CafeLand World Kitchen: 10 Tips and Tricks for Beginners

CafeLand World Kitchen
(Last Updated On: November 25, 2022)

Bring out your inner chef and get cooking in CafeLand: World Kitchen. Work towards making the best restaurant with unique dishes and stellar ratings. Increase your cafe’s ratings to bring in more clients and make more money. Invest your money in new dishes, staff and upgrading different areas in your cafe. Become the chef you were always meant to be and find the “Ratatouille” that lives in all of us. Follow these tips and tricks to master dishes, attract more customers and keep them happy.  

1) Make a meal 

To make a meal for your clients, it involves several steps. You start with your oven, that needs to be cleaned before use. Nothing like a sanitary kitchen to get you going. Next, you select your recipe to be cooked. Now, you have the option of cooking the same recipe on all of your ovens, or you can mix it up and cook different dishes on different ovens.  

Next, you need to confirm what you will be making and this costs a specific number of coins based on the dish. The dish then takes a certain amount of time to cook, this can be sped up using “cash”. The food then needs to be clicked on, in order to place it on the serving counters.  

CafeLand World Kitchen Guide

2) Master Dishes to Boost Profits 

Mastering dishes is important, a mastered dish can increase your profits, gain you more experience and give your restaurant better ratings. The more you cook a meal, the more your cafe person learns how to do it well, and soon they will become a master of that dish. In this game, specific dishes will need to be made based on “celebrity” clientele who can be invited to your cafe. A celebrity will have a favorite dish that you should serve when they are there, if the dish is mastered, they will love it even more. 

3) Why You Should Upgrade Cafe Equipment  

It is very important to both upgrade your cafe equipment and buy new equipment, as your business expands. Stoves are needed to cook your food and are unusable when cooking a meal, this means if you wish to cook multiple meals at once, you must have additional stoves. With these stoves, you need to also have countertops to display and sell your meals. To keep your meals from spoiling, purchase a refrigerator that can store food for later use is extremely important and helpful.  

Keeping your store aesthetically pleasing contributes to customer satisfaction and will help you increase your cafe rating all the way up to a 5-star restaurant. 

Tip: Having a lot of commodities is helpful, but customers also like good spacing and empty space. Make sure your restaurant looks nice, but is not overcrowded. 

4) Keep Your Customers Happy 

In Cafeland, your customers are your most valuable source of income both directly and indirectly. Their opinions matter and will influence the success of failure of your business. Customers will come in and buy your food that is displayed on the counter tops. They will leave messes on the floor and tables that you will need to clean up by tapping on them, they will leave tips on the table to be collected and either be happy, sad or neutral.  

Whether a customer is happy or sad, or has no opinion at all. They all influence your business. Every time they leave a mess, be quick to clean it, no one likes a messy cafe and by cleaning it, you will receive a modest number of coins.  

Happy customers will come in with a green smiley face above their heads, clicking this will earn you coins, experience points and sometimes a dropped item needed to craft a special sauce. Unhappy customers will have a sad face above their heads and will often have a suggestion on how to make the cafe even better.  

4) Earn Coins Through Achievements  

Achievements are a great way to level yourself up and make a lot of coins. With coins being the in-game currency, having a lot of them is important when wanting to expand your business and invest. The phrase, “you have to spend money to make money” is very relevant and completing different achievements will help you master the game.  

5) What are the Uses of Coins and Cash 

The in-game currency is coins, which can be used to decorate your cafe, expand it, replace floor tiles, wallpaper, fun things like arcade games and kitchen appliances. When you run low on coins it can be very difficult to make your business successful. Without coins, you cannot make food to sell which is your simplest way of making revenue.  

Cash on the other hand, is the premium currency which can be bought for real money, or earned by leveling up and reaching specific achievements. Cash can be used to speed up the time it takes for a dish to be ready, it can be used to purchase more coins and is a fast way to advance in the game. 

6) Expand your Store 

As you increase the quality and quantity of dishes you serve and your ratings go up, you will need to expand your store. By expanding your store you can have more customers, more ovens, countertops, vending machines and create an overall positive experience for your customers.  

When expanding you need to be a certain player level and have a specific number of coins. It is very worthwhile to have a larger restaurant, it does require more maintenance, but will make you more successful. 

8) How to Craft Sauces  

CafeLand also has a simple crafting system. You can craft different sauces from dropped items that are acquired by performing different actions. These sauces that you create can be used to speed up the cooking time of a dish, help sell a dish for more money or unspoil a dish that went bad.  

9) Spin the Lucky Chef for Surprise Gifts 

Every 12 hours you have the chance to spin the lucky chef spin, this wheel gives you the opportunity to win some great prizes that are all FREE! Free is a price that no one can argue with, but is a price that can make you some extra money in the game. This free spin is great when you are low on coins and are struggling to cook anything for lack of coins. 

10) Increasing your Player Level 

Increasing your player level is extremely important in the progression of the game. As you level up, you unlock more recipes, more appliances, furniture and a horde of other goodies! Increasing your player level also gives you some premium currency, special items and will unlock new challenges. 

Get on your chef hat and start creating masterful recipes in CafeLand World Kitchen! Expand your cafe and enjoy the profits of your effort. You can truly customize your shop by changing the wallpaper, floors, adding windows and doors, and other aesthetically pleasing items.  

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