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Amirul Annuar
Closer look at the Magic Den

In Boba Story, running your own boba tea shop is a truly wonderful experience, but also a tiring one. You can get swamped by a lot of customer requests and orders, not to mention the numerous amounts of ingredient combinations and recipes to discover.

Although you can buy new ingredients and toppings by simply tapping on the Shopping Cart icon at the bottom of the screen, the more exclusive ones can only be acquired by experimenting with the Magic Den, through the combinations of different materials.

Behold – The Magic Den!

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The Magic Den isn’t unlocked right from the start. You’ll need to collect 1,000 Leaves (in-game currency) to pay for its use. To do this, you need to sell your basic boba teas first, creating them using the ingredients provided early on, like Strawberries.

Once unlocked, the fiery Kokoro will now be present inside the fireplace. Every few hours, you can prompt Kokoro to gift 3 random materials/ resources to you, for a maximum of 3 times per day (subsequent requests will require you to watch ads or pay 400 Leaves).

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These gifts are called “trinkets”, and every time you get them, they will be stored inside the storage container placed next to Kokoro. Now, trinkets can be combined to create rare ingredients for your boba teas, and to do this, you need to use the Experimentation Table at the bottom of the screen, inside the Magic Den room itself.

You can only mix 3 different trinkets at any given time, using the Experimentation Table. After discovering the correct combinations for specific recipes, they will be updated inside the scroll located on the top-right side of the screen.

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For new players, though, the scroll will only show the possible ingredients that you can get from doing the experiments, but the exact trinkets required for them will stay hidden until their pairings are discovered. Hence, you need to try multiple unique fusions of the different trinkets to see which result ticks; a time-consuming process.

Well, that’s where the list of recipes below comes into play. Here are the respective trinkets needed for you to unlock each premium ingredient in the game.

Drink Bases

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Every boba tea needs to have an amazing mix of taste and color, and that’s where the type of drink base matters. Almost all of them are readily available from the beginning, but 2 can only be obtained from the Magic Den.

Lychee Soda: 3x Soda Bottles

Royal Milk Tea: 2x Strawberry Milk + 1x Tapioca Pearls Jar


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A boba tea isn’t complete without its chewy pearls, and these are grouped under the “Add In” tab. A majority of them are locked behind the Magic Den, making it difficult for you to collect them without some assistance.


Heart Boba: 2x Heart + 1x Tapioca Pearls Jar

Pineapple Boba: 2x Pineapples + 1x Tapioca Pearls Jar

Mushroom Boba: 1x Mushroom + 1x Heart + 1x Tapioca Pearls Jar

Pig Boba: 2x Pigs + 1x Tapioca Pearls Jar

Bee Boba: 2x Bees + 1x Tapioca Pearls Jar

Bear Boba: 2x Bears + 1x Tapioca Pearls Jar

Chick Boba: 2x Chicks + 1x Tapioca Pearls Jar

Cow Boba: 1x Chick + 1x Milk Carton + 1x Tapioca Pearls Jar

Dinosaur Boba: 2x Dinosaurs + 1x Tapioca Pearls Jar

Ice Cream Boba: 1x Sugar Cube + 1x Milk Carton + 1x Tapioca Pearls Jar

Galaxy Boba: 1x Star + 1x Ringed Planet + 1x Tapioca Pearls Jar

Planet Boba: 2x Ringed Planets + 1x Tapioca Pearls Jar

Star Boba: 2x Stars + 1x Tapioca Pearls Jar

Flower Boba: 2x Flowers + 1x Tapioca Pearls Jar

Strawberry Cow Boba: 1x Soda + 1x Bee + 1x Tapioca Pearls Jar

Pink Dinosaur Boba: 1x Heart + 1x Dinosaur + 1x Tapioca Pearls Jar

Cloud Boba: 2x Clouds + 1x Tapioca Pearls Jar

Panda Bear Boba: 1x Bear + 1x Bee + 1 Tapioca Pearls Jar

Puppy Boba: 1x Bear + 1x Chick + 1x Tapioca Pearls Jar

Moon Boba: 1x Ringed Planet + 1x Tapioca Pearls Jar + 1x Heart

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Diamond Boba: 1x Ringed Planet + 1x Dinosaur + 1x Tapioca Pearls Jar

Unicorn Boba: 2x Sodas + 1x Tapioca Pearls Jar

Rainbow Heart Boba: 1x Heart + 1x Star + 1x Tapioca Pearls Jar

White Cat Boba: 1x Soda + 1x Heart + 1x Tapioca Pearls Jar

Deer Boba: 1x Flower + 1x Mushroom + 1x Tapioca Pearls Jar

Sunflower Boba: 1x Flower + 1x Star + 1x Tapioca Pearls Jar

Black and White Cat Boba: 1x Cloud + 1x Milk Carton + 1x Tapioca Pearls Jar

Brown Cat Boba: 1x Soda + 1x Milk Carton + 1x Tapioca Pearls Jar

Polar Bear Boba: 1x Bear + 1x Soda + 1x Tapioca Pearls Jar

Dragon Boba: 1x Dinosaur + 1x Cloud + 1x Tapioca Pearls Jar

Dragon Fruit Boba: 1x Dinosaur + 1x Mushroom + 1x Tapioca Pearls Jar


Rose Petals: 3x Flowers

Sakura Petals: 2x Flowers + 1x Heart


Pineapple Jelly: 2x Pineapples + 1x Sugar Cube

Mushroom Jelly: 2x Mushrooms + 1x Sugar Cube


Sprinkles: 1x Heart + 1x Bee + 1x Pineapple

Gummy Bears: 3x Bears


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Finally, what better way to plush up your drink’s presentation than by putting a rich topping to seal the deal? Many of them can only be acquired from the Magic Den as well, so trial-and-error is the only way to go – unless you already know the necessary mixtures, of course.


Heart Syrup: 2x Hearts + 1x Sugar Cube

Frog Syrup: 2x Frogs + 1x Sugar Cube

Galaxy Syrup: 1x Star + 1x Ringed Planet + 1x Sugar Cube

Flower Syrup: 2x Sugar Cubes + 1x Flower

Glitter Syrup: 2x Stars + 1x Cloud

Rainbow Syrup: 1x Star + 1x Heart + 1x Sugar Cube

Sakura Petals Syrup: 2x Flowers + 1x Soda

Rose Petals Syrup: 1x Flower + 1x Bee + 1x Sugar Cube

Polar Bear Syrup: 1x Bear + 1x Soda + 1x Sugar Cube


Dragon Cream: 1x Dinosaur + 1x Cloud + 1x Milk Carton

Whipped Cream: 3x Milk Cartons

Strawberries & Whipped Cream: 1x Flower + 1x Sugar Cube + 1x Strawberry Milk

Sprinkles & Whipped Cream: 2x Sugar Cubes + 1x Strawberry Milk

Gold Flakes & Whipped Cream: 1x Star + 1x Bee + 1x Strawberry Milk


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Boba Cheese Foam: 1x Strawberry Milk + 1x Sugar Cube + 1x Tapioca Pearls Jar

Honey: 3x Bees

Marshmallows: 2x Chicks + 1x Sugar Cube

Pineapple: 3x Pineapples

Oreo Crème Brulee: 2x Milk Cartons + 1x Sugar Cube


There are bound to be more hidden recipes that have yet to be uncovered in Boba Story. As you continue to grow your boba tea business – from a humble shop into a reputable café – new items will gradually be added to Kokoro’s gifts catalog too.

As such, this list will continue to be updated from time to time. Think you found a new recipe? Share your findings with us all, in the comments section below!

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