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What features does Captain Tsubasa have?

Captain Tsubasa Ace has some amazing game features from training to player’s games against other teams to improving tactics.

Players will be randomly divided into teams of five at the start of the game and will then compete against each other.

The game also features practice matches and tournaments for when players are fully trained.

Players will have both offensive and defensive training camps to be able to beat every opponent in front of them.

If players do not feel like doing all the gameplay and moves by themselves, then they can simply activate the auto mode which will complete the game by itself.

Gameplay - All Star team vs Team Sparkle
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Players in Captain Tsubasa and Character Tier list

Players will start Captain Tsubasa with some amazing players in their lineup already. The lineup can be altered by adding new players from the bench.

Players will have different types of attributes, tactics, skills, training, and tactical combos than the other players.

A player will have attack attributes, defense attributes, style attributes, and physical attributes.

Different skills can be selected for players to use in games and can be upgraded individually in the game. Below the players are ranked from best to worst.

Team Lineup - Select players for your team
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Teppei Kisugi

Teppei Kisugi is a forward player in the starting team. This player has great attacking attributes and stats because they must score goals for the team.

The player’s top skills are Bullet Shot and Volley Shot. Later in the game players can add two more skills to use in football matches.

Players will receive certain star ratings as they are upgraded and currently, Teppei Kisugi has zero stars.

Teppei Kisugi - Forward player for your team
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Hajime Taki

Hajime Taki is another forward player in Captain Tsubasa who is responsible for scoring as many goals as possible.

Hajime Taki’s main skills are the Swift Cross long pass and the Swift Shot. These skills can be upgraded to be more effective in the games.

The energy drinks collected from winning matches can be consumed by players as part of their training. This will increase the level of the player.

Hajime Taki - Forward player with great skills
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Mamoru Izawa

Mamoru Izawa is a midfield player in the starting lineup of the player’s first team. This is a rare player and is one of the best playmakers in the game.

This player’s main skills are the Precise Slide Tackle and the Precise short pass. Mamoru Izama needs to make sure the ball gets to the strikers.

Mamoru Izawa’s defensive stats will be better than the forward’s stats as it is his job to defend as well as attack in the game.

Haruo Kaneda and Ryota Tsuji

These are lower-ranked players in the game and they will have no skills available at the start of Captain Tsubasa until they are upgraded.

Haruo Kaneda is a defensive player and Ryota Tsuji is a goalkeeper for the team. These players are not as good as the previously mentioned players.

The goal of the game is to get the best players in your starting lineup who possess the best stats and skills.

Ryota Tsuji - Goalkeeper for the team
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Some players are stand-out players and need to feature in every team to win every single match.

One of the best players that can be recruited is Taro Misaki a midfield player. This player has exceptional skills and can bring fluency to the team.

This player is an SSR player and is rare to get. Players should focus on getting SSR players and avoid using lower-ranked players in their teams.

Another SSR player that players can recruit for their team is Mitsuru Sano. This is a forward player and is a goal-scoring machine.

So first in line would be Taro Misaki, then Mitsuru Sano, and players can also use Hajime Taki in their teams for the best results.

Recruitment - Get SSR players for the team
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Players will be able to recruit new players to use for their team. Players can look at certain stats of players to decide which recruitment they will make.

Players in the game have different rarities and it will be harder to recruit for example the SSR rarity players.

Players will need to collect Dream Valley Vouchers to recruit new players and can recruit one or ten at once.

Gameplay - Score a goal scene
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Captain Tsubasa – Ace is a must-play game and is available on all devices for players all around the world to enjoy.

Build your dream team and win every major game and tournament with all of the best players.

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