Boba Story Recipes: All Known Magic Den Recipes (December 2023)

Anurag Ghosh
(Last Updated On: November 30, 2023)

In Boba Story, you can unlock the Magic Den once you have earned 1500 leaves. You might want to read our Boba Story guide to know how to increase your earnings and reach 1.5K leaves fast and how to unlock this new room.

The Magic Den

The Magic Den is a new room where you can craft new ingredients, add-ins, and toppings on the “Experiment Table”. After unlocking this room, the first thing you should do is collect “trinkets” from Kokoro, the animated fireplace. Tap the fireplace to make Kokoro spit out random trinkets. You get three free chances every few hours, but you can purchase extra chances using leaves.

Boba Story - Experiment Table in the Magic Den
At the top is Kokoro who provides free trinkets and at the bottom is the experiment table where you will craft new Boba using three trinkets.

All trinkets are stored in the treasure box. Once you have enough trinkets, tap the experiment table and mix three trinkets to craft a new ingredient or topping. This new item can then be used to prepare Boba from the “Menu”.

Finding Unlockable Ingredients In The Menu

The Menu is available in the main café room, where you serve drinks to your customers. To know which ingredient or topping can be unlocked at the experiment table in the magic den, tap the menu on the wall, tap an empty glass (unlock one using leaves if you haven’t yet), and then tap on the shopping cart icon next to the “Cancel” button on the bottom of the tea preparation menu.

Under the Drinks tab, you will find the “Drink Base”, “Add-In” and “Topping” sections on the bottom. Tap on any one of the sections and look for a “lock” icon on top of an item’s picture. Pictures with a lock icon can only be unlocked or crafted at the experiment table in Magic Den.

Trinkets needed to craft ingredients, toppings, and add-ins can only be obtained from the fireplace (Kokoro’s gifts).

All Known Boba Story Recipes – A-Z List

To make things easier, we have sorted all recipes in an A-Z list. This was last updated on November 3rd 2023, and now includes 6 new recipes!

Autumn Leaf BobaCloud + Flower + Tapioca Glass Jar
BearBear + Bear + Tapioca Glass Jar
BeeHoneybee + Honeybee + Tapioca Glass Jar
Black and White BobaCloud + Tapioca Glass Jar + Milk
Black and White CatCloud + Milk + Tapioca Glass Jar
Black Cat Paw BobaCloud + Tapioca Pearl + Heart
Boba Cheese Foam1 Strawberry Milk + 1 Sugar Cube +1 Tapioca Pearl Jar
Bread BobaStrawberry Milk + Milk + Tapioca Glass Jar
Brown CatTapioca Glass Jar + Soda + Milk
ChickChick + Chick + Tapioca Glass Jar
Cloud bobaCloud + Cloud + Tapioca Glass Jar
CowMilk carton + Chick + Tapioca Glass Jar
DeerTapioca Glass Jar + Flower + Mushroom
DiamondRinged Planet + Tapioca Glass Jar + Dino
Dinosaur BobaDinosaur + Dinosaur + Tapioca Glass Jar
DragonDinosaur + Cloud + Tapioca Glass Jar
Dragon CreamCloud + Dino + Milk
Dragon FruitMushroom + Dino + Tapioca Glass Jar
Fish BobaCloud + Mushroom + Tapioca Glass Jar
FlowerFlower + Flower + Tapioca Glass Jar
Flower SyrupSugar Cube + Sugar Cube + Flower
FrogFrog + Tapioca Glass Jar + Tapioca Glass Jar
Frog SyrupFrog + Frog + Sugar Cube
Galaxy BobaStar + Tapioca Glass Jar + Planet with a ring around it
Galaxy SyrupStar + Sugar Cube + Planet (ringed)
Glitter SyrupCloud + Star + Star
Gold Flakes & Whipped Cream1 Star + 1 Bee + 1 Strawberry Milk
Gummy BearsCombine 3 bears.
Gummy Worm1 Cloud + 2 Sugar Cubes
Heart BobaHeart + Heart + Tapioca Glass Jar
Heart SyrupHeart + Heart + Sugar Cube
HoneyCombine three honeybee trinkets
Ice-CreamSugar Cube + Milk carton + Tapioca Glass Jar
Koala BobaCloud + Tapioca Glass Jar + Bear
Lychee SodaCombine three soda bottles to craft lychee soda.
MarshmallowsSugar Cube + Chick + Chick
MoonPlanet with a ring around it + Tapioca Glass Jar + heart
MushroomMushroom + Heart + Tapioca Glass Jar
Mushroom JellyMushroom + Mushroom + Sugar Cube
Oreo Crème BruleeSugar Cube + Milk + Milk
PandaTapioca Glass Jar + Bear + Bee
Pig BobaPig + Pig + Tapioca Glass Jar
PineappleCombine three pineapple trinkets.
Pineapple Boba1 Pineapple + 1 Pineapple + 1 Tapioca Glass Jar
Pineapple JellyPineapple + Sugar Cube + Pineapple
Pink Dinosaur BobaHeart + Tapioca Glass Jar + Dinosaur
PlanetPlanet (ringed) + Planet (ringed) + Tapioca Glass Jar
Polar BearSoda + Tapioca Glass Jar + Bear
Polar Bear SyrupBear + Soda + Sugar Cube
Pumpkin BobaMushroom + Star + Tapioca Glass Jar
PuppyBear + Tapioca Glass Jar + Chick
Rainbow HeartHeart + Star + Tapioca Glass Jar
Rainbow SyrupHeart + Star + Sugar Cube
Ribbon Bear BobaHeart + Strawberry Milk + Tapioca Glass Jar
Rose PetalsCombine 3 Flowers
Rose Petals SyrupSugar Cube + Flower + Honeybee
Royal Milk Tea (most requested!)2 Strawberry Milk + 1 Tapioca Glass Jar
Sakura PetalsFlower + Flower + Heart
Sakura Petals SyrupFlower + Soda + Flower
Smiley Face BobaStar + Strawberry Milk + Tapioca Glass Jar
SprinklesPineapple + Heart + Honeybee
Sprinkles & Whipped Cream1 Strawberry Milk + 2 Sugar Cubes
StarStar + Star + Tapioca Glass Jar
Strawberries & Whipped Cream1 Flower, 1 Sugar Cube, 1 Strawberry Milk
Strawberry CowSoda + Tapioca Glass Jar + Honeybee
Strawberry Foam1 Sugar + 1 Sakura + 1 Strawberry Milk
Strawberry MilkAll Slots Strawberry Milk
SunflowerStar + Flower + Tapioca Glass Jar
UnicornSoda + Soda + Tapioca Glass Jar
Whipped CreamCombine three Milk Cartons
White Bunny Boba1 Cloud + 1 Soda + 1 Sugar Cube
White CatTapioca Glass Jar + Soda + Heart

We hope this recipe list helps. If you have found any new recipes, please do post a comment below and we will add it to our list!

    1. Every time I need something it doesn’t give it and then when I need something else I get what I needed before

      It’s soo annoying

    2. I have two more things I need to make until I made EVERYTHING


    1. tap on the grocery cart and then go to drinks tab then go to the toppings section and you use “leaves” idk if thats the correct thing. Hope this helps

      1. thank you so much! 😊 on strawberry milk, one of the ingredients says, “Sakura”. how do you get that?

    1. it takes a while and is kinda rare but you’ll get it eventually if you watch enough ads

  1. What codes are there that we can use? Bc I’m trying to get a lot of leaves to hopefully get strawberry milk soon

  2. how do we get the strawberry milk for the new items i’ve tried kokoro like 400 times and never got it!

    1. @bea, theres a small chance to get it from kokoro, ive gotten it multiple times but it took me alot of attempts

  3. I know a hack on boba story! And it’s helped me with soo much! So first make a new boba when you press experiment you can just drag the ingredients back into to your storage and there you go no waste of ingredients it will still make ur boba and stuff but you get to keep your ingredients! Hope this

  4. Use code “boba4me” in Boba Story for extra 10,000 leaves. This code can work for multiple times!

    1. @Mikko, Just go to settings and then tapthe Lost Progress? button and type the code. Hope I’m not too late

  5. Does anyone know the recipe for royal milk tea? I’ve tried so many combos but can’t seem to crack it!

      1. There’s a new recipe called “Gummy worms” I don’t know the recipe and not many people know it I’m surprised it’s not recommended

    1. @Larita Styles,
      What I’ve got so far-

      Boba cheese foam: strawberry milk, sugar cube, tapioca pearl jar

      Strawberries and whipped cream: flower, sugar cube, strawberry milk

      Sprinkles and whipped cream: strawberry milk and 2x sugar cubes

      Working on the others!

  6. So any clue how to quickly get those pointy stars? From the food area? I want to open the garden (new player, don’t judge)

    1. @MoonDragon, you buy the first food and then you sell it and you just have to buy and save buy and save

    2. So first it takes 4k leafs to get the food area after that what you’d wanna do is get the free food and get enough money to upgrade and buy more! keep saving til you have at least 1k stars to get the lids

    1. @anniemoneyy what you do is save up a little bit and go press on the cart go to “Add ins” and find the kiwi and orange click on them and then they’ll appear without a lock while making boba

  7. I have over 10,000 hours played on Boba story. Someone delete this game from my phone. Its ruined friendships, family and more importantly my battery life on my phone.

    1. @Georgina, sorry for prying, but how did this ruin friendships? I’m a new player and I want to know if I just walked into something I don’t want to be a part of.

  8. Just me, or is it almost impossible to get the soda bottle from Kokoro? does he even give it, or is it just very rare?

  9. Hello, can anyone pls tell me how to know which recipes are for the lids? cuz like half of my orders are lids that i still need to unlock, thank you in advance:)

    1. @luap,

      Here’s the list of Boba Story Lid Code Combos:

      Bee – 1000
      Oreo – 3100
      Rose – 3000
      Fish – 4000
      Cupcake – 5000
      Peach – 2000
      Chick – 2200
      Cookie – 1110
      Puppy – 2110
      Butterfly – 3110
      Heart pattern – 4110
      Ladybug – 5100
      Pig- 5010
      Ice cream – 1111
      Red panda – 2111
      Panda – 3224
      Daisy Flower – 1211
      Mermaid Tail – 1131
      Crystal – 1141
      Jellyfish – 1221
      Star Pattern – 1331
      Flower Pattern – 2211
      Turtle – 2201
      Purple Cat – 2221
      Pineapple – 4111
      Brown Frog – 3331
      Pink Frog – 4151
      Carousel – 3441
      Pink Dino – 3225
      Green Dino – 3132
      Space – 3215
      Lilypad – 4133
      Moon – 4512
      Blueberry Cow – 4522
      Strawberry Cow – 4053
      Unicorn – 4555

    2. @Flames, wait so where do you type in the codes to get the lids? Sorry if the question is dumb, I’m a new player.

    3. @panda bear boba, so you have 4 types of honey, and they go in order to the code. so if the code was “1234” that would mean 1 regular honey, 2 blueberry, 3 strawberry, etc…

  10. Idk bout y’all but I ain’t wasting my ingredients so I just take them out after pressing the button to make them😌

    1. @sferrr, i think if you just want a cloud then you just have to get it by luck, but for cloud Boba idk the recipe

      Hope this helps:)

    1. @Silver, I found this out by accident, but the next day my accumulation of pineapples had become a negative number, and again, the next day I only had 1 pineapple and I can no longer utilize said glitch.

  11. Here are some of the recipes that are missing:

    Rainbow heart boba: heart, star, boba
    Polar bear syrup: bear, soda, sugar cube
    Rose petal syrup: flower, bee, sugar cube
    Dragon cream: dinosaur, milk, cloud
    Sakura petal syrup: 2 flowers, soda
    Rainbow syrup: heart, star, sugar cube
    Glitter syrup: 2 stars, cloud
    Flower syrup: 2 sugar cubes, flower
    Sakura petals: 2 flowers, heart
    Rose petals: 3 flowers
    Dragon fruit boba: dinosaur, boba, mushroom
    Polar bear boba: bear, boba, soda
    Diamond boba: planet, dinosaur, boba
    Puppy boba: bear, chick, boba
    Panda bear boba: bear, bee, boba
    Brown cat boba: soda, milk, boba
    Black and white cat boba: cloud, boba, milk
    Sunflower boba: star, flower, boba
    Deer boba: flower, boba, mushroom
    White cat boba: soda, heart, boba
    Unicorn boba: 2 sodas, boba
    Dragon boba: cloud, dinosaur, boba

    I don’t know if these are all of them, so I’ll update this when I’ll find the other ones.

  12. Does anybody know about a glitch where you put the ingredients down and put them back yet they increase your total ingredients for that one by alot?

    1. @Saanvi, to make white cat boba you need to do soda+boba+heart. To make dragon boba you need to do boba+cloud+dinosaur

    1. @Daisy, You can make 2 types of boba with lots of planets. 1. Planet Boba 2. Galaxy Boba I believe both are included in the list.

    1. @Jayden, @Rush Sakura Petals – heart + flower + flower

      Sakura petals syrup – flower + flower + soda

      Lychee soda – soda x3

  13. The chocolate syrup is not chocolate. It’s tapioca boba. It’s typical for actual boba drinks to be made from tapioca flour and stuff.

    1. @Lucky, Check Liv’s comment. S/he said the same thing and the post was updated by the writer with her suggestion. Why are you repeating the same thing?

  14. I actually think that the thing you call a ice cube is a sugar cube and the thing you call chocolate syrup is boba 🙂

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