Complete Brawl Stars Beginners Guide For 2023

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Brawl Stars Beginners guide 2023
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Brawl Stars is a battle royale and 3v3 game developed by none other than Supercell. This game development company has released many fan-favorite games like Clash of Clans, Clash Royale, Hay Day, and more.

Brawl Stars looks simple to play, but it really isn’t. There’s so much to consider while diving into a game, like which brawler to choose, which gadget to equip, when to use your super ability, and more.

And this is the very reason why we have come up with a complete Brawl Stars beginners guide.

Here, we’ll explain all the boxes you need to check in order to become a pro!

Brawler Classes in Brawl Stars

There are seven brawler classes in the game at the moment. Each of them has its own specific role and performs best if used accordingly.

The following is a short overview of each brawler class:

1. Damage Dealers

Photo: Supercell

As evident by the name, Damage Dealers deal tons of damage to the enemies and also have a significant amount of HP to survive in the fight. These are ideal for 1v1 situations.

R-T, Eve, and Chester are the best brawlers in this class currently.

2. Assassins

Photo: Supercell

Assassins are similar to Damage Dealers, however, their HP is pretty low. They can seriously damage Artilleries and Marksmen but will struggle badly against Tanks and Damage Dealers.

Sam, Crow, and Stu are great Assassins in the current meta.

3. Artilleries

Photo: Supercell

Artillery brawlers are useful on any map where obstacles are placed, as they can shoot projectiles over them. Basically, they don’t let the enemies take cover.

Penny, Grom, and Sprout are fine artilleries to use.

4. Marksmen

Photo: Supercell

These brawlers are your snipers. They can shoot from a very long range and significantly damage the opposition.

But on the downside, they have low HP. Also, their reload speed and rate of fire are slow.

Janet, Mandy, and Bonnie are excellent marksmen.

5. Tanks

Photo: Supercell

Tanks are like wingbacks in football: strong in attack and solid in defense. They have high HP and fare well in close combat.

Buster, Ash, and Frank are your choices for this class.

6. Controllers

Photo: Supercell

These brawlers have an Area of Effect (AoE) ability, which makes them control the areas of the map the player wants.

These brawlers are great teammates if someone knows how to utilize them properly.

Otis, Emz, and Griff are the top controllers in the game.

7. Supporters

Photo: Supercell

These brawlers don’t have the highest HP or damage output; however, they can buff or heal their team’s brawlers.

You shouldn’t use them to take on a 1v1 but rather try to stick with a damage dealer or assassin to help them win those fights.

Gus, Gray, and Poco are the go-to supporters in Brawl Stars.

How to Upgrade Your Brawler

Okay, now let’s move our Brawl Stars beginners guide further. So, once you’ve selected your brawler, it’s time to upgrade them.

Keep in mind that you might not be able to purchase or unlock some of the top brawlers initially. The basic brawlers you get at the start are okayish but become good after upgrading them.

Photo: Supercell

So, to upgrade your brawler, select it, and you’ll see an Upgrade option at the bottom right. For this, you’ll need to have enough Power Points and Coins.

Power points can be found in the Brawl Pass and Trophy Road.

Photo: Supercell

Similarly, you can collect coins from the Brawl Pass, Trophy Road, Quests, and Challenges.

Photo: Supercell

Here’s how Barley’s stats will look after upgrading to level 2:

Photo: Supercell

As you can see, Barley’s health, attack, and super ability will increase, making him more powerful.

Power Up the Brawlers with Gadgets, Star Powers, and Gears

Apart from upgrading your brawlers, there are more ways to strengthen them. You can equip three power-ups for this purpose, as follows:

1. Gadgets

Photo: Supercell

Gadgets get unlocked after the brawler reaches level 7.

Each brawler has one, or at most, two gadgets. However, you can select only one.

These are active abilities with a limited use per game.

2. Star Powers

Photo: Supercell

These are the passive abilities of brawlers and get unlocked at level 9. They have neither limited use nor a cooldown.

Every brawler has multiple Star Powers, though you can equip only one.

3. Gears

Photo: Supercell

Gears are also passive abilities that get unlocked at levels 10 and 11. There are two gear slots, which means you can use two of them at a time.

What is the Brawl Pass?

Understand Brawl Pass as a progression system in the game. The pass gives you rewards like coins, gems, skins, brawler tokens, and more after reaching each level.

Photo: Supercell

For instance, you need a certain amount of Brawl tokens to go to the next level in Brawl Pass. The higher levels have great rewards.

There’s a free as well as a paid Brawl Pass in the game. The latter, of course, has much better prizes.

Photo: Supercell

There are 70 Brawl Pass levels to complete. Once done, you’ll get additional rewards after every 500 tokens.

Play Events and Complete Quests to Earn Tokens

The next thing we’ve lined up in this Brawl Stars beginners guide is how to earn tokens.

Tokens are necessary to make progress in the Brawl Pass. And as I’ve told you, the Brawl Pass gives you dozens of cool rewards.

So, firstly, you can head into an event and win the game to obtain 10 tokens. If you’re lucky, you can get 20 if the Double Token event is live.

Photo: Supercell

Secondly, complete the daily quests as well as the special events and season quests. These will give you thousands of Brawl Pass tokens to progress quickly!

Photo: Supercell

You can also change a quest with the Reroll Quest token. You get 2 of these each week with the regular and 5 with the Paid Brawl Pass.

Compete in Club Games and Quests

Photo: Supercell

Club games are unlocked after the player reaches the 900 trophy mark. You can either open your own club or join an existing one.

Once done, the players can compete in club games against 7 other clubs from the same league.

One week there will be these Club games, and in the next, you can play the Club quests.

The more club trophies a club has, the more points it will gain. These points will determine whether your club gets promoted or demoted in the next season.

Team up and Compete in the Power League

Every Brawl Stars beginners guide will advise you to play with friends instead of random players for two main reasons:

  1. You guys understand each other’s gameplay.
  2. You can communicate easily.

To begin with, click on Team on the right side of the home screen, and you’ll land on the following menu:

Photo: Supercell

Now click on Team up and you’ll see three options to play with your teammates.

Photo: Supercell

First, you can create a team code and let your friends know so they can join. Second, you can share the invite link with them.

Last but not least, you can join a team by entering a code yourself.

As far as the Power League is concerned, it gets unlocked after you accumulate a huge amount of trophies; 4500, to be precise.

Photo: Supercell

The Power League has all the 3v3 modes for the players to play either solo with random teammates or with their own team.

The events are random, and each team can ban a certain brawler. Secondly, every player must pick a different brawler. So there will be 6 distinct brawlers in the match.

The more battles you win, the more competitive your rank becomes.

With each advancement, you’ll also get 250 Bling which you can use to buy Profile Icons, Sprays, Pins, and Skins.

Photo: Supercell

The Rank will reset after the Power League season comes to a close, and the players will get 250 Bling once again.

Climb up the Local and Global Leaderboard

Games developed by Supercell have some serious competition. Brawls Stars is no different.

The more you play, the higher you’ll rank on the global leaderboard. However, it will take a lot of time to reach the top.

The pros have been playing the game since its launch and have made their way up the ladder. But with constant practice, you can achieve what they have.

You can check the leaderboard by clicking the three-horizontal-line menu on the top-right.

Photo: Supercell

There are three categories you can rank in: Total Trophies, Clubs, and Brawlers.

First, gain the most trophies to rank up. Secondly, join a club or start your own and compete in the Club League to start going up.

Photo: Supercell

Lastly, play with a specific brawler to master it and get the highest position by playing with it constantly.

Strategies for Brawl Stars Events

Photo: Supercell

This Brawl Stars beginners guide is not only about giving you an overview of the game. Instead, we want to ensure that you become a better player in the game after reading this.

Therefore, this section will teach you how to play in each event/game mode of Brawl Stars.

Also, the events keep changing every day. But mostly, the base of the game mode is the same.

For instance, there’s a main event: Showdown. Now Showdown has different variations, like Showdown Hard Limits, Showdown Scorched Stone, Showdown Rockwall Brawl, and so on.

Anyway, let’s look at the strategies for each of the 13 game modes now.

1. Showdown

Photo: Supercell

Every brawler for themselves!

This is a battle royale with 10 players. You can compete alone or in a duo. The task is to survive till the end and win the match.

There are boxes that give you health cubes, and there are multiple wall and bush covers. Make sure to increase your health and target the enemies that have low HP.

Don’t rush with the hope that you’ll win the fight against someone with a much greater health bar.

Instead, play strategically. Wait for them to fight with someone else and get their health reduced. Now is your moment to attack!

Brawlers that have long-range attacks fare really well in this mode.

2. Gem Grab

Photo: Supercell

In this event, your team has to collect 10 gems to start a 15-second countdown. Once the clock reads 0, your team will win.

Don’t have a single player on your team with all 10 gems, because if they die, all of the team effort will go to waste.

Alternatively, all the team members should try to gather gems. Once you have 10, it’s time to defend. Back off, start strafing, and survive for 15 seconds.

3. Brawl Ball

Photo: Supercell

In Brawl Ball, you’ll get a ball in the middle of the map, and the task is to score two goals.

Here, keep passing the ball to your teammates instead of taking the ball alone every time.

4. Volley Brawl

This one is similar to Brawl Ball, but instead of scoring goals, the job is to make the ball land on the enemy team’s side.

Again, you need two points to win. Additionally, the ball’s flying speed will keep increasing as long as it’s in the playing zone.

Try to shoot as soon as you see a gap. Due to the extra speed boost, the ball will go to the opponent’s side, resulting in a point for your team.

5. Basket Brawl

Are any Jordan fans here? This mode demands that you put the ball in the opposition’s hoop in order to win.

Your team will get 2 points if you guys score from a close angle. Contrarily, 3 points will be awarded for scoring from behind the line.

The first team to score five points wins. You know what to do in basketball, right? Dodge, pass, and score!

6. Bounty

Bounty is all about collecting stars by defeating the enemy players. At a time, one player can have 7 stars. Your team will win if they have the most stars by the end of the time.

Don’t overcommit to an attack here, and try to fight alongside your team.

Secondly, if you have 5-7 stars, then it is better to back off if the clock is about to run out and your team is winning.

7. Heist

Heist is another 3v3 game mode where each team has to break the safe of the opposite team.

In the event that none of the teams succeed in doing so, the one that does the most damage will win.

Both your attack and defense need to be top-notch here.

8. Duels

Photo: Supercell

Duels are 1v1s where three rounds take place. You need to select three different brawlers for these battles.

Make sure to pick an efficient and effective squad that does the job. Attackers perform the best in this game mode.

Since this is a Brawl Stars beginners guide, I’d suggest you don’t participate in duels at the start. Upgrade your brawlers, play with them a little, and then compete in 1v1s.

9. Knockout

It’s a 3v3 with no respawns. Both teams will fight for three rounds, and the team that wins two rounds will win the match.

Defeated brawlers won’t come back. So, choose your moves wisely, and don’t die too early.

10. Hot Zone

Have you played Domination in Call of Duty? Hot Zone is similar.

Each team has to capture and then hold on to that zone to accumulate points. The team with the most points wins at the end.

Keep the opposition busy, and don’t let them capture your zones. In the meantime, one of your teammates can capture theirs.

11. Robo Rumble

Three players go up against an army of robots that are coming from all directions to attack their safe.

After every successful defense, the difficulty increases. Attacking brawlers as well as tanks can be an excellent choice for this one.

12. Boss Fight

Photo: Supercell

Boss Fight features one giant robot and multiple small ones. Your 3-player team has the task of defeating the boss robot.

You can respawn, but the game will be over if no member of the team is standing.

13. Big Game

You can either play as the Big Brawler or one of the 5 small brawlers (hunters). The former has significant power and health advantages, and the task is to survive for as long as you can.

On the other hand, if you’re a regular brawler, then help your team take down the big one.

Tips & Tricks to Level Up Faster in Brawl Stars

Before we end this Brawl Stars beginners guide, it’s our responsibility to give you some tips to become a better player.

The following are 10 tips to win more matches and stop making rookie mistakes.

1. Play According to Your Role

If you’re an attacker, then you should be getting those knockouts and dealing damage.

Photo: Supercell

Similarly, if you’re there for support, then make sure your teammates get healed.

2. Know the Abilities of Your Brawler

Acknowledge the strengths and weaknesses of your brawler.

Don’t take on a 1v1 against a Damage Dealer or Assassin if you’re a Controller or Supporter.

3. Know the Game Mode

You don’t have to go all-in in every game mode.

For instance, if you expose yourself too much in the open while playing Showdown, there are many chances that a long-range brawler will kill you.

Photo: Supercell

Furthermore, in game modes like Brawl Ball and Volley Brawl, the task is to score those goals rather than solely focus on fighting.

4. Don’t Overcommit for an Attack

Don’t go deep into the opposition’s base to take on fights. In case you don’t have your team’s support, there’s no chance of winning a 1v3.

Always try to attack together with the team instead of going alone.

Secondly, if the enemy has more HP than you and it’s evident that you’ll lose the fight, then try to run back and heal yourself.

See how I missed my attack here? And instead of taking cover, I went to take on the fight again and got killed.

Sadly, it also became the reason why we lost.

5. Use your Super Ability Wisely

It takes time for the Super Attack to recharge, so don’t waste it for no good.

Try to use it when the team is engaged in a fight to make the most of your move.

You can also use it when you’re in a fight and struggling badly. The power boost can definitely save you as it did for me here:

I was on almost 1 HP and then used my Super to save my brawler from dying. I ended up winning this match!

6. Know when to Use Your Gadgets

You can equip one gadget and use it 3 times in a game. Again, they have a recharge time of 5 seconds, so don’t throw them away.

They can provide an extra buff while fighting and should be used cleverly.

7. Collect Power-ups

Collecting power-ups such as the health packs in Showdown and Boss fights can give you a significant advantage.

As you can see, my health bar increased from 4600 to 5000. This helped me survive longer in a fight and eventually win it in the end.

8. Keep Moving to Dodge Enemy Attacks

Don’t stand still unless you’re hiding in a bush or something.

Constant movement is the key to avoiding enemy attacks while running back or attacking them at the same time.

See where the enemy’s attack will land and move away from there.

Notice how I dodged the rockets here? Even if one of them had hit, my game would’ve been over.

9. Know How to Take a Proper Cover

The hitbox for brawlers is just a bit larger in comparison to a single-tile cover.

Photo: Supercell

Therefore, make sure you hide behind at least two blocks.

10. Keep communicating with Your Teammates

Communication is key in every game, and the same is the case with Brawl Stars.

Always keep talking with each other to discuss your strategies, locations, moves, and so on.


So, this was all about the Brawl Stars beginners guide for 2023. We certainly hope that you now have enough knowledge to excel in this game.

Start with the basics and slowly work your way up. Play with different brawlers at the start and see which role suits you best.

From there on, become an expert in that brawler class and help your team to victory!

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