Bluey: Let’s Play! – Ultimate Game Guide With Tips

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It’s time to experience your greatest childhood dreams with the first-ever Bluey mobile game. Developed by none other than Budge Studios, which brought our favorite Blue Heeler to life, Bluey: Let’s Play is exactly as the name implies!

As we all know, Bluey’s favorite action is to play games and flaunt her limitless good vibes and energy on us humans. But now, with the advent of gaming, you’re able to join her antics! Let’s explore how this works in the ultimate guide below!

Bluey – Main Premise

Bluey: Let's Play!
Photo: Budge Studios

Bluey is a home-grown animated series that has gained global success while also winning a Logie Award in the process. Budge Studios – founded in 2010, had a mission to entertain and educate its audience.

And education it delivered! With so many colorful and interactive games, Bluey is just another drop in the vast portfolio of Budge Studios. But here’s the catch: you can customize it as much as you want!

How to Play Bluey?

Bluey: Let's Play!
Photo: Budge Studios

Getting started, you have multiple rooms. Initially empty, it is the player’s job to insert characters into them. A simple drag-and-drop mechanic can do this.

From there, it’s all about environmental interaction. You can use unique objects scattered here and there, pick them up, and experience unique interactions.

Some go a step further and add the animation element to the mix. Items like water guns are a great way to get the fun rolling!

The best part? These interactions are unique to each room, meaning you won’t have to bore yourself with doing the same repeated tasks again and again while still retaining the game knowledge without feeling overwhelmed!

Playing Bluey Games

Bluey: Let's Play!
Photo: Budge Studios

Since the entire premise of the game is for kids to have fun, Bluey: Let’s Play has kept its mechanics very simple and rudimentary.

The games are fun brain teasers that only require you to understand and look for cues. There’s no set way of playing and winning the game – you just need to have fun interacting with objects and create your own unique experience.

Mechanics: Tap & Drag

Bluey: Let's Play!
Photo: Budge Studios

Bluey: Let’s Play features two basic mechanics. Given its played on a touchscreen, this is done to keep the game simple and accessible to children of various medical and non-medical backgrounds.

You tap the screen to issue commands, drag and drop to make temporary and permanent changes, and that’s pretty much it!

Character Purchasing

Bluey: Let's Play!
Photo: Budge Studios

Yes, the game is free to play, and yes, that should mean you don’t need to spend money in order to enjoy it, but given most of the characters and elements are behind a paywall, you’d have to shell some out from your pocket sooner or later.

However, the assets are not your own since Bluey: Let’s Play! works on a subscription model, where you need to pay a set amount per month to enjoy everything the game has to offer.

Not the best model, we know, but given how addicting the game can get, it’s a decision many parents unhesitantly make if it means they get to have an enjoyable time bonding with their younger ones!

Exploration Based Gameplay

Bluey: Let's Play!
Photo: Budge Studios

Remember the interactions with elements? That’s mostly what this game is about. You need to look for fun elements, tap on them, experience new interactions, and eventually, fall in love with the game.

These include bathtub interactions, throwing water at Bluey and his compatriots, and playing in a wide variety of environments. The discovery time is endless! But what makes it all the more fun is the fact that you can customize as you go!

Parent’s Guide to Bluey: Let’s Play

Bluey: Let's Play!
Photo: Budge Studios

If your child is a fan of Bluey, they’re in for a treat with Bluey: Let’s Play.

Here’s what you need to know to ensure your child gets the best experience while playing the game.

The game offers some content for free, but to unlock all the features and characters, a subscription is required. There’s a half-off discount for the first month, after which the subscription costs $9.99 USD/month.

This game is pretty much similar to the TOCA World series, where players can manipulate scenes and interact with characters.

It is designed with the safety of young players in mind. It’s suitable for children aged 2-9 and is inspired by their favorite show available on platforms like YouTube, YouTube Kids, and Disney+.

Holistic Mechanics

Players can drag their chosen character into a scene and modify it. Doors and other objects are interactive, providing an immersive experience.

The game features numerous characters from the Bluey universe. Some are available for free, while others require a subscription to unlock.

Just like the characters, some scenes are free, while others are locked behind the subscription.

  • Available without Subscription: Kitchen, Backyard, Campsite (from Title Update 3)
  • Available with Subscription:
    • Living Room
    • Playroom
    • Bathroom
    • Veranda
    • Bluey and Bingo Heeler’s Bedroom

The game encourages creativity and imaginative play, mimicking the essence of the TV show. Kids can recreate their favorite Bluey moments or come up with their own stories.

A Note For Parents

Bluey: Let's Play!
Photo: Budge Studios

Here is something you need to keep in mind in order to ensure, you’re giving your children a healthy dose of entertainment.

Screen time is not always the best option for a toddler; make sure you balance it with some other (preferably physical) activities as well!

Similarly, it’s not a child deterrent. Spend time playing with your child, since not only will it be a bonding experience, but it’ll also give you insights into their creativity.

Ask your child about their favorite characters or scenes. This can be a great conversation starter and help you understand what they love most about the game.

10 Tips For Bluey: Let’s Play!

Alas, no matter what the game is, you need to know those nooks and crannies in order to make the most of it.

While Bluey: Let’s Play is simple to its core, knowing the following can help a lot!

1. Dive into Room Themes

Bluey: Let's Play!
Photo: Budge Studios

Every room in the “Bluey: Let’s Play!” game is uniquely themed and offers its own set of adventures. Get familiar with each room’s atmosphere, background music, and unique elements.

For instance, the kitchen might have interactive elements like pots and pans, while the campsite might introduce tents and campfires.

Immersing in the themes, you and your child can craft stories that fit the ambiance of each setting.

2. Hidden Gems in Each Scene

Bluey: Let's Play!
Photo: Budge Studios

Beyond the obvious interactions, every scene contains subtle surprises. Maybe there’s a hidden toy under Bluey’s bed or a special animation when you tap the window in the living room.

Encourage your child to be curious and explore every nook and cranny. It’s these small discoveries that often bring the most joy and unexpected giggles.

3. The Subscription Choices

Bluey: Let's Play!
Photo: Budge Studios

While “Bluey: Let’s Play!” offers ample content for free, the true magic often lies behind the subscription wall. But before you commit, take a moment to evaluate your child’s interest.

Which characters or scenes are they most eager to explore? Is there enough content in the subscription package to justify the monthly cost?

Even if you start with just the free version, upgrading later is always an option based on how invested your child becomes in the game.

4. Character Interactions Explored

Bluey: Let's Play!
Photo: Budge Studios

Each character in the “Bluey: Let’s Play!” universe has a distinct personality and style of interaction.

Bluey and Bingo, for example, might have sibling-like interactions, while other characters like Mort and Rusty might introduce unique animations and dialogues. Experiment with pairing different characters in scenes.

Mixing and matching means you’ll find that new stories and scenarios emerge, ensuring a fresh experience every playtime.

5. Creative Storytelling Ideas

Bluey: Let's Play!
Photo: Budge Studios

Bluey: Let’s Play! isn’t just about following a predetermined story but about creating your own; don’t forget that!

Encourage your child to develop narratives for the characters. Perhaps Bluey and Bingo are on a treasure hunt in the backyard, or maybe they’re hosting a grand dinner party in the kitchen.

Use the game’s elements as prompts. For instance, if there’s a toy airplane, maybe the story could be about Bluey traveling the world. Engaging in this manner fosters creativity and helps kids build narrative skills.

6. Maximize Exploration Rewards

Bluey: Let's Play!
Photo: Budge Studios

While it might be tempting to rush through the game, slow and steady exploration often leads to the most rewarding experiences. The more time spent in each scene, the more hidden interactions and secrets you’ll uncover.

Celebrate these little discoveries with your child. Perhaps create a checklist of things to find or stories to create in each room, turning the game into an exploratory challenge.

7. Parent-Child Collaboration Activities

Bluey: Let's Play!
Photo: Budge Studios

While “Bluey: Let’s Play!” is designed for kids, there’s no reason parents can’t join in on the fun. Collaborative play can lead to richer narratives and more meaningful interactions.

Perhaps you can voice one character while your child voices another, engaging in playful dialogues. Or you could create challenges for each other, like finding all the interactive elements in a room.

This not only enhances the game experience but also fosters bonding and shared memories.

8. Prolonged Engagement

Bluey: Let's Play!
Photo: Budge Studios

The beauty of this game is its replay value. To ensure the game remains engaging over time, try introducing themed play sessions.

Maybe one day, it is all about beach stories, while another could be about exploring the wilderness. Rotate characters and change scenes regularly to keep things fresh.

Similarly, keep an eye out for updates or seasonal changes in the game, as these can introduce new content and reignite interest.

9. Making the Most of Updates

Bluey: Let's Play!
Photo: Budge Studios

“Bluey: Let’s Play!” frequently rolls out updates, introducing fresh content from new rooms to engaging characters. To stay in the loop, make it a habit to regularly check your device’s app store for the latest game version.

As soon as you update, delve into the game to spot any new rooms, characters, or interactions. And a pro tip?

Always read the developer’s release notes when available – they can give you a quick insight into the newest adventures that await.

10. Creating Your Own Bluey Stories

Photo: Budge Studios

The beauty of “Bluey: Let’s Play!” is its sandbox approach, offering players the freedom to craft their tales. To enhance this storytelling experience, consider guiding your child in shaping a narrative with clear beginnings, middles, and ends.

Perhaps today, Bluey’s adventure is centered around a beach treasure hunt? Additionally, role reversals can breathe fresh life into tales – imagine a day where Bingo leads the adventures.

And don’t forget to blend in elements from your child’s day-to-day life. A recent trip to the park can be recreated in the game for added fun!


To sum it all up, Bluey: Let’s Play is a recreational game that is played on your own terms. As long as you’re comfortable paying the subscription fee, it all boils down to how creative you can get.

Correctly utilizing the game can lead to more bonding with your child, while mismanaging can end up crippling gaming fun. Therefore, a balance is always necessary. Happy Gaming!

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