Brawl Stars Codes – April 2024

Nazarii Verbitskiy

We’ve got the latest Brawl Stars Codes right here!

This is a worldwide famous multiplayer online battle arena game created by the Finnish studio of developers Supercell.

The game boasts 75 unique brawlers, interesting game modes, and customization that can improve your in-game experience.

In this guide, you’ll find the best Brawl Stars codes. These codes allow you to support your favorite content creator, so don’t miss your chance to redeem them!

brawl stars creator codes
Photo: Supercell

Creator Codes

Check out the list below and discover some of the best Brawl Stars creator codes:

  • akari
  • alexcalibur
  • Alvaro845
  • amie
  • anikilo
  • zmot
  • ark
  • artube
  • cwa
  • AshBS
  • ashtax
  • atchiin
  • aurelcoc
  • aurum
  • axael
  • bangskot
  • bbok
  • beak
  • BT1
  • bigvale
  • bigspin
  • bisect
  • brad
  • brocast
  • brunoclash
  • bucanero
  • buf
  • brawlify
  • Stats
  • cptnben
  • carbonfin
  • PAT
  • ChiefAvalon
  • bash
  • clash champs
  • clashgames
  • nery
  • cos
  • adda
  • clashdicas
  • shane
  • cwc
  • eric
  • avi
  • Cory
  • coltonw83
  • consty
  • corrupt
  • cosmic
  • wikibarbar
  • davidk
  • deckshop
  • decow
  • drekzenn
  • echo
  • elchiki
  • maxi
  • ewe
  • ferre
  • flobby
  • fullfrontage
  • galadon
  • gwn
  • GEDI
  • gizmo
  • godson
  • gouloulou
  • grax
  • guzzo
  • heybrother
  • itzu
  • jojonas
  • Destro
  • joe
  • jsgod
  • judo
  • june
  • Kairos
  • clashjo
  • kfc
  • kiokio
  • kius
  • klaus
  • ladyb
  • landi
  • ray
  • Lex
  • lightpollux
  • lukas
  • malcaide
  • menerv
  • Molt
  • morte
  • mbf
  • nana
  • nat
  • naxiva
  • Nyte
  • noobs
  • owl
  • optimus
  • OJ
  • ouah
  • oyungemisi
  • pitbullfera
  • crux
  • puuki
  • radical
  • rey
  • romain
  • royaleapi
  • rozetmen
  • ruruglou
  • shelbi
  • sidekick
  • moose
  • sirtag
  • chicken
  • huntah
  • trymacs
  • vinho
  • cauemp
  • WithZack
  • wonderbrad
  • yde
  • yosoyrick
  • Zsomac
  • sitrox
  • skullcrusher
  • soking
  • spanser
  • spartafail
  • spuik
  • starlist
  • stats
  • sumit007
  • surgicalgoblin
  • suzie

How To Redeem Brawl Stars Codes

brawl stars redeem codes
Photo: Supercell
  • First, players must start Brawl Stars
  • Once you are in the game, finish the tutorial and head to the Shop
  • Scroll right until you see the Content Creator Boost menu
  • Press the button Enter code to open the Codes menu
  • Put down the active creator code into a newly appeared text box
  • Tap on Enter and claim free rewards

Redeeming Brawl Stars codes in this awesome game is easier than you might think. We hope our instructions helped you with the process.

What Codes Do In This Game?

In Brawl Stars, codes don’t work like in most mobile games. Unfortunately, codes don’t provide free Gems, Coins, or Blings. What do codes do?

They allow players to support content creators and send them % from in-game purchases. However, keep in mind that you can only support one creator at a time.

Code Not Working?

Cannot redeem creator Brawl Stars codes? It might be caused by the incorrect spelling.

Please, re-enter the code and check if you haven’t made any mistakes. If the issue keeps appearing, it means the content creator stopped cooperating with Supercell. Let us know about the issue, and we’ll remove the expired code from our list.

How To Find New Brawl Stars Codes

brawl stars new codes
Photo: Supercell

Unfortunately, there is no social media account or website that collects all Brawl Stars content creator codes.

The most effective way to get more codes is to ask your favorite content creator if they have a code. You can also bookmark this article; we’ll keep adding more content creator codes.


That’s it with codes in Brawl Stars. Although the game doesn’t have active codes that can be used to get free Gems, Coins, or Brawlers, gamers can activate Brawl Stars codes.

This is to support content creators and bring them a small percentage of money from each in-game purchase.

Want to read more guides about Brawl Stars? Check out how to win in Gem Grab and the complete beginner’s guide.

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