Campfire Cat Cafe – Ultimate Guide & Tips

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Are you into games that offer a relaxing experience without any stress? Or maybe you like games with the cutest possible characters? Well, in either case, Campfire Cat Cafe is going to exceed your expectations.

This cute simulation game was released recently on May 15, 2023, by HyperBeard, who is known for developing games like My Dear Farm, Cat Spa, Tsuki’s Odyssey, and more.

You’re basically running a cafe in a forest where many other animals will be coming to eat. The locations get expanded to three more places, and the tasks and rewards in all of them are different.

I will touch upon this in more detail in a bit.

This game might be fun to play, but it’s not that simple. You need to have a strategy for going about your business and doing what’s best for your customers.

But I guarantee that after reading this Campfire Cat Cafe guide, you’ll be able to become the best cafe owner.

The storyline of Campfire Cat Cafe

The storyline of Cat Cafe is a little sad and happy at the same time.

Happy because Chef Gino’s wife Alessia is returning from Meowchelin Institute after she went there for higher cooking studies.

Photo: HyperBeard

And sad because Chef Gino has made a mess of the restaurant and needs to clean it up and get it back to working again. He doesn’t have a lot of time before Alessia returns, so you’re the one who’s going to help him.

Photo: HyperBeard

Gino has “Big Mouth” Oliver by his side to promote the cafe and attract more customers. This way, he is able to make money quickly and upgrade the restaurant.

Photo: HyperBeard

You’ll meet a lot of customers, learn dozens of international recipes, go through many stories, hire a new crew, and be the owner of four different locations at once after moving forward in the game.

Campfire Cat Cafe – Basic Items

Before we dive deep into the Campfire Cat Cafe guide, let me make you familiar with the currency and other stuff in the game.

  1. Acorns – They are the game’s currency. A customer will pay you acorns with which you can upgrade your cafe, hire crew, expand your location, and everything else.
  2. Gems – Can be used instead of watching advertisements.
  3. Flour – Used to bake bread, which you can feed your crew to level them up.
  4. Reputation Stars – Necessary to move forward in the story, unlock new locations, get new upgrades, and more.
  5. Planks – Used to build rare decors.
  6. Shovels – Used for treasure hunts.
  7. Bricks – Used to build Bakery decors.
  8. Skip Ad Tickets – Used to skip a video ad and get the rewards for it.

Expand and Explore Different Locations

Currently, there are four locations in the game, as follows:

  1. Cafe
  2. Bakery
  3. Camp
  4. Sanctuary

The following is a short overview of each of them.

1. Cafe

The forest is where your main cafe is. Here you’ll give food to the customers, open a beverage stand, and make more upgrades to collect acorns.

Photo: HyperBeard

There will also be a mini-truck that gives you tips every minute.

2. Bakery

You collect the flour in the bakery and bake the bread in the oven.

Photo: HyperBeard

It takes 1,000 grams of flour to bake one. The hearts on your bread depend on the upgrades of your oven and crew.

3. Camp

The camp allows the guests to rest in tents, and they pay in return. The highlight of the camp is the Expedition Lodge, where you can hunt for treasure.

Photo: HyperBeard

The customers leave shovels once they wake up, and you can use them to dig up some random bounties.

4. Sanctuary

Sanctuary is the last location and gets unlocked after 1,000 reputation stars.

Photo: HyperBeard

Here, you’ll be doing several things including hatching eggs, making candy, making chocolate, and more.

I won’t mention how the story continues because it will spoil the fun.

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Serve Over 50 Unique Guests in your Cafe

You will come across many different guests in Campfire Cat Cafe. From cats, giraffes, sharks, and bunnies to lions, bears, rabbits, and dogs, you have all the animals visiting you.

Photo: HyperBeard

Many of them also have a chance to offer a reward like 4x acorns, 6x acorns, 100 flour, gems, and more.

Some guests are time-limited and will only show up for a brief period. But other than that, you will serve the regular customers again and again.

Guests with Mini-Games

There are some special guests in the game that come with some mini-games. And once you complete their task, rewards will await.

Photo: HyperBeard

I won’t list down all the mini-games in this Campfire Cat Cafe guide because it might spoil your fun. However, here are a few examples of what you will come across:

Luna – She’s only tasted moon cakes and is in your cafe to taste new dishes. She will ask you to suggest her European dish, American dish, sweet & sour dish, and so on. Your job is to select the right option.

“On Time” Jett – This smiley duck brings you three gifts, from which you can choose anyone. The gifts are wrapped, so you don’t know what’s inside them.

Twilight Pablo – Collect his fallen stars scattered around your locations to get rewards. But if you select an angry star, the game will be over.

Fiz the White – She offers you acorns or gems in a meter-stopping game. If you stop the meter on the highest acorn or gem value, then you’ll get the same amount of these items.

I think that’s enough for now. You can discover the rest of the minigames on your own.

Hire Crew for Efficient Work

The crew in Cat Cafe helps you in different ways. They can increase the cooking speed, collect acorns, attract more customers, give an extra heart to the bread, and much more.

Photo: HyperBeard

Each of them has a specific purpose, and you’ll unlock all the workers throughout the story. Firstly, you’ll be hiring Chef Gino for the cafe, and then you’ll move on to the rest of the crew.

The crew can be upgraded to 10 levels to improve their stats and reputation. Besides, you can get their different outfits that come with certain pros.

How to Upgrade Crew

You can upgrade your crew by feeding them baked bread. As simple as that.

Here are the steps:

  1. Collect 1000 flours from both the windmill and customers.
  2. Tap on your oven in the bakery.
  3. Tap on Bake and you’ll have a random bread in front of you.
  4. Now tap on the Crew button on the bottom and select any one of them.
  5. Finally, tap on the bread to upgrade the staff.
Photo: HyperBeard

The hearts on the bread depend on the level of your oven and Baker Mario (crew).

Complete Different Stories in Campfire Cat Cafe

There are hundreds of in-game stories in Campfire Cat Cafe, so I can’t cover all of them in this guide. But generally, each story demands that you reach a certain reputation to unlock and complete it.

Photo: HyperBeard

Once you do that, a new story will pop up, demanding even more reputation stars. And that’s how you proceed in the game.

I already mentioned the main storyline of this game, and the short in-game stories revolve around that.

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Complete Story Tasks, Daily Quests, and Goldfish Ticket

Story tasks show up on the top right of the screen. Clicking on them will elaborate on the mission and the completion reward.

Similarly, I advise you to complete a handful of daily tasks every day to gain Goldfish ticket points. Besides, completing these tasks will also give you some acorns.

Lastly, the Goldfish Ticket is basically the royal pass or battle pass for this game. It is a progression metric and offers valuable rewards at every level.

The free Goldfish Ticket is pretty good, but there’s also a paid version with even better bonuses if you activate it.

Campfire Cat Cafe Guide – Tips to Improve Your Gameplay

It’s always good to know some tips and tricks to beat a game. This is why I have come up with some advice you should remember in the Campfire Cat Cafe guide.

Yes, this game doesn’t require rocket science to learn, but a few tips will help you become a better player.

Here’s what I suggest you do after playing Cat Cafe day in, day out:

1. Promote your Cafe

Promoting the cafe attracts guests and you get more acorns.

Photo: HyperBeard

Make sure you utilize Oliver’s auto-promotion as well as the manual one.

2. Keep Learning New Recipes

You’ll have new guests coming every once in a while and demanding new dishes. That’s when you have to learn the recipes.

Photo: HyperBeard

Now, the high-end dishes are expensive to learn, so make sure you save some acorns for this purpose.

3. Constantly Upgrade your Locations

Upgrading your locations is equivalent to gaining more reputation stars.

Photo: HyperBeard

And having more reputation means you’ll be moving quickly in the story.

4. Hire and Upgrade your Crew

Hiring and upgrading the crew makes your job as a manager a lot easier. There are dozens of staff members to hire and upgrade, so you’ll never run out of help.

5. Complete Quests and Daily Missions

Completing story quests will give you rewards and ensure you keep upgrading your cafe, bakery, camp, and sanctuary.

On the other hand, completing daily missions will give you Goldfish Ticket points.

6. Always Play the Mini Games

Playing the mini-games is not time-consuming and has many benefits.

Photo: HyperBeard

You can get additional acorns, gems, flour, and other items without much effort.

7. Collect your Acorn Tips and Flour

Your mini truck will give you acorns every minute, and the windmill will give you flour.

They also have a maximum limit, so make sure you keep collecting your tips to progress faster.

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So, this was all about HyperBeard’s Campfire Cat Cafe guide. I tried to cover all the aspects you need to know to shine in the game. If you’ve read the complete guide, then you already know what needs to be done and how you should do it.

For similar game guides, do keep a check on Playoholic, as we are covering tons of mobile games at the moment.

  1. after the story of the sanctuary fairy no more story is given, is that normal or is the story not finished?

  2. Did anyone find a strategy to Sirius fallen stars? Is it pure luck or is there actually a possibility of seeing which ones to pick?

  3. Después de la historia del hada del santuario ya no me da más historia, eso es normal o la historia no está terminada?

  4. Any idea how to complete the sugar high story to unlock candy maker? I’ve emailed the devs several times and still have no idea if my game is glitched with a missing nail or not

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