Bug Heroes – Tower Defense: Codes November 2023

Charles Judd
Bug Heroes - Tower Defense

The Bug Heroes universe continues to expand, with Bug Heroes – Tower Defense being its latest entry. Though it’s a fresh format in the franchise, many fans are showing love for the game.

As it finished its beta phase, many anticipated promo codes for November 2023. But are there any? If so, how can you redeem them? Read on to find out.

Bug Heroes - Tower Defense - Intro
Photo: Foursaken Media

Codes for Bug Heroes – Tower Defense

Unfortunately, there are no active codes for Bug Heroes – Tower Defense, at least at the time of this writing. Don’t be downhearted yet, though, because we will update the table below if we find any.

None YetNone Yet

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Bug Heroes - Tower Defense battle
Photo: Foursaken Media

How to Redeem Codes

One thing that gets many new players puzzled is where to enter promo codes in the game. In many tower defense classics, like Action TD and Maze Defenders, you can do this by going to the settings or the developer’s official webpage.

This isn’t the case with Bug Heroes TD. You might see an interesting function in the fourth section when you go to Options mid-match or in the home panel.

Restore Code
Photo: Foursaken Media

There’s a Restore Code button, which is not similar to a redeem code function. The Restore Code feature is a system that lets you transfer your gaming data across several devices.

Where to Get Codes

Indeed, there are currently no codes and no way to register codes in Bug Heroes – Tower Defense. However, that could change in the future. Who knows?

Nevertheless, the developers at Foursaken Media release other types of promotional materials from time to time.

You can search their social accounts in your browser manually or go back to the Options section of the game. On the right side are three social icons that will lead you out of the game and into their official online communities.

Social links
Photo: Foursaken Media

Other Ways to Earn Rewards

Note that Foursaken Media doesn’t issue a lot of promos. So, to get ahead in the game, you must learn ways to earn a bounty outside of battles.

Complete Missions

A perfect win in Bug Heroes – Tower Defense means you’ve protected the base without it taking little to no damage. However, do not forget to complete missions along the way.

Missions will give you XP that will raise your season Bug Rank. Like Call of Duty Mobile, reaching a season milestone will grant you exciting prizes.

Missions late
Photo: Foursaken Media

The missions and season pages are placed side-by-side on the right of the Status icon on the home screen.

Collect Freebies

Bug Heroes – Tower Defense’s store is located on the bottom left side of the home screen. Four out of five of its subsections have freebies.

To claim them, you have to watch ads first. After that, you will get not only the promised bonus XP for VIP Rank. This is similar to Bug Rank, but the rewards are premium.

You can view your VIP standing beside the season icon at the top right of the home screen. You can also make purchases to boost your level.

VIP Tank progress
Photo: Foursaken Media


Although there’s a low chance of getting codes for Bug Heroes – Tower Defense, it’s nothing to worry about. There are other ways to earn extra rewards in the game, and it’s enough to keep yourself engaged.

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