BTS World Guide: How to Win Missions

BTS World Guide
(Last Updated On: November 25, 2022)

Netmarble’s BTS World is a treat for all K-pop fans. And this app gives them a big responsibility – to become BTS’s manager. You will not only have to help popular BTS stars make their debut but also bring the team together for the ultimate Bangtan Boys live show. The game’s packed with photos, videos, tidbits and a lot of great content exclusive for fans and fanatics.  

BTS World is divided into several chapters. You will have to complete each chapter by finishing story-based missions. If you see the level map, you will notice two icons – a card with a star in the middle and a callout. Levels with card icons are called “missions”.

You will have to complete them in order to finish certain tasks that are part of the story and the K-pop band you are managing. Levels with call-outs are part of the big BTS story mode. You will have to complete each call-out and card level to finish a chapter. 

In a particular BTS World mission, your goal is to reach a score target to complete it. You will receive rewards in the form of items and gold. In this guide, we will explain how to win card levels, obtain wings and acquire member cards:  

1. Calculate Total Stats of Each Card Before Selection 

As you progress through a chapter via the callout levels, you will acquire BTS member cards. You can use these cards in missions to beat target score. In a mission, you will have to select a member card whose combined stats should be greater than the target score.  

Each card has four stats – Wisdom (blue graduation cap), Stamina (green lightning bolt), Passion (orange flower) and Empathy (heart).

Select the card that has the highest combined stat value to beat the target score. You can use a calculator to quickly ascertain which card holds the highest value. Just punch in the stat numbers on your calculator and add them up to know which card can beat the score target.  

BTS World Guide

In some missions, the score target will be much higher and you will need more than one card (there will be additional slots) to go past it. Select the best cards, including the one with the highest combined stat followed by second highest/third highest to beat the score.  

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2. Get a Higher Bonus Score with this Trick 

Bonus points added to a specific stat can boost your total card stats tremendously. Here’s a trick to get a higher bonus score in BTS World:  

Each mission requires a specific stat to begin with. The “required stats” section can be seen at the top of the mission screen. The required stat also attracts bonus points when the game calculates your chosen card’s total stats value against the target score.

The trick is to choose a card with a high stat required by a mission. For example: If the required stat is stamina, then select a card that has the highest value of its stamina stat.

The higher the stat value, the more bonus points you will receive and these points will be added to the total. The game also highlights the highest stat value, so tap on each card to quickly find out which of the card’s required stat has the highest value. 

3. Upgrade Cards to Increase Stats Value 

Many times, it won’t be possible for you to reach the target score. This is because the game will increase the target score which your cards won’t be able to compete with. No worries! All you have to do is level up your cards to increase their stat value so that you can easily beat the target score on your next attempt.

To level-up a card you will need EXP, which you will get by using flowers and bouquets. You can them as rewards from clearing missions. The XP bar of a card must fill up to reach the next level. You may have to use more flowers/blossoms to get more XP and fill up the XP bar faster to reach a new level.    

On the level map screen tap the “+” icon on the lower-right corner of the screen. Now tap “Manage Cards”. Now tap a card. Next, tap a flower or a bouquet and then tap the “level up” button. You will receive EXP as per a flower’s grade.

There are three grades – 1. Blossom, 2. Flower and 3. Bouquet. Blossom increases a card’s EXP by a small amount. Flower (middle one) increases EXP by a moderate amount and the third grade, i.e. bouquet boosts a card’s EXP by a large amount.

The first flower is easy to acquire and you will obtain it after every completed mission. However, chances to acquire the second and third grade flowers are less.  

4. How to Get Wings 

You will need wings to play a mission. Each mission requires four wings. Your wing meter on the upper left corner of the screen recharges by one wing every 6 minutes.

Keep playing missions and engage with different BTS World members in story mode to level up. When you level up, your wings meter will not only recharge fully, the wing limit will also be increased, making way for acquiring more wings.  

Keep an eye on notifications. Sometimes, the game will offer bonus wings and ask you to login immediately to claim them before they expire. Never miss such one-time offers!   

5. Replay Levels to Obtain Blossoms and Flowers 

You can play previously completed missions any time to get additional player XP and rewards such as gold and card upgrade items. The bonus player XP is added to your XP bar and when it’s full, you can level up and recharge wings.

Please note that you will consume wings when you replay a mission. Try to obtain three stars in every mission by filling the score meter completely and get more rewards.

You will also obtain rewards when you acquire a certain number of stars. Collect a total of 10 stars to get 1000 gold, collect 20 to get level up items and gems etc. Star rewards can be seen on the left side of the home screen.  

6. How to Get New Member Cards 

As you keep plying BTS World, you will need higher grade member cards to beat target scores in missions. Going through each stage of a chapter is one way to acquire cards and by the time you reach Chapter 1-11, you will obtain 4 member cards.

Another way to acquire cards is through “Draw”. You might get a 1-star to 3-star card from a free draw that’s available every 24 hours. You can also use gold to 1 star- 5-star card from gold draws. Since gold or coins can be obtained easily through missions, you might amass a lot of cards using gold. 

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