Call Of Duty Mobile: Guide, Tips, And How To Win

Paul Moronfola

With over 100 million downloads two months after its release, Call of Duty Mobile is considered one of the best first-person shooting games in the world. It is known for its fast-paced action and immersive playing experience.  

Winning any game mode in CODM comes with understanding the game and its mechanics, and improving your gameplay. Whether you are a beginner or a pro player, this guide can help you enhance your gameplay.   

Getting Started 

Call of Duty Mobile is a mobile adaptation of the popular Call of Duty franchise. However, unlike the console and PC version, it comes with different game modes, slightly different maps, controls, and weapons. Understanding these basic things about the game can help in how good you are in the game.  

Game Modes 

Call of Duty Mobile has three game modes: Multiplayer, Battle Royale, and Zombie, with multiplayer and battle royale being the most popular. Below are a few things to know about each game mode.  


The multiplayer mode features only a first-person perspective like the PC and console versions of Call of Duty while offering players endless thrilling action. There are three categories: Core, Featured, and Practice. 

The core game mode includes the following:

  • Domination mode, where two teams compete to capture and hold three locations
  • Team Deathmatch mode, where you are to kill the enemy team and reach a specified number of kills
  • Hardpoint mode, where players much capture and hold a moving control point for long as possible to earn points
  • Search and Destroy mode, is where a team must plant a bomb while the other prevents the team or defuse the planted bomb. 

The featured game mode is similar to the Battle Royale mode, and it comprises: 

  • Ground war mode is where two teams capture and hold multiple locations and receive points 
  • Guns blazing is where you get to become a super soldier
  • Drop zone mode is a 5v5 match where you score points by capturing the drop zone or opening care packages 
  • Monastery mode comprises the Team Deathmatch mode or Frontline and occurs on the Monastery Map.

Practice mode allows you to practice using different modes, including training mode, Boot Camp, Single Player Map Training, and Practice vs. AI.  

Battle Royale 

The battle royale mode is the most popular CODM gaming mode, widely accepted in Europe and Africa. Unlike the multiplayer mode, it offers first-person and third-person perspectives. The latter is the most common view although the advent of Call of Duty Warzone Mobile might change many things. 

Battle Royale mode has three maps: Isolated, Blackout, and Alcatraz. On the one hand, Isolated and Blackout maps are always available, feature vehicles and all available classes. On the other hand, the Alcatraz map is only available on weekends, does not feature vehicles, and players have access to selected classes. 

Other modes in CODM Battle Royale are Prop Hunt and Warfare.      


The Zombie mode is the least popular of the three modes but provides a fascinating experience for people that loves zombie games. Like Alcatraz, it features no vehicles and only selected classes. 

How to Win in Call of Duty Mobile 

Truly, it is near impossible to win all games on Call of Duty Mobile. Nevertheless, you can be in-game and make your enemy fearful. We will discuss a few things that can up your chances of winning.  

Know the Different Types of Weapons

Knowing the different types of weapons and their perks can be critical to winning in Call of Duty Mobile. Generally, the game has five classes of weapons: Assault, Sniper, LMG, SMG, Shotgun, and Marksman. Each class has perks, advantages, and disadvantages. Below are a few hints about the five most used classes of weapons


Examples such as the M4, AK-47, Type-25, Oden, and AK-117 are the most common in the game. They have high damage power, are long/medium range, and are usually paired with a Shotgun or SMG by a different professional. 


Examples include Locus, Arctic .50, DL Q33, and XPR-50. They are long-range weapons, and they render high damage to enemies. Most professionals pair sniper weapons with guns in assault, shotguns, and SMG. The last two are an ideal pairing. 


Examples include M4LMG and UL736, and RPD. They are the favorite guns for newbies due to the magazine. However, most beginners outgrow them as they develop their gameplay skills.

You will too.


Sub Machine Guns are the newest favorite, with Mac-10 and Fennec being revered for their shredding power. Due to being short-range weapons, most CODM pro players pair them with long-range weapons such as Assault and Sniper rifles. Furthermore, some pro players now use it with Shotguns. 


These are the new order of the day due to the very high damage. Taking one hit from a KRM-262 or HS0405 can knock down a player. As a result, shotgun users are called “one-tap weapons.” Everyone now uses shotguns, and if I were you, I would start training with them. 

Note: The choice and pairing of guns also depend on the mode, map, and individual preferences. 

Improve Your Gameplay Skills

You can increase your chances of winning in Call of Duty Mobile by improving your gaming skills. Here are some things you can do to improve your gaming skills. 

#1: Master Navigation 

Winning games in Call of Duty Mobile centers heavily on your mastery of navigation. By mastering navigation, you can easily ascertain your position on the map and use such information to travel seamlessly, be at a location advantage, win duels, or escape from your enemies. 

#2: Master Movement

Many movement techniques are used in Call of Duty Mobile, with the popular ones being sliding and jumping, backsliding, and slide cancel. You can learn and master the different movement techniques by checking YouTube.

Mastering the three techniques and knowing when to use them can set you aside from other players. Aside from the different movement techniques, you should also know when to run, crouch, or lay down to be at an advantage. 

#3: Strategic Positioning

Unknown to many players, “location advantage” is one of the few things that sets players aside during gameplay. Strategic positioning that correlates to location advantage is only achievable by understanding the map and knowing your situation. Below are a few scenarios that depict understanding strategic positioning: 

  • Avoid open fields 
  • Always use cover 
  • Go for higher ground 

Improve your Aiming Accuracy 

The best understanding of the map and movement technique will not help you eliminate your enemy. Winning, therefore, centers on your shooting ability and aiming accuracy. We will discuss a few things on aiming accurately. 

 #4: Adjust Sensitivity Settings 

It is common for players to copy and use the sensitivity settings of Call of Duty Mobile Pro players. However, you should know that everybody has a unique sensitivity. Go to Settings > Sensitivity > MP mode/BR mode, and adjust the settings to something you can easily control. These will improve your aim greatly. 

#5: Practice

After adjusting your sensitivity settings, ensure you practice using the practice modes in the game. Practicing depends on the game mode. For Multiplayer, navigate to the game mode selection and choose practice. You can select between training mode with marks, boot camp, single-player map training, and Practice vs. AI. In battle royale, under the map, choose BR Training Ground to start practicing.   

#6: Know the Scopes and Attachments

Guns in Call of Duty Mobile come with different attachments and scopes, and each will affect the stats of the guns. You should know the different scopes available, and on attaching them to your gun, check the effect on the gun’s accuracy and range.  You can also pre-choose the scope for different types of guns before entering a match.

Third Person Perspective (TPP) or First-Person Perspective (FPP)

Depending on the game mode, you can use third-person or first-person perspectives. For battle royale, most pro player considers the third-person perspective the better option due to the wider field of view and how well it shows the character. On the other hand, FPP allows better aiming accuracy. 

Know When to Hip Fire and ADS

Hip fire and ADS (aim down sight) are the two ways to shoot in Call of Duty mobile. In HIP, your fire without scoping to aim at the enemy. On the other hand, you fire after aiming in ADS. Each one has its advantages. For example, HIP fire is better for close-range fights as the ADS time (time the gun takes to ADS) can put you at a disadvantage. 

Choose a Playing Style  

Every Call of Duty Mobile Player fall into one of the three major playing styles: Sniper, Assault, and Support. You should explore each style of playing and understand their strengths and weaknesses. 

As a sniper, your major choice of weapon is a sniper rifle (long-range weapon) and a submachine gun or SMG as a short-range weapon. Snipers seldom do close combat and are found on higher ground. Although suitable for long-range game control, a disadvantage of the sniper is its rigidity and predictability. For example, you can spot a sniper with its scope out by watching for a blinding white light.

Assault teams use a long-range or medium-range assault rifle such as the AK-47, EM2, and AK-117 and a sub-machine gun such as the Mac-10 or Fennec or a Shotgun such as the KRM and HS0405. They are in the heated zones and are often considered the best players. 

Support players also use long-range and short-range guns but are considered throwable masters. This includes smoke grenades, frag grenades, flashbangs, concussion, cluster grenades, serial bombs, and nova gas.  

Based on the game’s competitive nature, almost every player uses each playing style. Therefore, you should master everyone and specialize in one.

Teamwork, Communication, and Tactics 

Effective communication is critical to winning matches in COD mobile, as a team that communicates effectively seldom loses. Communication aids in teamwork, actualization of tactics, and execution of strategies. 

There are several tactics applicable in CODmobile depending on several factors. These include the number of enemies, types of guns used, attachment, the skill of players, distance, etc.  

Optimize your Loadout

Call of Duty Mobile has a loadout feature that allows you to customize your gun to suit your taste. With the feature, you can modify the gun’s perks to increase accuracy, range, mobility, etc. While useful, modifying a particular perk can be detrimental to other perks. Furthermore, the game mode you are playing and gaming styles can influence the type of loadout you use. 

You can pick your loadout weapons for Battle Royale by looking for the pink airdrop.  

Rely on Covers

Being a fast-paced game, Call of Duty Mobile has a different approach to strategy and decision-making. To win, you need to be mentally aware of your surroundings, be on the lookout for enemies, and, at every point in time, be prepared to counter such enemies. A good way of preparing for such a counter is to always be at places with huge covers. This can be rocks, trees, or housings. Therefore, when there is danger, they can easily control the situation.

Use Throwables 

Call of Duty Mobile is like a normal battleground, and aside from the guns and tanks, you can increase your chances of winning by using throwables such as frag grenades, concussion grenades, nova gas, and cluster grenades. Each throwable has its functions, and we will discuss four throwables that should always be in your backpack with special tips on using them.

Frag grenade is a timed grenade that can knock down your enemies or destroy a vehicle when correctly used. They have been widely popular in the last few seasons as a choice of throwables as players are now timing them for moving individuals and vehicles. 

According to Activision, Nova gas is a throwable that contains neodymium, rhenium and sulfur. It is the perfect choice of throwables for enemies “camping” in a closed building. 

A cluster grenade is a type of grenade that explodes into tiny grenades on impact. They are the perfect choice for enemies in an open building. 

A concussion grenade is a grenade that massively reduces a player’s movement, making them an easy target. It is not a common item but can increase your winning probability. 

Flashbang grenades introduce a blinding light when thrown. It is a common throwable among shotgunners who want to wipe squads quickly.  

Doctor Driving and Lieutenant Maverick  

CODM battle royale game mode features bikes, ATVs, ORV, Antelopes, muscle cars, rally cars, trucks, helicopters, and jets. To win, you need to know their location and how to drive them. 

Regarding location, vehicles such as bikes, ATVs, antelopes, and sport and rally cars are spawned in locations without markings on the map. However, when you drive them, you get the “wheel” symbol on the map. Other flying vehicles (jets and helicopters) have markings on the map. 

Driving or flying the vehicles is similar to driving a real vehicle, and graduating as a doctor in driving is possible by using the right vehicle control: CODM features several controls, and you should choose a control that suits you

Also, the two maps in CODM (Blackout and Isolated) do not change. As a result, when you know where to expect an obstacle, you know how to drive in such an area. This is only possible by knowing the map without needing to check the map.

Finally, each vehicle has its unique characteristic, and you should use them depending on the type of road. For off-roading, bikes, ATVs, and ORV are the best option. 

Rally and muscle cars are the best options for driving on smooth terrain. In terms of speed, the sports car is the fastest. Hence, they are the most suitable for speed chasing. 

Use the Right Class

The battle royale mode features several classes, such as the ninja, trapmaster, and pumped. Each class has special features, perks, and disadvantages. For example, the ninja class only allows players to use a graphook and grants them silent footsteps to some degree. However, it offers no defense or offense to players. 

Winning the game comes from using the right class. Therefore, try all the classes and determine how they will work for you before consistently selecting the one you want to use. 

Play with your friends

CODM is supposed to be a fun experience, which can be dampened by playing with people you don’t know. Playing with unknown players is characterized by a lack of communication and teamwork, which can hamper winning the match. With your friends, you can easily communicate and strategize. 


Yes, your chances of winning all Call of Duty Mobile games are zero. However, with the tips highlighted in this guide on how to win, you can improve your gameplay and be a nightmare to your enemies.  

All screenshots/images are from: Activision Publishing/Call Of Duty Mobile.

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