Botworld Adventure – The Ultimate Guide

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There’s something about open-world explorations and being the master of tiny fighting creatures that gets many of us hooked. No, we’re not talking about any of the Pokémon games. We are talking about Featherweight’s Botworld Adventure, a highly-rated RPG that stands out on its own.

In the game’s universe, you will play as a botmaster, collecting scraps to build bots and face different types of opponents with the help of your family. Botworld Adventure has many awesome aspects to dig into, and below is the ultimate guide to all of them.

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After creating your avatar and having a little chat with Dad, you will have to choose your starter bot. You have three options: Ram, Thump, and Froggy.

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These three have distinctive strengths based on their classes indicated on the top left side of their character cards.

Overall, there are seven bot types in the game. It’s best to familiarize each of them to know your way around battles.


One of the starter bots you will choose from, Froggy, is an evader. This class excels at pestering slow-moving enemies because their combat style involves attacking while backing away.

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As their name suggests, snipers are the kings of the long distance. Other types also have ranged bots, but they are rarely as sharp as real snipers.

Although their attacks are brutal from afar, these bots will run away when foes come near them. So, shield them with melee bot types.


If protection is what you need, tanks are your best bet. Their defense and health stats are typically higher compared to other types, so foes will have a tough time taking them down.

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Splashers are the ones you call when rival bots are clumped in one area. They specialize in splash attacks to get rid of crowds in an instant.

However, many splashers have a range like snipers. Because of this, they also back away when the opposition gets uncomfortably close.


If you think that you are getting in trouble with ranged bots, chasers can save the day. They are built for speed, so let them handle snipers, splashers, and evaders.

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There will be times when you can’t be sure what type of bot to put up against a challenger in Botworld Adventure. In these cases, it might be best to bring out a brawler.

Brawlers are programmed to perform well in 1v1 settings. They also have decent armor, so you can use them as an alternative for tanks.


Support bots don’t have specialized offensive or defensive stats because they are meant solely to improve their teammates’ capabilities. However, supports are perhaps the hardest to build as most of them have a high rarity.

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You will find various types of enemies roaming around. There are bandits who are botmasters like you but are NPCs. In a bandit fight, both sides can only bring out three bots at a time. You take turns dragging bots into the battlefield, so be mindful of placements.

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You can also spar with packs of wild bots. They are not limited to three fighters at a time. But when one wild bot dies, they can’t spawn reserves, unlike with you and bandits.

Go near bots and bandits to get their attention and challenge them to a fight. If you catch the eye of more than one adversary, you can fight multiple enemies at once. Remember that doing this won’t let you restore HP in-between rounds.

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If you lose any kind of battle, you will automatically jetpack home.


When you finish learning the ropes with Mom and Dad, your family will relocate to Scavenger’s Landing, where you will start to explore a vast map. Once you get out of town or start a run, you will spend one repair canister that heals your bots after battles.

When your canister is out of energy, return home by selecting a jetpack icon that appears after tapping the backpack or map button on the right side of the screen.

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To make navigation more convenient, open landing pads, which are spread all across Botworld Adventure’s map. This will make collecting scraps and locating enemies much simpler.


Building bots require blueprints, which you get in different ways. Blueprints are like recipe lists, and the ingredients you need are scraps. You can find them in scrap piles or as rewards in battles. You can also get them by disarming some traps or catching critters, the small animals running around.

You can check the ingredients you need for building or upgrading bots by tapping the botpack menu on the top left side of the screen. Then, select Robopedia, the second panel on top.

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If an upgrade or build is available, go to Mom at your boat in town because she’s the one who operates the bot builder.


Apart from upgrading your bots with scraps, you can enhance their stats and effectiveness via their AI experience.

Like with many RPGs, you can gain experience by winning fights. Every time a bot reaches an AI level, you can choose a passive skill for them to equip.

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Note that AI is only limited to level five. Once a bot reaches that cap, they stop obtaining experience from battles.


There are several other things you can do to improve your winning odds. When you are in Scavenger’s Landing, customize your loadout, which is the first panel you will see after clicking the botpack menu.

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Bot Team

You can build as many bots as you can, but you can only bring up to six to regular battles. On the Bot Team panel, the ones on top are your current troop members.

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If you want to switch out one bot, tap it and choose the substitute you want from the bots below.


Your bots have their individual skills. But as their master, you also have abilities you can use to help them in battles. These can be seen on the right of the screen while in fights.

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Abilities have numbers above them. These are the amount of power they require to activate. Your botpack generates this power on a green bar below your ability options during matches.


When you get your first few botpack upgrades, you will unlock some booster slots. Boosters are similar to abilities, but they are passive.

Both boosters and abilities come in the form of modules, which can have duplicates. When you get three of the same module, Aunty Patch can fuse them in the boat. Fusing gives you better modules in terms of rarity.

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You will unlock Aunty Patch in the first story quest assigned to you.


As you progress your boat level, you will eventually unlock the gadget lab and a rat character that runs it. You can pay with coins to build gadgets in the lab.

Gadgets are another form of passive skill from you, the botmaster. They tend to have more overt effects, but they can only be used a limited number of times per run. You can switch on gadgets before the start of battles.

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If you turn on Auto Battle, gadgets won’t be used.


There are different kinds of quests available to you in the game. The first one is story quests. They help you know more about the lore of Botworld Adventure but are typically harder to accomplish.

Contracts are relatively easier to pull off. They usually don’t have anything to do with the story but will reward you with coins or tokens. Coins can be used for the shop, and tokens are for unlocking rewards. Both can be accessed beside the botpack icon when you are in town.

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You can see your active quests and contracts on the world map. In the same panel, you will also see the requirements for boat upgrades. Although not officially labeled as quests, you can consider this a chore because boat upgrades are needed to unlock new areas and core game features.

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Your first boat level-up will give you business. You can unlock three business generators: the scrap collector, arcade machine, and chip fabricator. These generators will provide specific resources every couple of hours.

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To unlock businesses, you need boat power, which is the green resource on the top right side of the panel. Boat power can also be used to enhance your scrap collection, canister repairs, and more.


At boat level two, you have to design your squad motifs because the Arena will be opened. You can access it by tapping the Arena button beside rewards.

You can only duel with arena masters at first, and they can be really hard to beat. But when you get to boat level three, you can rise through the ranks of the Solo League. There, you can brawl other players in the same tier as you.

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If you keep winning in both these arena battles, you will be rewarded handsomely. The same goes for the third arena option, Squad Cup, which can only be opened when you get to boat level seven with recruits.


Recruits are a magnificent addition to Botworld Adventure. They are NPC botmasters, and they can take care of your spare bots. You can assign your recruits to jobs in the panel beside the business icon on the botpack menu. These take long hours and involve some risk.

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Should your recruit fail and sustain an injury, they will need time to recover before taking on another job. No matter if they are on an active job or recovering, you can still summon recruits in the map once per run.

They can fight enemies until their bots’ health expires. Also, they can still participate in Squad Cup, where they compete after you finish the first round. If at least two of you win, your squad moves on to the next stage.

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You can create or join a guild at the same time that the Arena gets unlocked. However, you must first connect your Google Play account to the game for this feature. A guild can house up to 20 members who can work together to conquer limited-time events.

Events have guild tasks. Completing them will give points that will determine how much reward your guild will earn at the conclusion of the event.

To see the progress of your guild during events, tap on the guild button below the botpack icon or the event point counter beside the canister indicator.

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Danger Zones

When your boat is at level five, you can start going to danger zones. These places are crawling with bots and bandits, but the scrap piles and treasure chests have lucrative contents.

You can see where chests are by looking at the danger zone map. It will also contain locations for enemy bosses, mysteries, and utilities.

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Raiding is one facet of Botworld Adventure that can’t be unlocked with boat upgrades. Instead, it can be opened when you complete a specific contract called Boltworld Blitz. It will pop up randomly, but you will easily notice it because vital contracts have blue headlines.

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When you take on the contract, you will be led to a raid master in the docks to experience your first raid battle. The rules here are different.

You have to pass through waves of bots, and you can only activate one ability or booster per wave. You can use all your bots, even the ones on standby, until the very last one drops. The longer you survive, the better rewards you’ll get.

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Like Stardew Valley, this adventure-driven game has a wonderful fishing feature. Also, this can only be unlocked with another blue-headlined contract, and it’s called Gone Fishing.

A local fisherman will give you a rod and teach you the basics. To catch a fish, find a swirling spot in the water with a hook button. Tap it, then hold the rod icon until a fish pops out of the water.

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You can sell your catch to Herman at the marketplace. Bear in mind that there’s a fishing page on the codex panel on the botpack menu. Completing codex milestones is another way to earn extra coins.


It would be unfair to compare Botworld Adventure to other open-world RPGs because it has a lot of innovative elements. Every nook and cranny work well together to make the game the way it is.

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