Can You Trade Gold Stickers In Monopoly Go?

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(Last Updated On: October 14, 2023)

You’re here to answer a burning question: Can you trade gold stickers in Monopoly Go? The answer is yes and no. But don’t worry; we’ll explain it better.

Monopoly Go is a family game inspired by the tabletop game of the same name, Monopoly. Produced by Scopely, the game features the same gameplay loop of rolling dice and wandering the board while accumulating progressively greater wealth.

There are various features to keep the player entertained as they navigate the board, such as upgrading buildings, heists, destroying other players’ boards, and the album. And it’s within the album that your most pressing question lies.

The Album and Stickers

The album offers various stickers of varying rarities, expressed by the number of stars. The rarest of them all are the gold stickers. So when you get one, it’s a cause for celebration. But what if you get a duplicate? Until now, it just sat there, existing without functionality.

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Monopoly Go already allows trading all other stickers except for the gold ones. However, it seems Scopely has been listening to players and gradually addressing their requests.

The developer has launched an event called Golden Blitz, which provides a 24-hour window for players to trade their gold stickers.

However, it’s still in the testing phase, and only certain regions can enjoy this feature, such as Spain and some countries in South America.

And even then, not all selected players have the option to trade gold stickers, making the whole process more exclusive.

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Nevertheless, it’s a glimmer of hope. Until now, there was no use for duplicate gold stickers. Seeing that they are considering a way to benefit from this duplication is better than having nothing on the horizon.

We believe it’s only a matter of time before Golden Blitz becomes a global event and sharing gold stickers becomes a standard feature in Monopoly Go.

How to Earn Stickers in Monopoly Go

There are several ways to earn sticker packs in Monopoly Go. The most practical way is during tournaments or events that reward players with rare packs.

Mystery daily rewards can also offer basic packs with common stickers that are still worthwhile.

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Another method of acquisition is through Net Worth Upgrades. Certain upgrade levels give stickers as rewards to the player, increasing their album collection.

And, of course, as the title suggests, we can always trade stickers with other players. But for that, we need to be in-game friends with them.

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How to Trade Stickers in Monopoly Go

Trading stickers in Monopoly Go is as easy as tapping through the interface. In the lower-left corner, there’s the album. The player should click on it to open their collections.

If you’re looking for a sticker you don’t have, clicking on the empty space will prompt the game to take you to your Facebook group related to your phone’s region for interaction with others. You need to link your Monopoly Go account with Facebook to do this.

Monopoly Go Golden Stickers
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To send stickers, you need to have two or more identical duplicates. Otherwise, the “send to friend” option won’t appear. Click on the duplicated sticker, tap “send to friend,” and choose your friend. There’s a limit of five daily stickers that you can send.


Collecting stickers in Monopoly Go is a lot of fun, and it’s always a thrill when a gold sticker shows up. However, it’s equally frustrating to get a duplicate. That’s why we hope the Golden Blitz event goes global so everyone can complete their albums.

Feel free to leave any comments if you have other ways to trade gold stickers.

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