BunnyBuns Guide: Tips, Hints and Tricks to Grow Your Magical Bakery

Anurag Ghosh

I am a big fan of Hyperbeard. Their charming games are easy-to-play and very addictive. From the most addictive Kleptocats to the extremely relaxing Tsuki Adventure, every game is known for its aesthetics and simple, relaxing gameplay.

Their latest game, BunnyBuns is a fun mix-n-match game that lets you help a cute bunny manage his own bakery and serve customers.

By mixing feelings and fillings, the bunny uses his mystical baking powers to make delicious buns and cakes for his customers. Happy customers will pay coins, but later they will become your loyal customers and give mementoes as a sign of trust and friendship.  

In BunnyBuns, a baked good is prepared using two main ingredients – Feeling and Filling. Feelings are actually “shapes” and Fillings are “colors”.

As you progress you will unlock different shapes and colors for new recipes. When a customer demands a baked good, its picture displayed above him. You will have to ascertain its shape and color before making the baked good.  

Shapes can be found on the left side of the screen and colors or fillings can be found on the right side of the screen. In this guide, we will mention fillings as “colors” to make it easier for you to understand. You will have to drag a shape from the left shelf to the table and then drag a color from the right shelf to the table.

Next, tap the mix button to combine them. Now rapidly tap the bunny a few times to create a baked good and then drag it towards a customer to feed him and get coins from him. The game is easy to play and this guide will help you earn more coins, trust, friendship and star ratings from your customers:  

1. Pay Attention to the Color and Shape of a Baked Recipe 

Mix appropriate shapes and colors as per customer demands when making baked goods. When a customer arrives with an order, you should first check the color of the baked good and then its shape.


For example: If a customer demands a pastry which is pinkish in color, you will have to mix a triangular feeling or shape with a blue filling or color to complete his request.

In the same way, if another customer demands an orange colored bunny, you will have to mix a bunny shape with orange carrot to complete his request.  

2. Feelings or Fillings?  

Sometimes, a customer demands only color (filling) or shape (feelings). In such situations, tap the requested color on the right shelf and mix it with any shape of your choice.

Customer's May Demand Only Filling or Feeling

If the product request is the outline of a shape, then select the requested shape and then mix it with any color to make a baked good.  

3. Look Out for Flipped Shapes 

BunnyBuns is an easy-to-play puzzle game, but many times, it throws a challenge, making is difficult for players to figure out the shape of a baked product.

Some customers will request a product that has a flipped shape. For example: A customer may demand a product with a flipped crescent moon, making it difficult for you to recognize his demands. Keep an eye on such challenging product requests and don’t hurry!  

4. How to Reset Ingredient Selection 

So, you have mistakenly selected the wrong shape and color and couldn’t find a way to remove them from the table? No worries! Just replace the wrong ingredients with the right ones by tapping them on the shelf. That’s it. Now tap the mix button and tap the cute bunny to make him combine them to create a deliciously new baked product. 

5. Get Personal Trinkets from Customers  

Every time you complete a customer’s request, you not only earn coins, but also fill their heart meters. When a customer’s heart meter is full, he/she showers love in the form of gifts. These gifts are their special personal belongings.  

Get Gifts from Customers

Once you get a special gift from a customer, you can share it via a social networking site to earn free coins. 

You can check your trinket collection by tapping bunny’s photograph on the top of the screen and tapping the tiny trinket portrait under each customer’s profile page.  

6. How to Earn Coins 

Coins can be used to speed up time when the cute bunny is taking a nap after a hard day’s work, purchase a new cookbook or buy new clothes and hats for your cute bunny.

You will have to spend 150 coins to speed up time. You will receive coins from clients when you fulfill their requests, but there are several other ways to get free coins BunnyBuns:  

1. Tap your coins collection on the upper-right corner of the screen and then tap “Free Coins”. Complete simple offers, such as installing an app to get lots of coins.  

2. Many times, you will see a ginger man walking across the screen, holding a banner titled Ad. You will have to tap him and watch a short video to get coins. You will also see a hot cuppa somewhere in the corner of the bakery. Tap it and watch a video to get free coins. These two usually appear when the bunny takes a nap, but they can also appear randomly while playing.  

Watch Video to Obtain Coins

3. Keep fulfilling customer requests and fill their hearts. They will keep coming to taste your delicious cakes and buns. When a customer’s heart is full, he will give you a gift. Tap the share button underneath the gift’s portrait to earn bonus coins.  

4. You may also receive some rewards, most probably coins when you complete jigsaw puzzles. Happy customers randomly give jigsaw puzzle pieces.

Each customer has his/her own jigsaw board, which you can see after tapping the bunny frame on the top of the screen. Complete jigsaw puzzles and you might get a surprise gift. Do let us know what rewards you receive when you complete a jigsaw puzzle via our comment form.    

5. When the cute bunny takes a nap, you can play an Arkanoid-like mini-game to earn extra coins. Make sure the ball hits heart-shaped coins if you want to earn them. 

6. Login daily to get rewards in the form of coins.  

Tip: Don’t waste coins on hats and clothes in the beginning. You will need them to speed up nap time or unlock a new cookbook.  

Sometimes, you may just have to watch a video to speed up nap time. The word “Ad” will usually appear below the triangle on the lower-left corner of the screen.  Tap it to watch an video and the cute bunny will open shop.  

7. Make the Food Inspector Happy to get a Star Rating for your Bakery 

Every now and then, a grumpy food inspector will visit your bakery requesting three different baked goods in a specific order. If you complete his requests, you will not only receive coins but also fill his star meter.

Get Stars from the Food Inspector

When his star meter is full, he will award you with a star. Earning stars from him will not only improve your bakery’s star rating, but also bring new customers to your bakery, which will ultimately mean more profits.   

Hint: The food inspector usually arrives soon after bunny nap ends. Carefully look at the color and shape of each requested bun before making one.  

8. Upgrade Cookbook to Unlock New Recipes 

Upgrade your cookbook to unlock new recipes in BunnyBuns. You should do this as happy customers will expect new products. If you keep serving old products, you will receive fewer and fewer coins, so you will quickly need to upgrade your cookbook once you accumulate the required amount of coins.  

Upgrade CookBook to Attract New Customers

When you upgrade a cookbook, a new ingredient shelf appears on the bakery. This shelf contains new Feelings and Fillings. Tap the arrow just above the bunny to get a new list of shapes and colors. Once upgraded, customers will start demanding new products, which you can create by mixing shapes and colors in the new ingredients shelf. 

9. Get Codes from Social Networking Sites 

Like most Hyperbeard games, BunnyBuns lets you enter a code to receive rewards. You will have to tap menu > settings (gear icon) and then tap the paper and pencil icon on the bottom of the settings screen. Now enter codes to get rewards. You might find safe codes in these places:  

1. https://twitter.com/HyperBeard

2. https://www.facebook.com/pg/HyperBeardGames/posts/  

If you have any working codes, then do let us know via the comment form below.