Bullet Echo Consumables Guide: How to use Items and Upgrades

Anurag Ghosh

Bullet Echo is a top-down battle royale game from Zeptolab. The game offers a fast-paced multiplayer shooting experience. It’s a team-based game, so make sure you always band together with other players in your team to emerge victorious.  

Item tiles and upgrade tiles are scattered all across the map. They can be picked up automatically when a hero stands near them. It will take a few seconds to pick up an item. A circle appears when he stands next to an item. It should fill up to collect that item.  

Here’s a list of items and upgrades and tips on how to use them in Bullet Echo:   

Ammo (Bullet tile): Your character will be equipped with the main weapon automatically once he picks up ammo. Check the number of bullets on the ammo tile. The more bullets it has, the more ammo you will obtain. While shooting, make sure you tap on the reload button once you see less amount of ammo loaded.  

Armor enhancer, suppressor and bullet tiles
Bullet, Suppressor and Armor Enhancer Tiles

Armor (blue bullet-proof jacket tile): When your character collects armor, the bar below his green health bar fills up. When he gets hit, his armor bar will always decrease first and when his armor bar is empty, his health bar will start reducing with each hit.  

First aid kit, armor, foregrip and scope tiles
White Cross First-Aid Tile

First Aid Kit (White cross tile): Go near a first aid kit to collect it. You can then restore your character’s health any time by tapping on the cross button located on the right side of the screen.  

Explosive rounds
Explosive Rounds Tile (In Green)

Explosive Rounds (Two big bullets with an arrow): This item has a green background. When you collect this item, it will increase damage and armor piercing of your main weapon by a certain percentage. Increasing armor piercing means that enemy’s armor will reduce at a faster rate when you shoot him.  

– Upgrade tiles usually have a green background. Upgrades augment various parts of your weapon, such as scope, clip, hand guard (foregrip) etc. There is also an armor upgrade. There are six types of upgrades:  

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Armor Enhancer or Reinforced Armor: (Armor with an arrow tile): Increases the armor capacity. When you pick up this upgrade, the volume of your hero’s armor bar (which is below his health bar) increases a bit, so the next time you collect an armor, you will gain additional armor points if you already have this upgrade. 

Scope (Weapon with scope tile): Increases your weapon’s aiming distance and accuracy. Your hero automatically attacks when the enemy enters the cone of the red light that emanates from his weapon. When you collect this upgrade, the length of the cone will increase, and this will ensure that your character will shoot at the enemy automatically from a greater distance. Scope also increases attack accuracy, so when you shoot enemies, you will hit a greater number of times.  

Bullet Echo - Upgrades and Items
Foregrip and Scope

Foregrip or Handguard: Check the above screenshot to know how the foregrip looks like. It’s on the right side of scope upgrade tile. It improves your aiming accuracy by a certain percentage, which means that his hits will be more accurate and less bullets will be wasted/dispersed during combat.  

Visor - Binocular like icon

Visor: (Binocular-like Tile): Increases your hero’s field of view (FoV) or the white/red cone. You will be able to spot enemies and items from a distance way better than before.  

Magazine or weapon clip tile
Magazine or Clip Upgrade Tile

Advanced Magazine (Magazine/clip tile with an arrow): Improves your weapon’s clip size, which means you can reload more ammo than usual. It also improves reload speed. When you are reloading your weapon, a yellow circle appears around your hero. He completes reloading once the circle is full. When you collect this upgrade, the circle will fill up faster, thereby speeding up reloads.  

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Suppressor or Silencer (Pistol with a silencer icon): Decreases the sound of shots fired from a weapon. When you collect this upgrade and then shoot at an enemy, his allies won’t be able to see those yellow shooting icons or the bullet trajectories. These yellow shooting icons appear in the direction of the shooting.