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June Reyes
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Blox Fruits is an anime-based RPG featured in Roblox’s extensive library of user-generated games that allows you to immerse yourself in the world of One Piece—either as a distinguished marine or a notorious pirate.

Here, you can buy ships, equip different weapons, hunt sea beasts, claim or accumulate bounties, undertake quests, and, more importantly, choose from a wide variety of devil fruits (i.e. Blox Fruits) which augments your character’s playstyle and gives them unique powers!

Blox Fruits - pirate or navy (faction choice)
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One of many Blox Fruits you can get in the Roblox – game is the Magma Fruit, which is considered one of the best fruits both in-game and in the One Piece lore. It allows you to possess the powers of Admiral Akainu—the series’ badass, magma-slinging villain.

In this guide, we will cover Magma Fruit such as how much it costs, the abilities and skills you can get from it, and how to effectively use them in your adventure.

Magma Fruit Specs (How To Obtain, Fruit Cost, Upgrade Costs & Abilities) 

Blox Fruits - magma fruit (shop)
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Magma Fruit is a rare elemental–type Blox Fruit. There are three ways that you can get the Magma Fruit. You can either:

  • Buy it from the Shop for 1,300 Robux
  • Buy it from a Blox Fruit Dealer for $930,000 
  • Get it from the Blox Fruit Gacha (cost depends on your level)
Blox Fruits - magma fruit (blox fruit vendor)
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As you can see, the Magma Fruit isn’t that expensive compared to other high-tier fruits, and it’s definitely worth saving up for it. After all, the abilities you get from it are among the best in the game:

Magma Fruit AbilitiesAbility Type & TagsMastery RequirementAwakening Cost
Magma ShowerActive (Offense, DoT)1 Mastery500 Fragments
Beast RideActive (Mobility, DoT, Self-Damage)10 Mastery2,000 Fragments
Volcanic AssaultActive (Offense, Crowd Control, DoT)45 Mastery3,000 Fragments
Great Magma HoundActive (Offense, Crowd Control, DoT)95 Mastery4,000 Fragments
Volcanic StormActive (Offense, Crowd Control, DoT)140 Mastery5,000 Fragments
Magma ClapActive (Offense)1 MasteryNone
Magma FloorActive (Offense, Crowd Control, DoT)10 MasteryNone
Magma EruptionActive (Offense, Crowd Control, DoT)45 MasteryNone
Magma FistActive (Offense, DoT)95 MasteryNone
Magma MeteorsActive (Offense)140 MasteryNone
Lava ImmunityPassive (Immunity – Lava)NoneNone
Elemental ReflexPassive (Immunity – Non-Aura Physical Attacks)NoneNone
Magma Feet Passive (Mobility)NoneNone

Why You Should Buy The Magma Fruit in Blox Fruits

Blox Fruits - magma fruit in combat
Photo: Roblox Corporation

The main reason why you’d want to get the Magma Fruit over all the other Blox Fruits in the game is its amazingly high effectiveness when it comes to farming sea beasts. 

Farming sea beasts is one of the best ways to make money in Blox Fruits. The Magma Fruit has the highest DPS potential in the game, making it easy for its users to kill sea beasts in the Second and Third Seas.

Not to mention Magma Fruit also gives you tons of combo options for PVP, decent land, sea, and air mobility, as well as a couple of useful damage immunities that are great to have at any stage of the game.


You can do a lot of things with the Magma Fruit, which makes it one of the most versatile fruits in Blox Fruits. We highly recommend farming EXP and saving up money for it, and visiting our Blox Fruits Codes article will help you with that! 

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