Camera Clash: Shoot Battle War – Guide, Tips & Tricks

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Camera Clash Shoot Battle War guide
Image: Sims Puzzle Games
(Last Updated On: November 2, 2023)

Get ready to learn all sorts of epic tips and tricks about your favorite side-scrolling shooter game—Camera Clash: Shoot Battle War!

Developed by Sims Puzzle Games, Camera Clash: Shoot Battle War is a side-scrolling shooting game.

It comprises countless jaw-dropping elements, giving birth to an extraordinary shooter experience and easy-to-pick-up and play mechanics.

With idle (offline) rewards, epic props, and several stunning cameramen, advance to save the world from monster zombie enemies, the toiletmen, and emerge victorious!

But for that, you need just as stunning guidelines. Fear not, I’ve brought Camera Clash: Shoot Battle War Guide, Tips, & Tricks just for you!

What’s in the Game – Camera Clash: Shoot Battle War

Camera Clash: Shoot Battle War is an action-idle sharpshooter game. Your primary objective is to defeat the monster zombie enemies known as the “Toiletmen.”

Camera Clash game screen
Image: Sims Puzzle Games

It’s an easy-to-pick-and-play game. It offers a side-scrolling shooting experience, and the upgrades just keep you glued to the screen all the time!

So, what is the game composed of anyway? We have:

  • Various characters, each representing a different ability.
  • One-tap shooting and automatic enemy annihilation
  • Jaw-dropping idle rewards: you earn loot even when you are offline
  • Heroic rescues, login bonuses, and mission rewards

Cameramen in Camera Clash: Shoot Battle War

The unique and cool-looking characters in Camera Clash are known as “Sharpshooters.” There are a total of 30 different sharpshooters that you can unlock in Camera Clash.

How to unlock new cameramen? You have to spawn cameramen on your merging home screen. From there, you can merge similar cameramen to obtain a new, leveled, and stronger cameraman.

Unlocking new cameraman in Camera Clash
Image: Sims Puzzle Games

Each of the cameramen comes with dynamic and sleek designs. That’s not all. Each cameraman possesses diverse mechanics and special abilities.

Some of them shoot trashcans, some shoot laser blasts, and others deal AOE (area of effect) damage, much like a super-strong flashlight destroying enemies.

Remember that you need high-level cameramen to engage in higher-level battles. I don’t want to lose this war, and we can say the same for you, right?

Are you ready to lead your cameraman to victory? Well, for that, let’s discuss some more things first before we dive into our cheeky tips & tricks.

Challenging Levels and Automatic Gameplay in Camera Clash: Shoot Battle War

Camera Clash comes with a series of different levels. With each level, the difficulty and health of toiletmen and bosses increase.

Along with increased difficulty, new and absurd enemies appear as well, making the game more engaging.

The shooting automatically takes place. This means that your cameramen keep on shooting without you doing anything.

Camera Clash shoot button
Image: Sims Puzzle Games

However, there’s a button on the screen, which you can tap to increase the speed of shooting as well as damage. That’s why Camera Clash is a one-tap shooting game.

When you don’t tap the button, the cameraman shoots slowly or at a normal speed. When you tap it, the shooting speed goes up.

Now, here’s the catch. There’s an energy bar along with the cameraman’s health bar. The energy bar is directly proportional to the number of times you use the button.

So, let’s say you press the button and hold it. The attack speed will be increased for as long as you hold the button, but the energy bar will go down drastically as well.

Camera Clash shooting speed button
Image: Sims Puzzle Games

The game goes on automatically. You can speed up your attacks to defeat toiletmen quickly and get those hefty rewards with lots of shooting, style, and action.

In-game Currency in Camera Clash: Shoot Battle War

Increased difficulty also means increased loot. So you get to grasp epic rewards after each level. There are two types of in-game currencies used in Camera Clash.

  1. Gold
  2. Gems

1. Gold

Gold helps you buy more cameramen and merge them to create higher-level sharpshooters. You can get gold in many ways:

Idle Rewards

Gold is readily available as an idle reward; you can earn it online as well as offline. This is because your cameraman keeps on defeating some toiletmen, whether you are online or offline.

Camera Clash idle rewards
Image: Sims Puzzle Games

Plus, having more sharpshooters on your merging screen generates gold as time goes on. Each cameraman makes some amount of gold with every passing second.

Pro Tip: The higher the levels of cameramen on the merging screen, the more gold they produce. So, always remember to leave high-level cameramen whenever you are going to log off.

Clearing Levels

After each level, you get some amount of gold as compared to the previous level. You also get a set of props after each battle (more about props later on).

Camera Clash level clear rewards
Image: Sims Puzzle Games

In-game Ads

Watching some ads can help you earn gold and even double or triple the amount of gold you have already earned.

Watching ads to increase gold
Image: Sims Puzzle Games

Rescue Hostages

This is an in-game progression tactic. You have to watch an ad, but such a hostage gives you a significant amount of loot, including gold, gems, props, and guess what? Even more gold!

Rescue hostages in Camera Clash Shoot Battle War
Image: Sims Puzzle Games

2. Gems

Gems are used to buy power-ups from the shop. Each power-up costs 200 gems in the shop. I know that’s a lot of gems, but getting gems isn’t too difficult in Camera Clash, unlike other games.

Collecting gems in Camera Clash
Image: Sims Puzzle Games

You can get gems:

  1. After you unlock a new cameraman by watching an ad, you get 500 gems.
  2. When you Rescue Hostages, they can give gems, exactly as mentioned before.
  3. By making in-app purchases, you can buy more gems.

Shop in Camera Clash

The shop comprises two things.

  1. Roles (cameramen of different levels)
  2. Props

1. Roles

According to the levels in the Camera Clash, there are 30 different roles and kinds of cameramen available in the shop.

Buying roles in Camera Clash
Image: Sims Puzzle Games

You can buy some of these for gold and others for gems too. But you will first have to reach their respective merge level on your merging home screen before they are available in the shop.

Right now, there are only 30 roles but stay tuned, there are more to come soon to the game.

2. Props

Props are the power-ups that you can use mid-battle. There are four types of props in Camera Clash. You can buy each of these for 200 gems from the shop. These are:

1. Rocket

Rockets deal a huge amount of area damage to toiletmen. So whenever you find yourself in a clutch, drop a rocket, and you are good to go!

Rockets in Camera Clash Shoot Battle War
Image: Sims Puzzle Games

A rocket can save you from a huge horde of toiletmen and even boss fights. Keep at least one of these with you at all times.

2. Heal

Heal, as the name suggests, is used to replenish the health of your cameraman.

Anytime your cameraman is gasping, use heal, and you’ll recover their health completely.

Heal prop
Image: Sims Puzzle Games

In this case, Heal is a very useful prop. Always remember to keep one or two of these in all your battles.

3. Energy

Energy reduces the energy consumption of your cameraman.

It means that whenever you are attacking, the spree of fast attack you get when you hold the attack button, after the use of energy, it’ll consume less of it.

Energy prop
Image: Sims Puzzle Games

This can surely help you to clear out massive horses of toiletmen as well as the boss. Stay sharp and keep yourself alarmed!

4. Repel

Repel is a prop that helps your sharpshooter repel the toiletmen.

Repel prop
Image: Sims Puzzle Games

This way, if you are attacked by a huge wave, you can use repel to keep them at bay and defeat them with ease.

It’s a useful prop and can come in handy now and then.

Missions in Camera Clash

Missions are tasks that, when you complete them, give you some sort of reward. And guess what? Missions are a surefire way to get a lot of gems. That too, pretty easily.

Missions in Camera Clash Shoot Battle War
Image: Sims Puzzle Games

There are the following missions you can complete:

  • Buy 10 Roles
  • Merge 10 Roles
  • Pass 2 levels
  • Kill 100 Toiletmen (this takes place online as well as offline.)
  • Use props 2 times
  • Watch 2 Ads

All of these missions, on completion, reward you with 10× gems each. So it’s a great way to loot up on those sleek, purple, and beautiful gems.

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Camera Clash: Shoot Battle War – Tips & Tricks

It’s time for the boring part to end and the fun part to begin. Let’s see how you can become a top player in Camera Clash. Here’s a frenzy of tips & tricks you won’t regret adopting:

1. How to Win Big at Camera Clash?

Camera Clash, if begun well, can yield great results. Let me tell you how you can ‘begin well’ in this game to win big.

So, right off the bat, as soon as you have downloaded the game, try to get as much gold as you can. Watch a few ads, clear a few levels, and that’s enough.

Next, spawn as many roles as you can and merge them all up to create the highest possible role you can with them. After that, spawn a few more and leave the game for a bit.

Camera Clash combat
Image: Sims Puzzle Games

Then, just log in, and you’ll not only have a lot of accumulated gold to collect, but this gold will also help you to spawn more roles and merge to create greater and better roles.

In short:

  1. Spend all your gold to spawn Roles.
  2. Merge all Roles and play a few levels.
  3. Log out of the game for some time (an hour or two is enough).
  4. Get back in and enjoy a lot of gold.
  5. Repeat this process over and over again to win big at this game.

2. Gobble-up Ads

Ads are a huge part of the reward system in Camera Clash. For that very reason, it’s an amazing resource that you can’t help but utilize to its maximum potential.

Watching ads in Camera Clash
Image: Sims Puzzle Games

You can watch ads to get:

  • A lot of gold and by a lot, I mean millions worth of gold.
  • 500 gems (each ad).
  • Props and even more gold.

Each ad goes for about 15 to 30 seconds, but not more than that. So it’s a pretty fair trade, for huge rewards at a time. It’s an amazing deal that you have to steal!

3. Don’t Miss those Rescue Hostages

Rescue Hostages are a phenomenal source of props, gems, and gold. You do have to watch an ad for these.

But then again, the rewards are too good to ignore, so you might as well make the most of them.

If you manage to rescue every hostage you come across, you’ll have so many resources in the game that you won’t know what to do with them altogether.

4. Best Way to Deal High Damage

What if I tell you that there’s a way to deal high damage, of course, at high speed, but your energy bar won’t die out at all, or it would be consumed but very little at that?

Do not hold the attack button, but instead tap on it quickly back-to-back. This way, the energy bar stays almost full.

Camera Clash Shoot battle war fight
Image: Sims Puzzle Games

You can use the filled energy bar against the boss when the time is right.

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5. High Idle (Offline) Reward Trick

The last tip on this list is probably the best one out of all of them. Let’s see how you can get a high idle reward and just cheat at Camera Clash without even cheating.

Camera Clash Shoot battle war merging screen
Image: Sims Puzzle Games

For a high idle reward, you simply have to leave the game with high-level Roles/cameramen. That is, whenever you log off, make sure that your merging home screen is:

  • Filled with various Roles.
  • All of them are high-level.

By doing this, you’ll come back to a game that has stored up millions of gold just because you left high-level roles to earn from


Camera Clash: Shoot Battle War is an astounding game that gives a new name to shooter games. The side-scrolling shooting experience is one of the most engaging ones there is.

Last but not least, the game mechanics, graphics, and representation of roles as well as the enemies are just excellent. It will keep you glued to your screen for a long time, and you will have a lot of fun.

What are you waiting for? Download Camera Clash: Shoot Battle War today and join the army of cameramen to save the world from those dusty toiletmen. Adios!

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