Bloodline Heroes Of Lithas: Ultimate Gameplay Guide

Nazarii Verbitskiy
Bloodline - Heroes Of Lithas
(Last Updated On: October 25, 2023)

Do you want to manage your kingdom, fight against hordes of enemies, and raise heirs from your companions? Now it’s your chance to do it with an exciting mobile RPG, Bloodline Heroes Of Lithas.

Bloodline Heroes Of Lithas is a fantasy RPG game in which you embark on an epic journey through the realm of Lythas. The game is available to download from the Play Store and App Store.  

Bloodline Heroes Of Lithas introduction
Photo: GOAT Games

But before you get your hands on Bloodline Heroes Of Lithas, read this guide. It’s an ultimate gameplay guide, which explains the combat system, companions, resources, arena, and all the other stuff to progress in Bloodline Heroes Of Lithas.

Bloodline Heroes Of Lithas: Combat System

As the central part of Bloodline Heroes of Lithas is fighting against hordes of enemies who try to kill you, let’s talk about the Combat System. In Bloodline Heroes Of Lithas, players can use up to five characters during the battle, and there are no restrictions on using specific types of heroes. 

Bloodline Heroes Of Lithas preparing for combat
Photo: GOAT Games

Once the battle starts, your heroes will automatically begin fighting with enemies. Players do not control the attack order or prioritize targets, so you should trust your heroes to make the right decisions.

The only thing you can control is super attacks. To activate a superattack, tap your hero’s icon. 

As you progress and complete the first battles of the first stage, you unlock the Auto-Battle option, which can be activated by pressing on crossed swords in the bottom-right corner of the screen.

This allows characters to take control of the entire battle so that they can act more like a spectator. 

Bloodline Heroes Of Lithas combat settings
Photo: GOAT Games

Once you complete the first chapter of the Campaign, you unlock 2x Speed. It allows you to finish battles faster, which might be extremely useful for early fighting.

Bloodline Heroes Of Lithas: Characters System

Bloodline Heroes Of Lithas characters
Photo: GOAT Games

At the time of writing this article, there are 22 characters in Bloodline Heroes Of Lithas, listed below:

  • Sallyhorn
  • Karg
  • Travain
  • Yivnian
  • Karguk
  • Ignis
  • The Luxuriant
  • Zaess
  • Ugrull
  • Elzedith
  • Aeson
  • Doombringer
  • Fulgur
  • Lionstone
  • Huntsdorf
  • Tidestorm
  • Gryphon
  • Lycanis
  • Lume
  • Harul
  • Gultung
  • Simir

Each hero in Bloodline Heroes Of Lithas has a male and female version, so don’t be surprised if you pack a single hero multiple times.

Bloodline Heroes Of Lithas characters
Photo: GOAT Games

Heroes Roles

Each hero in Bloodline Heroes Of Lithas has a specific role. At the moment of writing, five roles are available: Warrior, Marksman, Tank, Assassin, and Mage.

Bloodline Heroes Of Lithas warrior
Photo: GOAT Games

Warrior – Champions specialized in dealing melee damage

Bloodline Heroes Of Lithas marksman
Photo: GOAT Games

Marksman – Champions specialized in dealing ranged damage

Bloodline Heroes Of Lithas tank
Photo: GOAT Games

Tank – Champions meant to take damage in the front row

Bloodline Heroes Of Lithas assassin
Photo: GOAT Games

Assassin – Champions specialized to attack enemies in the back row

Bloodline Heroes Of Lithas mage
Photo: GOAT Games

Mage – Champions specialized in dealing ranged damage

    If you want to create the best team, include the hero from each class. This allows you a balanced composition with good survivability and attacking potential.

    Bloodline Heroes Of Lithas: Companions

    In addition to heroes, players also should collect Companions. These are special characters with unique personalities. Players can meet Companions in various places and in different, unique ways. Still, the most common is by completing Campaign.

    Bloodline Heroes Of Lithas companions
    Photo: GOAT Games

    Players can earn different bonus effects and resources, including Key Stones and Summoning Crystals, by improving the closeness level with Companion.

    And once you reach the close level of relationships, you’ll be offered to court a companion. It usually costs resources but allows you to get a Hair in the special Hair menu.

    Bloodline Heroes Of Lithas: Currencies

    Bloodline Heroes Of Lithas main currencies
    Photo: GOAT Games

    Now that you know the basis, let’s discover more about currencies. At the moment of writing, there are three currencies in Bloodline Heroes Of Lithas.

    • Gold – Gold is the most commonly used currency. Players should use it for leveling up heroes, trading, and increasing your kingdom’s Might.
    • Diamonds – Diamonds are the most valued currency in Bloodline Heroes Of Lithas. Players can use Diamonds to summon new heroes, grow Hairs, increase the tax collection speed, and purchase currencies & resources. 
    • Food – Although Food is considered a resource, it works the same way as currencies. Players can use Food to hire district workers to increase the kingdom’s tax collection speed. 
    Bloodline Heroes Of Lithas kingdom
    Photo: GOAT Games

    The proper balance of three main currencies is your key to success in Bloodline Heroes Of Lithas. Here are some tips that can help you to manage currencies more effectively:

    • Save up Diamonds for the late game, as their supply will reduce as you progress
    • Be strategic about how you spend your gold, prioritize leveling up your heroes and upgrading your kingdom
    • Don’t hire too many workers for a single district. Spread them between Market, Tavern, Production, and other areas for the best effectiveness. 

    Bloodline Heroes Of Lithas: Might

    Bloodline Heroes Of Lithas might on leaderboards
    Photo: GOAT Games

    Similarly to other mobile RPGs, players should obtain Might. It’s a measure of your kingdom’s strength, calculated based on various factors, from the level of your champions to the number of workers, gear, and the level of districts’ development.

    Might is extremely important, as it shows how strong your kingdom is. The best players in Might can be found in the Leaderboards, which display all the players in a server by various metrics.

    Bloodline Heroes Of Lithas leaderboards
    Photo: GOAT Games

    Here are the best ways to get Might in Bloodline Heroes Of Lithas:

    • Increase Champion power
    • Ascend Champion
    • Develop districts
    • Hire more workers
    • Court Companions

    Increasing the light level is challenging, especially if you are a newbie. So, take your time, don’t rush, and be sure you’ll succeed in Bloodline Heroes Of Lithas.

    Bloodline Heroes Of Lithas: Arena Explained

    Bloodline Heroes Of Lithas arena mode
    Photo: GOAT Games

    If you’re bored of fighting bots in the Campaign mode, try your luck against real players in the Arena. Arena battles are more challenging than grinding through the Campaign mode, which makes them so exciting.

    Every day, players have five free matches in Arena Mode. Once players complete the free matches, they must use the Challenge Ticket, a particular item that can be purchased via the Store for 100 Diamonds.

    Still, a daily discount allows you to get 10 Challenge Tickets for only 50 Diamonds.

    Arena Mode also has a separate Leaderboard, and you can secure a good position here if you try hard. Still, keep in mind that it takes both time and effort. 

    Bloodline Heroes Of Lithas arena leaderboards
    Photo: GOAT Games

    Arena Mode Rewards

    By challenging other players and advancing in Arena Ranking, players can earn Honor. It is a unique resource that players can use in the Arena Store. In the list below, you can find a sample of items you can get with prices for them.

    Bloodline Heroes Of Lithas arena store
    Photo: GOAT Games
    10 Ingredients for Medium Banquets320 Honor
    5 Tomes of Heritage200 Honor
    Random Champion from Doombringer Clan1200 Honor
    Random Champion from Luxuriant Clan600 Honor
    5 Tomes of Enlightenment400 Honor

    Like the ordinary store, items in the Arena Store refresh every 24 hours. So, don’t hurry up to spend earned Honor quickly, especially if you’ve tried hard to get it.

    Bloodline Heroes Of Lithas: Tips and Tricks

    Once you know about the main mechanics and systems in Bloodline Heroes of Lithas, let’s finish this guide with multiple tips and tricks to make you progress faster.

    These tips were created for newbies, but they can be helpful even if you are a seasoned professional player.

    Complete Quests & Achievements

    If you want to get Diamonds, Coins, and other essential resources, complete quests and achievements, which are the best source of the most critical items. Numerous Daily Quests are available; most can be completed in 20 minutes. 

    By completing quests, players can learn Activity Points, which can be used to open Chests containing Gems and Constructions Plans.

    Bloodline Heroes Of Lithas daily quests
    Photo: GOAT Games

    Talking about the achievements, they are more complex compared to quests but still highly profitable.

    By getting achievements, you can earn Achievement Points. These points are stored on your account, and you will get 100 Gems when you have enough points to open a Chest. Moreover, a decent amount of Gems can be obtained for every achievement.

    Bloodline Heroes Of Lithas achievements rewards
    Photo: GOAT Games

    Follow Development Guide

    If you’re new to Bloodline Heroes of Lithas and must learn how to start the game correctly, follow the Development Guide. Players can find the Development Guide in the screen’s bottom-left corner, shown in the screenshot below.

    Bloodline Heroes Of Lithas development guide menu
    Photo: GOAT Games

    Development Guide is like a guideline for beginners in Bloodline Heroes of Lithas. It shows how to unlock new heroes, acquire resources, hire workers, and improve the city to generate more income.

    Still, this system remains available even after you’ve reached the end game, so even seasoned players can benefit from it.

    Progressing through the Development Guide is also beneficial for players. They can earn Coins, Constructions Plans, Gems, and other helpful resources used to go.

    Save Gems

    Gems are the most important resource in Bloodline Heroes of Lithas. You can use them to explore nearby areas, summon new heroes, ascend your heroes, get in-game resources, and level up your heroes.

    Bloodline Heroes Of Lithas hero summons
    Photo: GOAT Games

    In the early game stages, players have a “honeymoon” period, when the game provides many opportunities for getting Gems.

    However, the Gems supply significantly reduces as you start to progress. So, save your Gems from the beginning unless you want to spend real money on the game.

    Don’t spend Gems on summons, as they can be obtained from daily and weekly quests, challenges, and special events. Also, avoid spending Gems on resources like Coins or Food, as they can be quickly acquired by completing the campaign.

    Join a Guild

    If you are getting bored and want to quit Bloodline Heroes of Lithas, joining a guild can resolve the issue and enable you to enjoy the game again. 

    By joining a guild, you can exchange tips, strategies, and ideas, discuss the game, and have fun together. Moreover, you can meet more experienced players who can share important advice.

    Bloodline Heroes Of Lithas guilds to join
    Photo: GOAT Games

    As a Guild member, you can earn the exceptional resource named Guild Contribution. Players can use it in the Guild Store to purchase Champions, Potions, Food, and Bonus Gold. 

    Still, it’s important to ensure you join an active guild that participates in in-game events and has its own Discord server. Otherwise, you’ll be dissatisfied with being a part of the guild.

    Collect Free Rewards

    Bloodline Heroes Of Lithas daily rewards
    Photo: GOAT Games

    Bloodline Heroes of Lithas offers a variety of rewards you can get for free. Moreover, some are available even if you are not in the game. These rewards include:

    • Taxes: You can collect taxes from your city every minute.
    • World Map Rewards: You can collect tips for exploring the world map and completing various tasks.
    • Community Rewards: You can collect rewards for participating in community events and challenges.
    • Daily Rewards: You can collect daily rewards by logging in to the game.

    Take advantage of your freebies! Be sure to collect them as often as possible, and it will significantly impact your in-game progression in the long run.

    Solve Senate Issues

    Bloodline Heroes Of Lithas senate
    Photo: GOAT Games

    In Bloodline Heroes of Lithas, solving Senate issues is the fastest way to get resources. Players can obtain Coins / Food / Equipment by suggesting ideas in the Senate. The amount of help depends on your Guardian Level. On Heir of Diplomacy V, we received over 25,000 Coins / Food for solving a single issue.

    Bloodline Heroes Of Lithas solve senate issues
    Photo: GOAT Games

    The number of issues you can solve is limited. A new one appears every hour, which prevents players from abusing this system.

    There is also an item named Senate Order, which allows to raise a new Senate Issue instantly. This item can be beneficial to get more Coins or Food quickly. 


    That’s everything you should know about Bloodline Heroes Of Lithas. We hope this guide helped you to figure out how to play the game and progress, and we’ll appreciate any feedback in the comments.

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