BrownDust2 – Ultimate Tier List + Reroll Guide

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Brown Dust 2, a starry adventure RPG by Neowiz Games, has no shortage of cute and deadly characters. It is ultimately a gacha, notorious for bleeding your wallet dry in one go. Trying to reroll a good character? How do you even get started?

Despite all this, getting your money’s worth can be tough, and rightfully so. Therefore, in this guide, we will be listing all the characters based on their assumed tiers to ensure you know what to target, and how to target it!

So, with that said, let’s dive right in!

Brown Dust 2 Tier List

Justia Banner

Before jumping into anything else, let’s first try to establish what we’re aiming to fish out from the gacha. We’ll go from rank SS to rank C, understanding how strong each character truly is.

TierCharacter NameElementStar Rating
SSWhite Reaper – JustiaLight Element5-Star
SSThe Destruction – AlecFire Element5-Star
SSKind Liberator – SamayDark Element4-Star
SSPriest of Vitality – ArinesLight Element3-Star
SSLoyal Butler – AndrewLight Element4-Star
SSTop Idol – HelenaLight Element5-Star
SGentle Maid – AnastasiaFire Element5-Star
SSteel Engine – RafinaWater Element5-Star
SThe Curse – CeliaDark Element5-Star
SThe Sharpshooter of the Mist – GrayWind Element5-Star
SThe Fiend Scholar – OlsteinWind Element5-Star
SDesert Flower – SylviaWater Element5-Star
SKiller Doll – LeclissWind Element4-Star
SLovely Lady – EliseFire Element5-Star
SLiberated Marauder – KryDark Element4-Star
AThe Mighty Warrior of the Tribe – BeatriceFire Element3-Star
AWhite Cat – RouDark Element5-Star
ABeautiful Girl Devotee – JaydenLight Element4-Star
AThorn of the Desert – RubiaFire Element4-Star
ASeductive Wings – LucreziaDark Element4-Star
ACode Name O – EliseFire Element5-Star
ARodev’s Star – LiatrisFire Element5-Star
AThe Dimension Witch – EclipseDark Element5-Star
AHaggard Delinquent – EmmaLight Element3-Star
AAnvil of Creation – LaylaLight Element4-Star
ABomb in the Hoodie – WiggleFire Element3-Star
BHealer – JulieWind Element3-Star
BWandering Priest – LisianneWind Element4-Star
BThe Mercenary Knight – CarlsonWater Element3-Star
BThe Lapis Witch – ScheherazadeWater Element5-Star
BRighteous Raider Girl – BernieWind Element4-Star
BLittle Hunter – RigenetteWind Element4-Star
BDemon’s Daughter – SeirDark Element3-Star
BPiercing Magic Bow – EleaneerDark Element5-Star
BAngel of Destruction – TeresseWater Element5-Star
CMedicinal Herb Tracker – LathelWater Element5-Star
CWarmth within the Severe Cold – SynthiaWater Element3-Star
CKardis’ Bullet – IngridWater Element3-Star
CArchmage – MariaDark Element3-Star
CApprentice Spearman – LydiaWater Element3-Star
CFredWind Element3-Star
CRemnuntWater Element3-Star

Reroll Guide

Reroll Banner

Brown Dust 2 massively relies on its gacha system for character and in-game progression. The stronger the character you pull, the better chance you have of progressing further.

With all the bonuses you get from the signup stage, it’s really important you do things right from the get-go.

Infinite Gacha

Main Tutorial Quest

During the tutorial story quests, you will reach a point where you can play the gacha for the very first time. However, this one is special, allowing you to reroll as many times as you want until you’re happy with what you got.

Once you confirm the result, those characters, weapons, and suits from your latest reroll will be added to your comp. While most of the characters are transferred over from the first brown dust, there are some new additions as well.

If you refer to the tier list above, you need to try to pull a character with its weapon. If you’re only trying to learn the ropes, and understand how the game works, the Alec is your best bet.

Characters Not To Opt For

Sure, you’ve seen the tier list, and you might be wondering why we didn’t opt for Justia or Schehrazade.

That’s because you would be getting them for free later on, and thus, you want to pull other strong characters that can help you attain the top rank.

In this case, you would be getting the following:

  • Lathel
  • Jutia
  • Schehrazade
  • Gray

Double Rolling

Code S Banner

As mentioned previously, you don’t want to be pulling characters that you’re already going to get. While the game does have a double reroll mechanic that strengthens your base character, it’s not worth it in early stages.

That’s because you get an insane amount of diamond and rolling boost in early game in terms of resources. Once you’ve burned through all of that, only farming misery remains.

Hence, having more 5*s is better than having lesser but stronger 5*, since you can strengthen your characters later as well.

Stack Your Rerolls

Integrated Draw

While it’s not explicitly stated, rerolling in batches tend to yield much better results than rolling when you can.

Therefore, you need to save up on resources, bid your time, wait for banners that catch your fancy, and finally bite when the iron is hot enough. But don’t forget, the meta is constantly changing and evolving.

Sure, some characters might be in meta longer than others, but it’s always best to do fresh research before going all-in on a roll.

Resisting The Temptation

Code S Banner Animation

We’ve all been a victim of this at some point or the other. Yes, rerolling is adrenaline-inducing and fun, but you don’t want to be overcommitting on pulling a certain character.

The odds are extremely low, and it’s much better to invest on a more “complete” roster than a custom-fitted one, especially in the early stages of the game.

Stacking Synergies

Gacha Banner

This goes without saying, but you want your team to have a purpose. This won’t matter much in the early stages, but once you start to get the hang of things, you’d realize each stage requires in insane level of strategy.

You can only make a star-fitted roster for so long. So instead, focus on a team that has a distinct purpose. The knockbacks, the try skips, and other abilities of your characters form synergies.

The better the synergy between your team, the easier it will be to just bulldoze through most of the content without having to worry much.

Issues You Need To Think About

The game is quite good on a fundamental level. You have nice graphics, challenging battles, and a variety of characters, but there are some factors, that, if not considered beforehand, make Brown Dust 2 feel unplayable.

Gear Gacha Is Your Worst Enemy

Lathel Pull

This cannot be stressed enough, but the Gear Gacha of this game is so unbalanced, you’d need to have the devil’s luck to pull something good out of this.

Each character needs something fitted for their kit, but the pick rates for such weapons are down to the tenth of a decimal, meaning you’d be much better off focusing on the characters instead.

However, the weapons are needed in the later stages of the game. Thus, you want to be able to pull out something decent in the infinite gacha or there’s no point.

Luckily, the game doesn’t make you feel obligate to pull them whenever the banner is up, so you can take your sweet time collecting the resources you need to invest into the rabbit hole!

Most Characters Suck At Base

Knight of Blood Questline

In order to make you keep grinding, the game employs a bunch of tactics, letting you “feel” the progression the deeper you dive in. You’ve already pulled top-tier characters, but why do they feel so bad to play?

Welcome to the world of upgrading the innate level of your characters. Remember how I talked about the high-investment mechanic? In Brown Dust 2, some characters feel really strong to play, but fall off in the later stages of the game.

Conversely, there are characters that feel so bad at their base level, that you’d rather give them out for free. But once you start to invest in them, the entire equilibrium is blown wide open.

Suddenly, you feel the strongest you’ve ever felt, and it seems you’ve managed to create one cheat-level carry. However, reaching that level is a thorny path, and it requires a lot of grinding and micro-managing.

Free To Play Won’t Cut It

Collection Menu

Fortunately, this one is not as bad as other gacha RPGs. You have pre-defined ways of obtaining diamonds and items, and have the potential to becomes as strong as a paid player. However, the system restricts you by imposing limits.

You can only attempt a free roll once a day, and the diamonds aren’t an infinite resource. Each pull must have a meaning behind it. Yes there are new missions, and yes you have a lot to grind for, but in the end, you’re pulling out of one finite treasury.

Therefore, unless you’re going on a pay-to-win model, retaining a high-rank in Brown Dust 2 can feel nightmarish. To cut it some slack, you don’t necessarily need to be on the top of your peers, though, that’s where most of the ‘fun’ in gacha games come from.

Weapon Banners: Explained

Royaldite Banner

The Weapon Banners in Brown Dust 2 are a unique feature, giving players the chance to gain a character’s distinctive weapon. These exclusive weapons are tailored for each character and can provide a significant power boost.

Generally, the weapons showcased on these banners are the most effective for their respective characters. However, there are certain considerations that might lead you to rethink participating in the Weapon Banners in Brown Dust 2, both presently and in the future.

Should You Invest in Them?

Lucrezia Pull

The short answer is, probably not. You should refrain from participating in Brown Dust 2 Weapon Banners, unless you are a paid player and invest in the game to gain more in-game currency. They are simply not worth it.

Furthermore, if you are aiming to be within the top 1% in PVP, the Weapon Banners are almost certainly a must. Character pulling always ensures value, contrasting with Brown Dust 2 Weapon Banners that are wholly dependent on RNG.

Yet, for the larger player community, these banners should be generally avoided. The issue does not lie in the weapons’ worth, which is quite substantial. In fact, they are among the game’s most formidable weapons.

The challenge lies in the weapons’ randomized stats. Now, there is a significant chance of exhausting all your premium currency on a weapon that ends up being entirely ineffective due to subpar stat RNG.

Is Rerolling Early Worth It?

Celia Pull

In brief, the answer is a resounding yes. The advantages of possessing a high-ranking character early in the game cannot be overstated. In addition to providing a substantial boost to your game progression, it also offers a valuable entity on which you can focus your resources.

In the beginning phases of many games, resource accumulation can be a painstaking process. These resources, whether they are in the form of currency, upgrade materials, or character-specific items, are typically scarce and hard to come by. Thus, ensuring that your initial investments are worthwhile is crucial.

By rerolling early and securing a high-ranking character, you are essentially putting these hard-earned resources into a worthy vessel. This powerful character can not only lead your team to victory in early confrontations, but they can also help you gather more resources more efficiently as you progress in the game.

Moreover, this initial powerful character also provides a solid foundation for your team. As you continue to play, this character’s power and influence can be further amplified, allowing you to reach newer heights in your gaming journey.


In essence, gachas are always tricky to navigate through, and your decisions can have a lasting impact.

From determining who’s worthy of your precious resources, strategizing rerolls, to resisting the temptation of pulling certain characters, there are myriad factors that require your thoughtful consideration.

The intention of this guide has been to assist you in understanding these aspects and to provide a strategic framework for your gameplay. Be sure to check out our codes list for Brown Dust 2, happy gaming!

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