BrownDust 2 – Adventure RPG – Ultimate Beginners Guide

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This is BrownDust 2 beginners guide. Here you can find everything you should know about the game!

BrownDust 2 is an exciting Adventure RPG that finally launched globally for Android and iOS. The game took mobile RPGs on console-level graphics, allowing players to experience high-end 2D with overwhelming details.

BrownDust 2 is not only about the graphics. The game has many available modes, including user-vs-user PvP and Evil Castle, where you can explore the main storyline and complete different adventures. There is plenty of available content in BrownDust 2, and that makes the game pretty hard for beginners.


So, we’ve created an ultimate BrownDust 2 beginners guide. Here you can discover how BrownDust 2 works, learn more about the basic gameplay mechanics and even find valuable tips that can significantly improve your in-game experience. 

BrownDust 2 Gameplay

BrownDust 2 is an Adventure RPG with story-driven gameplay. The game features multiple storylines to explore, each separate from the others. The new storylines will be added to the game regularly so that we can expect much more content available in the future.


Progressing in BrownDust is made through completing daily diaries and different quests from NPCs. You will be supposed to gather ingredients, explore new locations, deliver messages and help complete various assignments. Developers did their best on the storyline, so you won’t get bored while completing quests in BrownDust 2.

BrownDust 2 Combat System 

Completing missions in BrownDust 2  will often lead to battles against deadly enemies, leading us to the second part of this guide – Combat System. Even though we all received explanations from Elin during the tutorial, you need to know much more to enjoy the game.

Attack Order

You can see your characters listed on the right part of the screen. Here you can manage the attack order. If placed like on the screenshot below, the attack order will be the following: 1 – Lathel, 2 – Justia,  3 – Beatrice, 4 – Alec, 5 – Bernie. 


One thing you should always keep in mind is that Supporters, Buffers, and Healers should always attack first. It allows you to reach the highest effectiveness during the battle.

SP Bar

Another combat system in BrownDust 2 is the SP bar at the bottom of the screen. Each skill consumes a certain amount of SP, with a maximum of 20 SP per battle.


Only a few characters in BrownDust 2 can restore SP, so you must prioritize spending SP on Buffers, Healers and Damage-Dealing AOE characters. In the early stages, you can put five AOE attackers into your team and lethal your opponent in one turn.

Preview Mode

Preview mode is the best helper for the average player in BrownDust 2. It shows the actual trajectory of your attacks, allowing you to predict the battle’s outcome before engaging it. You need always benefit from preview mode while planning your attacks.


Still, consider that Preview Mode takes the raw damage into the calculation. It doesn’t take into account boosts provided by Supporters/Buffers. Therefore, it would be best always to calculate damage on your own. 

BrownDust 2 Characters

At the time of writing, there are 67 playable characters in BrownDust 2. They are divided into unique classes by the elements they belong to, elaborated in the list below.

  • Fire
  • Light
  • Wind
  • Water
  • Darkness

Another division used in BrownDust 2 is Stars. The star’s level estimates the specific hero’s level cap and training up capabilities. The most powerful characters have five stars, while the weakest have only three. 


Still, the number of stars means nothing if you don’t know how to level up properly. Keep scrolling down, and you’ll learn how the levelling system in BrownDust 2 works.

BrownDust 2 Leveling Up

In BrownDust 2, things become more complex as you level up your heroes. The system works differently than the other Adventure RPGs; you may need additional explanation.

The level cap for characters is determined by the number of stars they have, with each star adding 20 levels. The highest possible level is 100. 


To reach it, players need to feed their characters with three resources: Yellow, Blue, and Red Slimes. Each Slime provides a specific amount of EXP. Red Slimes are the most valuable; thus, they are hardly accessible even to advanced players.


Still, more than relying on Slimes is required if you want to progress. Players also need to rank up their heroes every 20 levels. Every rank-up requires a unique resource – Rank Up Stars. These stars are even more inaccessible than Slimes.


BrownDust 2 Gear

Another option to improve your characters in BrownDust 2 is to use Gear. The system works similarly to other Adventure RPGs, but there are multiple nuances you should know.

Just like heroes, gear can be obtained from Draws. At the time of writing, there are only three draws that can bring gear:

  • Integrated Draw
  • Scheherazade Exclusive Gear Pick-Up
  • Justia Exclusive Gear Pick-Up

Every character has a unique gear set. You cannot use the same gear for all the heroes. Thus, you must spend a while opening the Draws to equip the team with the proper equipment. 


Every piece of equipment in BrownDust 2 improves the specific stat of your character. To reach the best effectiveness, aim at the following stats using the gear:

  • Crit Rate 
  • Crit DMG
  • ATK

Consider that adjusting the gear you use according to the battle is essential. For example, if you fight against enemies who use Magic Attacks, it would be best to work on Magic Resist.

BrownDust 2 Team Creating 

The last mechanic we would like to explain is team creation. In BrownDust 2, players can use up to five characters during the fight. Unfortunately, such a limitation doesn’t work for the enemies. 

To ensure a fair fight, selecting a proper team is essential. Your opponents have an advantage with up to eight or nine heroes. Thus, you must aim for balance and choose heroes that significantly increase your survival chances.


A solid-built team should always include at least one Healer and Buffer. These classes are underrated but bring significant impact to the victory. Also, having one to two AOE attackers on your team is important as they are meta. Including them in your strategy can increase your chances of achieving victory.

Regarding other heroes, we recommend you adjust them according to your opponent’s strategy. It will always have the most significant impact on the battle.

BrownDust 2 Reroll

Rerolling is one of the best things you can do in BrownDust 2 as a newcomer. It grants you a high-tier character, allowing you to complete early battles quickly.


At the time of writing, the best characters you can get from reroll are:

  • Anastasia, Gray, Helena, Sylvia, Olstein, Lisianne, Lecliss, Samay, Kry, Justia, Arines, Andrew, Alec

If you didn’t obtain one of these characters through rerolling, feel free to give it another try. It requires dedication and patience but remains one of the best methods to improve your in-game experience in BrownDust 2. 

And if you want to know how to complete a reroll and get some tips for it, let us know about it in the comments. We’ll prepare BrownDust 2 reroll guide & tier list so you can enjoy the game with the most powerful heroes.

BrownDust 2 – Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Once you know the basis of BrownDust 2, let’s dive deeper into tips and tricks. They can save you time and resources and make you focused on maximizing your profit while playing the game.

Change Battle Modes

Like in most Adventure RPGs, BrownDust 2 has two battle options Auto & Manual Battle. While most players tend to stick with Auto Battle, we highly recommend trying out both modes for a better in-game experience.


Auto Battle is perfectly suitable against weak enemies. It lets you put the phone away and enjoy a film or another video game while playing BrownDust 2. Also, you can auto-battle when you want to restore stamina after a challenging fight.

Manual Battle is the best choice for challenging fights and the late-game. It enhances your battle flexibility and lets you make the most of the characters’ cooldown periods. Try to master your Manual Battle skills from the start to be ready for the troubles in the future.

Complete Quests

In BrownDust 2, Season and Daily quests can test your dedication and commitment. Even the daily missions take up to 2 hours of playtime, which is an immersive amount of time for an Adventure RPG. It might be a tough pill to swallow, but it’s rewarding. 


Players can get Ability Pills, Gold, Dia, Slimes, Rank-Up Stars, and other resources by completing quests and progressing through the Season Pass. Also, Season Pass serves players Common Gear Material Chests. These chests contain materials for crafting gear. 


And if you’re willing to invest in the game and want to optimize your earnings, there is a Premium Season Pass. You can unlock numerous advantageous rewards, such as Draw Tickets and Recruitment Contracts, by paying a fixed price of 1,000 Dia (equivalent to 9.99 USD).


Plan Each Battle

While composing a powerful team and obtaining high-tier heroes is necessary, planning your battle is key to victory in BrownDust 2. While this skill cannot be learned in a matter of days, consistent practice can greatly improve the effectiveness of your plans.

Before each encounter, you need to modify your formation and lineup. Sticking to the tips we gave you earlier ensures good positioning so your team can reach the highest effectiveness. It is crucial to assess the strengths and weaknesses of your adversary and adjust your gameplay accordingly.


As you gain more experience, you can also integrate SP economy management into your combat tactics. While it may be challenging, mastering this skill can significantly increase your chances of success in battle.

And if you want to learn faster, head to YouTube and watch how professional players play. By analyzing their gameplay, you can significantly improve your skill and be the most effective during the battle.

Train Your Characters

In BrownDust 2, training heroes is much more important than you might think. Even the highest-tier characters are ineffective at their base level. Thus, you need to level up as you play the game constantly. 

The process requires resources and materials, so upgrading the hero to the maximum level might take a while. You must complete quests, participate in events, and claim other rewards to level up your hero. It might sound straightforward, but it is a highly complex process in practice.


The advice is to save your resources until you get a high-tier hero. Currently, the best characters in BrownDust 2 are:

  • Alec 
  • Andrew
  • Arines
  • Justia
  • Kry
  • Samay

These heroes are considered Tier S. If you are lucky one of them, feel free to invest all the available resources. Having at least one of them in your team can significantly improve your in-game experience.


Complete Achievements

If you have trouble getting Dia in BrownDust 2, completing achievements is the most straightforward way to solve your problem. There are ten categories of achievements, each with further elaboration:

  • Items
  • Quests
  • Characters
  • Growth
  • Fields
  • Villages
  • Mirror Wars
  • Evil Castle
  • Battles
  • Account

By completing achievements, players unlock Achievements Book and increase their Achievements Level. Each level rewards players with Dia and Gold, a premium currency that can be traded for different goods and Season Pass.


The higher your level, the more resources you receive. Players who reach the maximum level of 49 are rewarded with a generous amount of 4,000 Dia and 50,000 Gold, which even advanced players will find impressive.



And there you have it. That’s all you should know as a beginner in BrownDust 2. BrownDust 2 is more straightforward than many Adventure RPGs despite the wide range of available content.

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