Boba Tale – Ultimate Recipes List

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Boba Tale home screen.

Sometimes, you just want to play a game where you can relax and unwind, relieving yourself from the stress of everyday life. Well, that’s exactly what Boba Tale is; a calming, shop-simulation mobile experience that lets you run a cute bubble tea café, from humble beginnings.

Developed by BOBAFRIENDS, you’re the owner, manager, and barista of your very own bubble tea shop, all at once! You’ll have a limited time to entertain customers’ orders, so the faster you complete them, the better. This includes the quality of your boba teas as well, so if you want to maximize your in-game earnings, here’s a comprehensive list of all the secret recipes you’ll need to unlock.

The Boba Shop


In Boba Tale, you acquire a rundown shop to be used as the premise for your new bubble tea business. Seemingly neglected and dirty, you need to work hard to earn more customers during the early days, and this is done by consistently upgrading your shop using the cumulative earnings received from your boba tea sales.

As your experience grows, you’ll access different features to improve your business further. These include the ability to craft new recipes for your boba teas, similar to Boba Story, via the “Craft” function located at the bottom-left corner of the home screen (unlocked at Level 5).


There, you can experiment with different ingredient combinations that’ll introduce new recipes for you to use to attract more quality customers to your café. As a business, a lot of money is required for you to renovate and redecorate your shop to accommodate a more pleasing and cozy atmosphere, so these secret flavors can help you earn that much-needed money quickly.

All Secret Recipes


When crafting new recipes, here are a few things for you to keep in mind:

  • Mai Hong sells the ingredients for you to experiment with
  • Pippy buys your unwanted ingredients/ items
  • The Craft Station is where you combine your ingredients, unlocking new recipes
  • Matchan catalogs all the new recipes learned
  • Gordo (President of the Boba League) will recognize your accomplishments after you’ve learned all recipes

Now, if you’re ready to jump straight to it, these are all the secret recipes that can be learned by combining ingredients in Boba Tale:

Rare Recipes



Cheese Foam: Milk Creamer + Cream Cheese


Regular Boba: Boba Powder + Brown Sugar

Golden Boba: Boba Powder + Honey

Ube Boba: Boba Powder + Ube Yam

Star Boba: Boba Powder + Star Fruit


Ube Jelly: Jelly Powder + Ube Yam

Golden Jelly: Jelly Powder + Honey


Black Tea: 2x Black Tea

Oolong Tea: 2x Oolong Tea

Jasmine Tea: 2x Jasmine

Matcha Tea: 2x Matcha Powder

Milk Tea

Black Milk Tea: Black Tea + Milk Creamer

Oolong Milk Tea: Oolong Tea + Milk Creamer

Jasmine Milk Tea: Jasmine Tea + Milk Creamer

Matcha Latte: Matcha Powder + Milk Creamer

HK Milk Tea: Black Tea + Condensed Milk

Unique Recipes


Bubble Tea

Original Bubble Tea: Black Milk Tea + Regular Boba

Jasmine Bubble Tea: Jasmin Milk Tea + Regular Boba

Oolong Bubble Tea: Oolong Milk Tea + Regular Boba

Super Bubble Tea: Black Milk Tea + Regular Boba + Brown Sugar


Sweet Overload Tea: Jasmine Tea + Honey + Golden Boba

Purple Rain Boba Tea: Jasmine Tea + Ube Boba + Ube Jelly

Golden Delight Tea: Jasmine Tea + 2x Golden Boba

XO Love Boba Tea: Jasmine Tea + Golden Boba + Star Boba

Milk Tea

Honey Boba Milk Tea: Black Milk Tea + Golden Boba

Midnight Star Milk Tea: Oolong Milk Tea + Star Boba

Happy Family Milk Tea: Oolong Tea + Regular Boba + Golden Boba

Nom Nom Milk Tea: Black Milk Tea + Cheese Foam + Brown Sugar

Fortune Milk Tea: Black Milk Tea + Oolong Milk Tea + Golden Boba

Royal Milk Tea: 3x HK Milk Tea

Cheese Top

Cheese Top Assam Tea: Cheese Foam + Black Milk Tea

Cheese Top Floral Tea: Cheese Foam + Jasmine Milk Tea

Cheese Top Matcha Tea: Cheese Foam + Matcha Latte

Shaved Ice

Shaved Ice Red Bean: Red Beans + Condensed Milk + Crystal Ice

Shaved Ice Ube: Ube Yam + Condensed Milk + Crystal Ice



Panda Boba Tea: Black Milk Tea + Regular Boba + Golden Boba

Brown Sugar Milk: Milk Creamer + Brown Sugar + Regular Boba

Honey Boba Green Milk: Jasmine Milk Tea + Golden Boba

Matcha Red Bean: Matcha Latte + 2x Red Beans

Imperial Oolong Boba: Oolong Milk Tea + Regular Boba + Brown Sugar

Sugar Rush Boba Tea: Black Milk Tea + Regular Boba + Regular Boba

Sweet Purpe Boba Tea: Jasmine Milk Tea + Ube Boba + Milk Creamer

Honey Baby Milk Tea: Black Milk Tea + Ube Yam + Honey

Stardew Alley Boba Tea: Oolong Milk Tea + Cheese Foam + Star Boba

Moon & Stars Boba Tea: Jasmine Milk Tea + 2x Star Boba

Beanie Baby Boba Tea: Black Milk Tea + Red Beans + Condensed Milk

Aloe Love Milk Tea: Jasmine Milk Tea + 2x Aloe Vera

Refreshing Delight Tea: Jasmine Tea + Star Boba + Aloe Vera

Star Glow Delight Tea: Oolong Tea + Star Boba + Golden Jelly

Double Milk Latte: Black Tea + 2x Milk Creamer

Twilight Crystal Tea: Jasmine Tea + 2x Ube Jelly

Boba Fluff Milk Tea: Oolong Milk Tea + Cheese Foam + Regular Boba



With this list, you’re now ready to beat the renowned Gordo Rambie at his own game! Plus, you’ve just skipped hours of trial-and-error, something not everyone has the patience and time to go through. Want to share your own experience doing so? Make sure to write it down in the comment section below!

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