Call of Duty Mobile – Guide to All Classes

Anurag Ghosh
(Last Updated On: November 25, 2022)

There are six classes in Call of Duty Mobile: Defender, Mechanic, Scout, Clown, Ninja, Medic. You may choose a class of your liking, but you must also pay attention to each class’s special equipment and passive skill:  

Call of Duty Mobile: Class Guide


A mechanic’s EMP drone equipment can disable all electronic equipment of hostile forces for some time. Its Engineer ability lets a player make the best use of augmented sight to reveal nearby hostile traps and enemy vehicles.  


As the name suggests, the Ninja class lets you scale great heights quickly with the help of the “Grapple Gun”. With this piece of equipment, you can traverse to high windows and roofs in buildings and launch a surprise attack on hostiles. With a grapple gun, propelling yourself up to buildings can be a piece of cake. Ninja’s “Dead Silence” passive perk boosts stealth movement, ensuring quiet movements and quieter takedowns. It’s one of the best classes in Call of Duty Mobile.  


This deceptively named class is the undead’s BFF. If you choose the Clown, you will get a Toy Bomb. Upon detonating the bomb, zombies will appear and attack enemies. Its “Anti-Zombie” ability keeps a check on the undead’s aggression distance by reducing it, allowing you to get out of their distance quickly.  


If you choose this class, you can place a mobile, deformable “Transform Shield”, which provides instant cover when you are battling hostiles. Its “Reinforced” passive perk increases resistances to all damage. Unfortunately, this perk does not raise resistance against bullets.  


With this CoD Mobile class selected, a player can place a “Medical Station” that can heal him/her as well as all allies positioned near the station. Medic’s “Master Healer” ability lets you heal allies faster and decrease the time required to revive knocked down allies.  


If you have selected the Scout class, then you can shoot a “Sensor Dart” to reveal the positions of all enemies in the radar map. Its “Tracker” passive perk allows you to view and track enemies from their footprints. 

Those were all Call of Duty Mobile classes. Know more about CoD Weapons in our in-depth guide.