Candy Crush Friends Saga: Complete Guide to Making Special Candies and Combos

Anurag Ghosh
Candy Crush Friends Saga Combo and Special Candies
(Last Updated On: November 25, 2022)

Candy Crush with friends? Sounds interesting! But they aren’t real buddies. They are imaginary friends with special powers. Each “friend” or character has a unique ability that will be of some help while matching candies. There are also some very cool game modes and several delicious surprises waiting for all you candy crushers.

Candy Crush Friends Saga Combo and Special Candies

Candy Crush Friends Saga’s revamped visuals are just mind-blowing. Animated characters and colorful candies bring the entire game to life. You will love the visual effects when you combine two special candies. It’s impossible not to fall in love with all the lively characters. You will definitely have a “crush” on them.

King’s match 3 puzzle game for Android is so popular that most players know how to play it. However, matching candies to win levels is not enough. One has to create and combine special candies to beat tough levels. If you want to know how to make special candies, combine them and create awesome fish combos, follow these tips and hints:

How to Create Special Candies

I am sure you know how to create them. If yes, then please skip to the next section. If you are playing this game for the first time, then you must know how to create special candies to complete levels faster:

1. Match 4 candies in a square to create a fish. Now match the fish with two more candies of the same color. The fish will fly to a random candy and remove it from the board. There are several power-up combos involving fish candies (more on this in the next section), and knowing how to do it will make it easy for you to remove several candies at once.

2. Matching four candies in a row or column creates a stripe candy. Now match it with two more of the same color and it clears a row or column based on the stripe pattern on it. If there are vertical stripes, it will clear a column. If there are horizontal stripes on it, it will clear a row.

3. Matching five candies of the same color in a row or column creates a color bomb – a big chocolate ball with tiny candies sprinkled on it. Now swap it with a candy to clear all candies of that color on the game board. Make sure you use it only when you see lots of candies of the same color scattered all over the game board. For example, if there’s a blue candy next to the chocolate candy and there are very few blue candies on the board, try not to waste the color bomb on it. You can use it on another candy or use the color bomb if the result helps you clear more tiles beneath candies.

4. Match 5 candies in a T or L shape to create a wrapped candy. Now match the wrapped candy with two more candies of the same color to watch it explode. It will clear all surrounding candies in the shape of a square. But wait, there’s more. There will be another explosion shortly after the first, clearing more candies in a square. The double explosion removes several candies from the game board. You will find more opportunities to create a wrapped candy then a special wrapped candy, so make the most of it.

5. Match six or more candies in the shape of a “T” or “L” to get a special plastic-wrapped candy. Now swap it with a candy of any color. The special candy shatters and random candies take the color of that candy. For example, if you match 6 blue candies in a T-shape you will create a special plastic wrapped blue candy. Now swap its place with a candy of any color and it will turn random candies into blue. This special candy is different from the wrapped candy, which is created by matching 5 candies in a T or L shape.

Combos using Fish

In Candy Crush Friends Saga, combining fish with a special candy can yield surprising results, often helping you remove a lot of candies from the game board. When you spot fish beside a special candy, just swap their places and see the magic. As you already know, fish “swims” to a random candy to remove it from the game board. You can get the fish candy when you match candies of the same color in a square. You can also get fish if you choose “Tiffi” before starting a level. She puts 3 fish on the board when you clear 10 red candies. When you swap a fish with a special candy, the fish takes the form of that candy before swimming to a random row or column. So without further ado, here’s a complete list of fish combos:

1. Fish + Stripe candy: The fish moves to a random row or column and clears it. Depending on the stripes, the fish clears a row or column of candies.

2. Fish + Wrapped candy: The wrapped fish swims to a random candy and explodes, clearing several candies at once. The blast radius of a wrapped fish is much bigger than a wrapped candy.

3. Fish + Fish: Creates 3 fish which swim to random locations on a game board and remove three candies. Their movement is totally random, so sometimes you may see them move to three different directions or in the same direction.

4. Fish + Color Bomb: When you combine a color bomb with a fish, candies of that color will turn into fish and they will automatically remove random candies from the game board. If the fish’s color is red, then combining it with a color bomb will turn all red candies into fish. They will automatically swim towards random candies and remove them.

Combos using Special Candies

1. Stripe Candy + Stripe Candy: Creates a cross-shaped blast, clearing candies in a row and column at the same time.

2. Stripe Candy + Wrapped Candy: Combine these two to create a bigger stripe candy that clears three rows and three columns at the same time.

3. Color Bomb + Wrapped Candy: Combining a color bomb with a wrapped candy turns all same-colored candies into wrapped candies. These special candies explode on the game board. For example, if you combine a color bomb with a purple wrapped candy, then all purple candies will turn into wrapped candies and explode.

4. Wrapped Candy + Wrapped Candy: The explosion radius is much bigger, clearing candies in a square twice.

5. Stripe Candy + Color Bomb: Note the color of the stripe candy before swapping it with a color bomb. If it’s green, then it will turn all green candies into green stripe candies. All these candies will automatically explode clearing rows/columns depending on the stripes they have.

6. Color Bomb + Special Wrapped Candy: The special wrapped candy is different from the wrapped candy. You can get it when you match 6 or more candies in a T or L shape. When combined with color bomb it clears the entire game board. Try it!

7. Color Bomb + Color Bomb: Combining both color bombs sends a lightning bolt to all candies clearing them one by one.

Bonus Guide: How to Get Characters

Candy Crush Friends Saga introduces colorful characters that not only look cute, but also help you clear candies in their own special way. Tiffi throws three fish on the board when you clear 10 red candies, whereas the adorable yeti puts 1 wrapped candy on the board when you remove 12 blue candies. There are several characters to collect and each character has his/her own special ability that will help you complete levels faster.

You will have to collect a certain number of “stickers” to unlock a character. You can get these stickers from gift boxes. A gift box appears on a game board in every 5 levels. You will have to clear objects around a gift box to collect it. You can then open it when you complete the level.

You may also receive stickers from daily rewards. You can open a gift box everyday to get sweet surprises such as boosters, energy and stickers. You may also receive costume stickers for the same character, but please note that choosing a character in a different costume does not alter his/her special powers in any way. It just changes a character’s look.

The game starts with only one character. Once you unlock Yeti, you will then be given an option to choose a character between the two before a level. You can go with the recommended character, but I would suggest trying a level with the other character, especially if you fail to complete the same level with the recommended one. You will be able to unlock more friends and this will let you select the best from the list.

    1. Those are pre-game boosters used in Candy Crush Friends:

      1. The wrapped candy with a lightning bolt: When this booster is activated, it charges up your character’s ability. You don’t have to wait for your character’s ability to charge up.

      2. A fish shaped special booster with a lightning bolt on it – You will have to choose it before starting a level. When a character’s ability is activated, this booster is also activated at the same time. Fish can be very useful to get rid of obstacles.

      3. The round candy with a lightning bolt on it: If you have selected this booster, it will appear at the beginning. You can use it to change the color of other candies.

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