BTS Island: In the SEOM Guide – Tips and Strategies

Anurag Ghosh
(Last Updated On: November 25, 2022)

BTS members are trapped on a secluded island and only the A.R.M.Y can rescue them – Yes, that’s you and millions of fans who are playing BTS Island: In the SEOM right now! Help them explore the island, build a shelter, find resources and repair their private boat to escape the island. There’s one way to do this – clear puzzle levels to earn stars and finish “Today’s Missions” to progress through the game.

BTS Island: In the SEOM

You can also take part in their conversations by choosing the right answers, which will ultimately help them find a solution to their problems. The members will react according to your choice. Our BTS Island: In the SEOM tips and strategies will help you earn stars fast, increase members’ happiness scores, and complete puzzle levels using power-ups and combos.

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Power-Ups and How to Create Them

Power-ups play a very crucial role in completing levels. You can finish a puzzle level way quicker, before running out of moves, to earn stars. The stars can then be used to complete missions, which help you progress through the story. Here’s how to create all four power-ups in BTS Island:

Power-Ups in BTS Island Game Board

1. Connect 4 blocks of the same color to make a Rocket Power-up. Double-tap the power-up or swap its place with a block next to it to activate the rocket. The rocket will fire off, clearing all blocks in a single row or column according to the position of the BTS logo in the power-up.

Pay attention to the BTS logo in the rocket power-up. The logo will be positioned vertically and clear all blocks in a single column if you match four blocks in a row. Matching four blocks vertically will create a rocket power-up with the BTS logo positioned horizontally. Double-tap it to clear all blocks in a single row.

2. You can create a Bomb Power-up if you connect 5 blocks of the same color in a T or L shape. Swap the power-up’s place with a block next to it or double-it to blow it. It will clear several blocks around it. The blast radius of the bomb power-up is quite large in BTS Island: In the SEOM.

3. Connecting 4 blocks in a square will create a Top Power-Up. Double-tap the Top to set it off. It will fly directly to the mission objective. So if your mission objective is to clear 8 leaf blocks, the top will fly to a random leaf and remove it from the board, making it slightly easier for you to save a move and reach a mission goal faster.

4. 5 blocks in a straight line is a rare sight, but make sure you seize the opportunity whenever you find one. Connect 5 blocks in a row or column to create Blast Power-Up. It can be activated in two ways:

  1. Swapping its place with a block next to it: This will remove all the blocks of the same color as the one the Blast power-up switched places with.
  2. Double-Tapping the power-up: Doing this will remove all blocks of a random color.

Power-Up Combos You Need to Know

Each puzzle level has a limited number of moves, displayed on the left side of the screen, next to the purple arrows. You will lose a life (denoted by hearts) if you fail to complete a level within the given number of moves. This is where power-ups come into play! And what better way to finish a level faster than by combining two power-ups! Here’s a list of all power-up combinations in BTS Island: In the SEOM. They will help you clear more blocks and reach your objectives before you run out of moves:

Combine two Blast power-ups

1. Rocket + Rocket Power-Up: Clears a row and column at the same time.

2. Rocket + Bomb: Clears three rows and columns of blocks simultaneously.

3. Bomb or Rocket + Top: The top will fly with the bomb or rocket to the mission objective. When it lands, the bomb or rocket power-up will be set off automatically, clearing several blocks at once.

4. Top + Top: Combine two tops to create extra tops. You will see multiple tops moving flying in random directions and clearing the mission objective for you.

5. Bomb + Bomb: Will trigger a bigger explosion. The explosion radius will be much larger, clearing lots of blocks at once.

6. Bomb/Top/Rocket + Blast: Combine the blast power-up with a bomb/top/rocket to reproduce multiple bombs/tops/rockets scattered all over the game board. They will set off automatically, making it far easier for you to complete your objectives and finish a level.

Blast + Blast: A rare combo, but if you find a blast power-up next to another blast power-up, combine them to clear the entire board.

Use Power-Ups to Activate the BTS Bomb

Every time you use a power-up, you fill the BTS Bomb gauge on the left side of the puzzle board. Use 10 power-ups to activate the BTS Bomb.

The BTS Bomb dance!

A big BTS symbol bomb will explode right on the puzzle board, clearing several blocks at once.

Tip: The coins earned from a completed puzzle level can be used to purchase additional moves when you are out of moves in a failed puzzle.

How to Increase Happiness Score of Members

Members leveling up their happiness
Reach new happiness levels to earn rewards.

Increasing members’ happiness level/score grants cool rewards, such as costumes, boosters, tools, and diamonds. Tap the members’ icon on the bottom-left corner of the screen, next to the shovel. Tap on each member to see his profile page.

The happiness gauge below member portrait

Fill the happiness bar under each member’s portrait to unlock new gifts. When the bar is full, a member levels up and the player receives a reward. Here’s how to reach happiness level fast:

1. Complete Missions: The mission icon is in the lower-left corner of the screen. Tap to view “Today’s missions”. You will need stars to complete a mission. Some missions may need more than one star to complete. Earn stars from puzzle levels. When you finish a mission, all members receive happiness points and their score increases together.

2. Choose Member Answers: Sometimes during a mission, members talk to each other if they are stuck in their tasks. During conversations, members try to resolve a problem and each member presents a solution to get things fixed. Choosing an appropriate answer for a member increases his happiness level. Just tap the “Select” button next to a member’s answer to increase his happiness score.

Select answers to increase happiness
Tap Select to choose a member’s answer and increase his happiness level. Example: Jung Kook’s happiness score will increase if you select his answer

3. Drop a Member Into an Interactive Object: You can interact with certain “deco” objects by placing members on them. You can easily spot an interactive deco item from the smiley icon above it. The smiley icon suggests that a member can be dropped into the object. The ARMY Bomb stand and SUGA’s brown piano are examples of interactive objects in BTS Island In the SEOM.

Smiley's above interactive objects

You can obtain these objects from the Lucky Box. Tap the shopping cart icon > lucky box. You get 1 free lucky box every day, but you can open more boxes using diamonds and tickets. You might also obtain deco items from missions.

Lucky Box

To place a member on an interactive object, long tap on him to lift him up and drop him into the object. The member will start interacting with the object to increase his happiness score. Each interactive deco object has a cooldown time. You will have to wait before you can use it again. You can drop another member on the same object once the smiley icon appears above it again.

Drop a BTS member on an object to gain happiness.
Drop a BTS member onto an object to start interacting with it.

Besides deco objects, some buildings can also increase the happiness of members. You can start using these buildings once the members finish repairing them. The same smiley icon will appear above such buildings, suggesting a possible interaction with them. Drop a BTS member into such buildings to increase his happiness.

Get Your Pre-Registration Rewards

If you have pre-registered for BTS Island, then you are up for a pleasant surprise. Tap the chat icon (it has a purple background) on the bottom-left corner of the screen and then tap the mailbox tab to claim your BTS Island: In the SEOM pre-registration rewards:

Get the ARMY Bomb Stand as pre-registration rewards in BTS Island
  1. ARMY Bomb Stand (Interactive object)
  2. 200 Diamonds

Claim them before the expiration date.

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